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{{vatable|color={{normal color}}|bordercolor={{normal color light}}
{{vatable|color={{normal color}}|bordercolor={{normal color light}}
|ja='''Elle''': 兵藤まこ ''[[Mako Hyōdō]]''<br>'''Lisa''': 佐久間レイ ''Rei Sakuma''
|ja='''Elle''': 兵藤まこ ''[[Mako Hyōdō]]''<br>'''Lisa''': 佐久間レイ ''Rei Sakuma''
|en='''Alexa''': [[Lisa Ortiz]]
|en='''Madison''': [[Amy Palant]]<br>'''Alexa''': [[Lisa Ortiz]]
|es_eu='''Madison''': Gemma Martín<br>'''Alexa''': María Antonia Rodríguez}}
|es_eu='''Madison''': Gemma Martín<br>'''Alexa''': María Antonia Rodríguez}}

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File:Alexa and Madison.png
Madison and Alexa

Madison (Japanese: エル Elle) and Alexa (Japanese: リサ Lisa) were the characters of the day in The Kecleon Caper.

They are a pair of rich young sisters who are traveling the world in the Leviathan II, a luxury blimp. They dress in fur coats and each have a Kecleon. Brock later helped their Kecleon recover from motion sickness.


Reddy and Greeny
Reddy and Greeny
Madison and Alexa each own a Kecleon, Madison's being Reddy (Jp: アズキちゃん Azuki-chan) and Alexa's being Greeny (Jp: ミドリちゃん Midori-chan), respectively. The two Kecleon like to steal things to get people to play hide and seek with them. The Kecleon had motion sickness until Brock helped cure it. When Ash and his friends first see them they see they are not well, Brock gives them some of his food and they become healthy again.

When playing in their room, Greeny spots Meowth with its owners jewelry box and it quickly uses its tongue to snatch it of him. Later the Kecleon go missing and the group try and find them, th Kecleon have been caught by Team Rocket and are running all around the ship. The Kecleon are able to escape and in the end Team Rocket are sent blasting off and Madison and Alexa gain trust in their Kecleon.

Reddy and Greeny's known moves are Lick and Psybeam.

Debut The Kecleon Caper

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Elle: 兵藤まこ Mako Hyōdō
Lisa: 佐久間レイ Rei Sakuma
English Madison: Amy Palant
Alexa: Lisa Ortiz
European Spanish Madison: Gemma Martín
Alexa: María Antonia Rodríguez


  • Reddy's Japanese name comes from the azuki bean, which are used to make yōkan, referring to its red color. Greeny's Japanese name is merely the Japanese word for green.
  • Their Kecleon marked the first appearance in the anime of a Pokémon from Generation III.
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