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幻影の覇者 Z
Phantom Ruler Z
Japan July 10, 2010
United States  ???
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Japan  ???
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(Japanese: 幻影覇者 Gen'ei no Hasha Z, literally Phantom Ruler Z ) is the fourth Diamond & Pearl series movie and the thirteenth Pokémon movie overall. It is planned to premiere in Japanese theaters on July 10, 2010.

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Very few details are currently known about the movie, however, the legendary beasts and Celebi are confirmed to appear. It has been hinted that Celebi may have a central role in the film, much as in Pokémon 4Ever, and that time travel may once again be a plot point. Movie taglines hint that Celebi may travel back in time to prevent a future incident involving the legendary beasts. At some point in the movie, Ash will encounter a darker version of himself.

Featured Pokémon



Ash Ketchum Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
Brock Takeshi Yūji Ueda タケシ うえだ ゆうじ
Dawn Hikari Megumi Toyoguchi ヒカリ 豊口めぐみ
Piplup Pochama Etsuko Kozakura ポッチャマ 小桜エツ子
Jessie Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Kojirō Shin'ichirō Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Narration Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by 特別出演
Raikou Raikou ライコウ
Entei Entei エンテイ
Suicune Suikun スイクン
Celebi Celebi セレビィ


  • This movie marks the first time all three of the legendary beasts will appear at the same time in the anime, and the first time Raikou gets a starring role in a movie.
  • In a short teaser trailer released over the summer of 2009, Ho-Oh and Lugia were shown in an aerial battle. It is unknown if the two will make an appearance in the final edition of the movie, as they were not mentioned or shown in the latest trailer.

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