Magical Pokémon Journey volume 2

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Volume 1
Magical Pokémon Journey
Volume 3
Magical Pokémon Journey volume 2
Chapters included PPP07 - PPP12
Manga series Magical Pokémon Journey

Volume 2: Pokémon Matchmakers is the second of ten volumes of the Magical Pokémon Journey manga created by つきりのゆみ Yumi Tsukirino.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan July 28, 1998 ISBN 409135842X
First Edition by VIZ Media First
US/Canada VIZ Media March 28, 2001 ISBN 156931554X
First Edition by Chuang Yi First
Singapore Chuang Yi Unknown ISBN ????


Important events

  • The group travel to a cave so that Squirtle can prove his manliness.
  • The group travel to a mountaintop and meet an Articuno that owns a Snowcone shop.
  • Hazel and friends meet Coconut for the first time.
  • Hazel and friends meet Peanut for the first time.
  • Arbok confesses his love to Wigglytuff.

Party changes

No Pokémon join or leave the party in this volume.

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