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マノン Manon
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Anime debut Mega Evolution Special I
English voice actor Zoe Martin
Japanese voice actor Mikako Komatsu

Mairin (Japanese: マノン Manon) is a character in the Pokémon anime. She is a beginner Trainer and travelling companion of Alain.


Mairin is rather clumsy, often falling or tripping whenever she walks. Her Chespin, who travels with her outside of its Poké Ball, is quick to act in case her trips end up being too dangerous, in one instance having to grab her with vines to pull her back up after she fell off of a somewhat small ledge.

Mairin has a fairly forceful attitude, despite being a new Trainer. When asked who she is by Siebold, she proudly declares herself as Alain's traveling companion, despite being told by Alain to not follow him, and being left behind by him more than once.


Mairin first appeared with her Chespin, Chespie, jumping on some rocks on a river. She heard a lot of noise, which came from Alain's and Astrid's battle. Mairin went to the place where Alain and Astrid were battling, and hid behind some bushes while she watched the battle. She was surprised to see that the appearances of Charizard and Absol were different. She was even more surprised when they reverted back to their original forms.

After the battle, Alain caught her hiding from afar and told her to come on out. Mairin explained to him how she was confused about his Charizard's different appearance in which Alain confirmed it as Mega Evolution. She then told him about a Trainer who saved a Garchomp from going berserk. When Alain got a call from his Holo Caster, Mairin followed him to the location he was told to go to. After arrival in some old ruins, Mairin was unable to locate where he had gone. She found Alain when he was looking at the ruins' interior.

When Remo showed up and wanted to battle Alain, he told Mairin to go hide. Mairin continued to follow him despite Alain telling her not to. After the battle, they encountered a Flabébé and Mairin battled it with Chespie, her Chespin. She had trouble landing a single hit on the Fairy-type Pokémon but Alain advised Mairin to use a move to inflict Poison or Confusion to slow Flabébé down. As such, Mairin ordered Chespie to use Toxic. Mairin threw a Poké Ball and caught the Flabébé. She went to the Pokémon Center to heal the Poison and she gave the Flabébé the nickname Bébé. While Mairin was busy, Alain left to a restaurant where Siebold was.

Mairin went to the restaurant and Alain and Siebold began their battle, with Siebold ultimately being the victor. Mairin was eventually accepted as a companion of Alain as he told her to do whatever she wanted.


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Mairin's starter Pokémon is a Chespin that she nicknamed Chespie (Japanese: ハリさん Hari-san).

Chespie's known moves are Vine Whip, Pin Missile, and Toxic.

Debut Mega Evolution Special I
Voice actors
Japanese Yuka Terasaki
English Suzy Myers
Mairin captured this Yellow Flower Flabébé with Chespie's aide, which she nicknamed Bébé (Japanese: フラちゃん Fla-chan), in Mega Evolution Special I.

Bébé's only known move is Magical Leaf.

Debut Mega Evolution Special I


Language Name Origin
Japanese マノン Manon From Manon (a feminine French name) and marron (French for chestnut) or ハリマロン Harimaron (Chespin).
English Mairin Similar to her Japanese name

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