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Friends Forever
Korean ending themes
Let's go!
XYZ ED 01 Korean.png
XY ED 05
Artist 유리카 (조경이)
Eureka (Jo Gyeongi)
Lyrics 최희정
Choi Huijeong
Composer 고석영
Go Seogyeong
Arrangement 고석영
Go Seogyeong

MY FRIEND is the fifth and final ending theme for the Korean dub of the XY series. It debuted in XY094, replacing Friends Forever. It uses the same animation from the corresponding Japanese ending theme, Puni-chan's Song.

Ending animation

Bonnie plays and strolls in the grass along with Squishy while Clemont, Ash, and Serena watch.




TV Size

Korean English
(말랑아 여기야 여기)
(우리 같이 놀자)
(말랑아 내가 받아줄게)

안녕! 여기에서 널 만나 얼마나 행운인지 모르지
이젠 내 옆에서 영원히 있어줘 내 친구 말랑이
미래가 언제나 행복할 순 없어도
네 곁엔 내가 있어! 걱정 마 내가 꼭 널 지켜 줄게
함께 있어 오늘도 더 신나는 날일 거야
웃어 봐! 네가 웃으면 나도 좋은 걸~ oh
그래 지금처럼 늘 그렇게!

(말랑아 우리 뭐하고 놀까)
(간질간질하고 햇볕을 쬐는것 같니)
(맞아 이런 건 어때)
(그치 멋지지)
(Squishy, I'm here, I'm here)
(Let's play together)
(Squishy, I'll catch you)

Hi! You don't know what good luck it is to meet you here
Now, be beside me forever, my friend Squishy
Even if the future can't be fortunate all the time
Beside you, I'm here! Don’t worry, I'll always protect you
Be with me, today will be an even more exciting day
Smile! When you smile, I'm happy too~ oh
Yeah, do exactly as you are doing now!

(Squishy, what should we play with?)
(Does it feel ticklish and like you're sunbathing?)
(That's right, do you like it?)
(That's right, it's great)


  • The song was uploaded to the official Korean Pokémon YouTube channel on March 6, 2016.
Friends Forever
Korean ending themes
Let's go!
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