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jtrans=Mach Punch |
jtrans=Mach Punch |
jtranslit=Mahha Panchi|
jtranslit=Mahha Panchi|
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type=Fighting |
type=Fighting |
damagecategory=Physical |
damagecategory=Physical |

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Mach Punch
マッハパンチ Mach Punch
Mach Punch V.png
Type  Fighting
Category  Physical
PP  30 (max. 48)
Power  40
Accuracy  100%
Priority  +1
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation II
Condition  Cool
Appeal  3 ♥♥♥
Jam  0  
The next appeal can be made earlier next turn.
Condition  Cool
Appeal  2 ♥♥
Enables the user to perform first in the next turn.
Condition  Cool
Appeal  0  
Jamming  0  

Mach Punch (Japanese: マッハパンチ Mach Punch) is a damage-dealing Fighting-type move introduced in Generation II. Prior to Generation III, it was the signature move of Hitmonchan.


Mach Punch inflicts damage and is an increased priority move. If the target does not use an increased priority move during the round that it is used, Mach Punch will go first regardless of the user's or target's speed. If the target also uses a move with an increased priority of +1 during the same round that the user uses Mach Punch, the attack order of the users will be determined normally. If the user is put to sleep or frozen during the round that Mach Punch is (or attempts to be) used, Mach Punch's increased speed priority will not be reset. Subsequently, it will only be reset on the turn after the user wakes up or is defrosted, or if the user switches out.


Games Description
An incredibly fast punch that always lands first.
A fast punch that lands first.
RSE A punch is thrown at wicked speed to strike first.
FRLG A punch thrown at blinding speed. It is certain to strike first.
The user throws a punch at blinding speed. It is certain to strike first.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Type Level
107 Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Fighting Fighting 32 32 32 16 '
165 Ledyba Ledyba Bug Flying     17 17 15
166 Ledian Ledian Bug Flying     17 17 '
286 Breloom Breloom Grass Fighting   23 23 23 '
391 Monferno Monferno Fire Fighting     14 14 '
392 Infernape Infernape Fire Fighting     14 14 '
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

By breeding

# Pokémon Type Father
236 Tyrogue Tyrogue Fighting Fighting Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Hitmonchan
240 Magby Magby Fire Fire     HitmonchanMonfernoInfernape HitmonchanMonferno Infernape
532 Timburr Timburr Fighting Fighting       HitmonchanMonfernoInfernape
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

By event

Generation V

#   Pokémon Type Obtained with
236 236 Tyrogue Fighting Dream World - Rugged Mountain
533 533 Gurdurr Fighting Dream World - Dream Park
Bold indicates a Pokémon which gets STAB from this move.
Italic indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form gets STAB
from this move.

In the anime

Kenny Breloom Mach Punch.png Kyle Hitmonchan Mach Punch charging.png Kyle Hitmonchan Mach Punch.png Ash Infernape Mach Punch.png
Breloom Charging up Hitmonchan Infernape
The user's fist glows and it punches the opponent.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
107 Hitmonchan Hitmonchan's fist glows light blue as it gathers energy in it. It then punches the air, making a huge see-through boxing glove come out and punch the opponent.
Kiyo's Hitmonchan A Tyrogue Full of Trouble None
Kyle Hamm's Hitmonchan Pasta La Vista! None
286 Breloom Breloom's fist becomes covered in a white orb and it punches the opponent.
Multiple wild Breloom A Shroomish Skirmish Debut
Kenny's Breloom Journey to the Unown! None
392 Infernape Infernape's fist glow light blue and it punches the opponent, or both of Infernape's fists or whole arm glow light blue and it repeatedly punches the opponent. Sometimes, its eyes flash yellow before it uses the attack.
Allegra's Infernape The Rise of Darkrai None
Ash's Infernape Fighting Ire with Fire! None
Flint's Infernape Flint Sparks the Fire! None
Narissa's Ditto Two in the form of Infernape Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama! Used via Transform
391 Monferno One or both of Monferno's fists glow light blue and it punches the opponent.
A Monferno Angie used briefly Camping It Up! None
Ash's Monferno Evolving Strategies! None
Flint's Monferno Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port! None

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

In other generations

Mach Punch II.png Mach Punch III.png File:Mach Punch IV.png
Generation I RBY Generation I
Generation I
Generation II Generation II
Generation II
Crystal Generation III Generation III
Generation III
RS FRLG FRLGE Generation IV Generation IV
Generation IV
PtHGSS HGSS Generation V BW B2W2 Generation V
Generation V
Generation VI XY ORAS Stadium (Jap) Stadium Stadium 2 Colosseum XD Battle Revolution Battle Revolution
(alternative animation)
Battrio Mystery Dungeon PMD: Red and Blue PMD: Time, Darkness, Sky Rumble Rumble Blast

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 音速拳 Yīnsù Quán
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Mach Slag
Finland Flag.png Finnish Yliääni-isku (Advanced Challenge)
Täysmäjäys (Battle Frontier)
France Flag.png French Mach Punch
Germany Flag.png German Tempohieb
Greece Flag.png Greek Υπερηχητική Γροθιά
India Flag.png Hindi माक मुक्का Mach Mukka
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Pukulan Kilat
Pukulan Secepat Kilat
Italy Flag.png Italian Pugnorapido
South Korea Flag.png Korean 마하펀치 Mach Punch
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Soco Rápido
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Golpe Supersónico
Romania Flag.png Romanian Pumnul Mach
Serbia Flag.png Serbian Probijanje Zvučnog Zida
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Super Golpe
Spain Flag.png Spain Ultrapuño

Variations of the move Quick Attack
Physical Quick AttackMach PunchAqua Jet
Bullet PunchIce ShardShadow SneakAccelerock
Special Vacuum Wave
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