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| Japanese
| Japanese
| ホカゲ ''Hokage''
| ホカゲ ''Hokage''
| From 火影 ''hokage''("firelight" or "fire shadow"), referencing both his abilities and his title as "The Shadow of Fire".
| From 火影 ''hokage'' ("firelight" or "fire shadow"), referencing both his abilities and his title as "The Shadow of Fire".
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| English
| English

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ホカゲ Hokage
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Magma Admin
Member of Team Magma
Rank Three Fires

Mack (Japanese: ホカゲ Hokage) is one of the Magma Admins of Team Magma in the Pokémon Adventures manga. He is a skilled illusionist, creating visions inside his victim's head using heat and smoke. He is, however, a little full of himself.


Mack is one of the Three Fires, Admins of Team Magma, along with Courtney and Tabitha.

Like all of the Three Fires, Mack has a special lighter that can transmit and record images by burning them on paper.

Mack's specialty is creating illusions with fire and heat. Usually, the heat is enough to wear his opponents down to the point where he can easily confuse and knock out their Pokémon. He is not a very good battler, and his Pokémon often lack the strength. His skills at illusion-making often makes up for his lack of strength, however.

Team Magma raided the Slateport City Contest House to capture Captain Stern, but accidentally got Ruby and the Pokémon Fanclub President, too. Mack tortured Captain Stern to get him to reveal how to complete Submarine Explorer 1. When this failed, he attacked Dock with his Slugma, forcing Stern to reveal the missing pieces of the submarine.

Ruby distracted Mack by luring his Slugma away with Pokéblocks. The two fought inside the submarine, where Mack's skills as an illusionist first come into play. Ruby managed to escape when his Mumu used Earthquake, endangering the submarine, Mack, and himself.

Mack's illusions totally incapacitated Tate and Liza on Mt. Pyre for most of the Hoenn saga, while at the same time, stealing the Red and Blue Orb off Mt. Pyre. When the Firehead Trio took off with three Gym Leaders to face off in battle, Mack's opponent was Brawly. It is unsure what happens to Mack after the battle.


This listing is of Mack's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Slugma (×2)
Slugma (×2)
Slugma is Mack's main and reliable Pokémon. Mack ordered one of them to attack Dock when Captain Stern could not reveal anything about the submarine. However, Ruby was able to distract him by feeding the Slugma Indigo Pokéblocks. It was later used to incapacitate Tate and Liza with the help of Mack's skills as an illusionist. During the selection of the three Gym Leaders to battle, Slugma was used to battle Brawly. It has a Quiet nature.

Slugma's known moves are Flamethrower, Smog, and Acid Armor.

Debut VS. Slugma I
Mack's Swellow
Swellow was used to hold Dock hostage while Slugma attacked him. It was also used as air transport throughout most of its appearances. However, it was not used in many battles.

Swellow's only known move is Fly, and its Ability is Guts.

Debut VS. Torkoal
Mack's Armaldo
Mack apparently uses Armaldo as a method of water transportation. One time, it was used to save Tabitha when he was underwater.

Armaldo's only known move is Surf, and its Ability is Battle Armor.

Debut VS. Armaldo


  • Mack is the only Magma Admin who was created for Pokémon Adventures series, while the other two were present in games. Similarly, Team Aqua also has an Admin who is exclusive to the manga.
  • Due to Coronis's translation of the manga, he is also popularly known as Hank in the fan community, as Coronis is fond of inventing Western names for manga-only characters who lack English dub names.
  • He was ranked as 14th in a Popularity Poll on Netkun.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ホカゲ Hokage From 火影 hokage ("firelight" or "fire shadow"), referencing both his abilities and his title as "The Shadow of Fire".
English Mack From magma and match.
Korean 화영 Hwayeong From 화영 (火影) hwayeong, fire shadow.
Chinese (Mandarin) 火影 Huǒyǐng From 火影 hokage, fire shadow.

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