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In the Pokémon manga, a situation will sometimes occur where a Pokémon knows a move it cannot learn legally in any of the games. It is unknown whether these are actual mistakes, a writing policy of not having to stick to the games too closely, or merely the Pokémon using an attribute that shares the name of a move in the games.

Occasionally, in-game event Pokémon that can be transferred onto the main series games have a move that is not normally included in that Pokémon's moveset (a prime example being Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, which gave away four separate Pokémon with moves that were not normally available to that specific Pokémon).

List of manga Pokémon with moves that they cannot learn in the games

Pokémon Adventures

Sprite Name Move First use Picture
064.png Sabrina's Kadabra Hypnosis 1030Zap! Zap! Zapdos! 200px
064.png Sabrina's Kadabra Slash 1032A Little Kadabra'll Do It Sabrina Kadabra Slash Adventures.png
068.png Blue's Machamp Slam 1040A Charizard... and a Champion Blue Machamp Slam.png
022.png Pokémon Fan Club Chairman's Fearow Pay Day 1056The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually) 200px
078.png Pokémon Fan Club Chairman's Rapidash Pay Day 1056The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually) 200px
053.png Sham's Persian Roar 1164Slick Slowking Carl Houndoom Sham Persian Roar.png
395.png Platinum's Empoleon Vacuum Wave 1366Floatzel and Jetsam Platinum Empoleon Vacuum Wave.png
472.png A wild Gliscor Bite DPVS. Gliscor
448.png Riley's Lucario Bonemerang 1418VS. Porygon-Z Riley Lucario Bonemerang Adventures.png
489.png Phione Heart Swap 1441Different Dimension Battle XI Phione Heart Swap Adventures.png
042.png Petrel's Golbat Lick HGSSHeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

Pokémon Pocket Monsters

Sprite Name Move First use Picture
032.png Nidoran♂ Flamethrower The Pokémon Clefairy Enters!! 200px
095.png Brock's Onix Constrict Take Out The Rival Onix!! 200px

Pokémon Zensho

Sprite Name Move First use Picture
004.png Satoshi's Charmander Tackle Prologue: Pallet Town Satoshi Charmander Tackle Zensho.png

How I Became a Pokémon Card

Pokémon in How I Became a Pokémon Card will often use moves that they cannot learn in the games. These are generally not errors, though, because this series is based on the Pokémon TCG; the "illegal" moves Pokémon use in this series are moves from their TCG cards.

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