Madison and Alexa

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Madison & Alexa

Madison (Japanese: エル Elle) and Alexa (Japanese: リサ Lisa) are a pair of rich young sisters who are traveling the world in the Leviathan II, a luxury blimp. They dress in fur coats and each have a Kecleon. They were the characters of the day in The Kecleon Caper. Madison's Japanese voice actress is 兵藤まこ Mako Hyōdō and Alexa's Japanese voice actress is 佐久間レイ Rei Sakuma.

Their Kecleon marked the first appearence in the anime of a Pokémon from Generation III. Brock helped their Kecleon recover from motion sickness. Their Kecleon like to steal things to get people to play hide and seek with them.


(アズキちゃん Azuki-chan)
(colored purple) (Madison's)
(ミドリちゃん Midori-chan) (Alexa's)

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