Mandarin Island South

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Mandarin Island South
マンダリン島 Mandarin Island
Mandarin Island South.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Mandarin Island Miss Match
Mandarin Island South Map.png
Location of Mandarin Island South in the Orange Archipelago

Mandarin Island South (Japanese: マンダリン島 Mandarin Island) is located in the southern end of the Orange Archipelago. It is the largest island in the chain.

Mandarin Island South is home to many big cities and a large stadium, though much of the island is desert.

In the anime, Prima of the Elite Four trains here during the off-season. Once a week, she gives lectures and demonstrates Pokémon battling techniques. This suggests a parallel between the Sevii Islands in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen and the Orange Archipelago, as the in-game information says that Lorelei is from Floe Island.

There is another village in Mandarin Island that is home to Ralph and Emily. It is a small, older village with many unremodeled buildings. Then, across a large desert, is another town with a Pokémon Center and an Officer Jenny. Next to the Pokémon Center in this town is a path that leads to Trovitopolis, a bustling city.

Places of Interest

Unnamed city (EP099)

Lunch Area

An outdoor lunch area with tables and chairs so the Trainers on the island can relax and eat outside with their Pokémon while staring out into the sea. Prima seems to like having lunch at this spot.

Mandarin Stadium

File:Mandarin Stadium.png
Mandarin Stadium

A large stadium located in town where Prima gives her Pokémon Lectures. People come from all around to see them. It is a very large stadium that can fit a large quantity of people.

Prima's House

Prima's house is located on the edge of town, looking out above the ocean. It is a large house, almost like a mansion. On the side of her house, after heading down the stairs of the back porch, is a large, fenced in Pokémon Stadium. Here, Prima battles opponents who come to her house to challenge her.

Unnamed village


Located in the old fashion town, it is a little park where Maria and Tony were always running off to. It seems to be a quiet place with many flowers and berries in the trees. It has a twisted sculpture in the middle of it. In the back is a large flower garden with a large amount of flowers inside.

File:Mandarin Desert.png
The outback of Mandarin Island is mostly desert

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

This Pokémon Center is located in the old fashion town. It is a very large building that looks like an old fashion apartment building. It has a sign that says "Pokémon" in front, and a large "P" over the door. Inside, there are sleeping accommodations, with a desk, paper, lights, and other commodities. It is most likely run by a Nurse Joy.

Another one is located on the other side of the desert in a large town. The Pokémon Center here looks like a ranch house with a "P" over the door.

The one in Trovitopolis looks like a large round dome with a "P" over the door. Despite the city being large, it is a small Pokémon Center that has a front desk, telephone area, and a spot for healing Pokémon.

Unnamed town

City of Trovitopolis

Main article: Trovitopolis

The city of Trovitopolis is very large city with tall buildings everywhere. To get to the city, one follows a path that starts in an old town in the desert. The city is known for its very complex sewer system. At the pier, there is a ferry that travels to Trovita Island in only a few minutes.

Trovitopolis Police Station

The Trovitopolis Police Station looks like a large apartment building with a police officer's cap in the middle. One wing of the station encloses a small jailing house.

Pokémon Seen on Mandarin Island South

Nurse Joy Bulbasaur.png
Mandarin Island South Orange Butterfree.png
Ralph Pidgey.png
Maria Tony.png
Maria Tony.png
Mandarin Island South Persian.png
Lorelei Cloyster Blizzard.png
Mandarin Island South Machamp.png
Lorelei Slowbro Disable.png
Ethan Number Six.png
Lorelei Dewgong.png
Lorelei Slowbro.png
Lorelei Cloyster.png
Lorelei Dewgong.png
Lorelei Jynx.png
Ethan Tauros.png
Ethan Jolteon.png


  • The island doesn't appear to have much in common with Mandarin Island North. It is believed that naming both islands the same name was a dubbing error, as the Japanese names are different for both.
  • Both its English and Japanese names come from the common genus of orange, mandarin.

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