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A Magnagate (Japanese: マグナゲート Magnagate) is a portal to a mystery dungeon that can be found by scanning round objects in the real world. Magnagates are only found in the game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Dungeons found in Magnagates vary by color of the object scanned, and vary in difficulty based on size of the object. Dungeons found by Magnagates are played like normal dungeons, but the player may be able to play as Pokémon different from their own leader and partner. At the end of a Magnagate dungeon the player is required to fight the dungeon's leaders, who are generally more powerful than the others in the dungeon. Money and items received in these dungeons will be sent back to the player's save file.

If the player stays around on a floor for too long, a message will display, saying that a wind is blowing. After a while, the wind will blow harder, and finally, a third time, it blows the player and any partners out of the dungeon, resulting in a failed trip. Anything obtained will still be sent to the deposit box.

Special Pokémon

Some Pokémon can only be found in Magnagate dungeons, appearing only in specific dungeons.

In the demo

In the demo released for the Nintendo eShop, Magnagates also make an appearance. When scanned, the demo doesn't take size or color into account and instead sends the player is sent to a random Magnagate dungeon.

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