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This article is about the movie. For the manga, see Giratina and the Sky Warrior (manga).

Giratina and the Sky Warrior
ギラティナと氷空の花束 シェイミ Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin
Giratina and the Sky Warrior.png
Japan July 19, 2008
United States February 13, 2009*
Home video
Japan December 19, 2008
United States March 31, 2009
English themes
Opening N/A
Ending This is a Beautiful World
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending ONE
United States G
Great Britain  ?
Ireland  ?
Canada  ?
Quebec  ?
Japan  ?
Germany  ?
Australia G
New Zealand  ?

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (Japanese:ギラティナと氷空花束 シェイミ Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin) is the eleventh Pokémon movie overall and the second movie of the Diamond & Pearl movie trilogy, that started with The Rise of Darkrai and ended with Arceus and the Jewel of Life. It premiered in Japan on July 19, 2008. It first aired in the US on February 13, 2009, and the DVD was released on March 31. It premiered in the UK on Jetix on May 23, 2009. The movie ties in heavily with the soon to be released (at the time of its premiere in the three regions) Pokémon Platinum, with Jetix's airing broadcast the day after the game's release.

Other posters and DVD covers

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The film begins with Shaymin by an oasis, as Dialga appears. It drinks from the water, before being attacked by Giratina from the Reverse World. The angered Giratina comes through a portal, grabbing Dialga and dragging it into the Reverse World. Shaymin gets caught in a whirlwind and is sucked through the portal as well. Dialga and Giratina fight, while Shaymin tries to survive the battle, unnoticed by the two giant Pokémon. An adventurous-looking man with a Shieldon watches the battle from afar, spotting Shaymin. There are also glimpses of a computer simulation observing the battle, on the ship of Zero. Zero is the film's villain, who seems to be watching Giratina with the aim of capturing it.

As the battle progresses, Shaymin absorbs a dark gas, and then does what looks to be exploding. The explosion tears a hole in space and time, creating a portal back to the real world which pulls Shaymin through it. Dialga escapes through the portal, but it closes before Giratina can get through. Giratina keeps hitting the same spot over and over, in what the computer calls a "time loop". Dialga then flies off. Shaymin is thrown into a river, and goes out of control down a huge mountain to a small seaside town. Ash, Brock and Dawn are then shown in the town, with their Pokémon, enjoying Brock's cooking once more. Ash is scolded for not washing his hands before eating. As everyone is preoccupied with the Pokémon eating, a gray Shaymin starts eating "hot cakes" from the table. Piplup attacks Shaymin, causing a barbecue to be knocked over in the chaos. Shaymin absorbs the smoke and then explodes as before. Dawn saves Shaymin from being attacked by all the angry Pokémon, washing it under a tap. It is revealed that Shaymin can talk telepathically, and it talks of "that place", which irritates Ash as he can't understand. Shaymin teases Ash a lot about being stupid, but befriends Dawn.

They take Shaymin to a Pokémon Center, where Brock hits on Nurse Joy until his Croagunk punches him and drags him away (which typically happens when he hits on girls in the Diamond & Pearl series). Shaymin says that it will lead them to "that place", sitting on Ash's head and making him move where it wants to go as he complains. Team Rocket watch in the Pokémon Center, and decide to try to steal Shaymin. In a garden full of strange isometric and rectangular statues, the sides of some start to ripple and Giratina appears briefly. Team Rocket pick up Shaymin and run off, but are then sucked into a statue, which has become a portal to the Reverse World. Everyone except Brock is sucked through, where Ash, Dawn, Pikachu and Piplup battle Giratina while rescuing Shaymin. Running from Giratina, they bump into the man who watched the earlier battle, who introduces himself as Newton Graceland, a "genius scientist". Ash and Dawn comment on him introducing himself as a "genius scientist", and Shaymin mocks him. He leads them to a portal back to the real world, while explaining that Dialga and Palkia's battle (in The Rise of Darkrai) caused a black smoke to fill the Reverse World. This infuriated Giratina, explaining its attack on Dialga in the beginning of the film. Pikachu, Piplup, Shaymin, Ash, and Dawn return to the garden, where Brock is waiting. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is comparing the Reverse World to a fun house when they see the portal back home. They appear too late, and are left behind with Newton in the Reverse World.

Back in the garden, Ash and Dawn attempt to explain about the Reverse World and Giratina, but are stopped by the appearance of many Magnemite and Magneton. Zero comes down on a hover-board, with Magnezone as his side-kick. Ash and team disable the Magnemite long enough for them to flee into the streets of the town, chased by Zero's Magnemite, Magneton and the Magnezone. Escaping onto a train leaving town, they talk with people on the train, and Shaymin transforms into its Sky Forme when exposed to the Gracidea flower. It is explained that Shaymin transforms when exposed to Gracidea Flowers, found at the top of the mountain, where all the Shaymin live. It is then decided to help Shaymin return home. The train is attacked by Zero's Pokémon, who are fought off by Pikachu, Piplup and Shaymin. Magnezone smashes the side of the train, but is repelled just before the train enters a tunnel, leaving all Zero's Pokémon to smash into the side of a hill.

On a boat, the group is heading up a river to reach Shaymin's garden. They play around, and Shaymin teases Ash more, until Zero appears again. A portal opens in the water, sucking Shaymin and the others in, and Zero and his Pokémon follow. Ash, Dawn and Brock battle Zero's Pokémon, and find Newton, who leads them into a cave. Giratina and Shaymin battle, until Shaymin's Sky Forme transformation wears off. Shaymin is saved by Pikachu on Staravia, who return to the group. Shaymin causes another explosion by absorbing the dark gas, allowing them to escape, and Giratina and Zero follow. With everyone in the real world, a gigantic airship appears in the valley which Zero flies to with his Pokémon. Giratina changes to its Altered Forme, and sits on the bank of the river. A gun from Zero's ship shoots Giratina, who flies up to attack the ship, but is caught in a giant trap that begins draining Giratina's energy.

Everyone except Brock board a hover-board and fly up to the ship, where they battle Zero's Pokémon, and Newton enters the ship to disable the computer. It is revealed in a flashback that Zero used to be Newton's pupil, studying the Reverse World, until he became obsessed with Giratina's power and decided to catch and take Giratina's power. Newton disables the computer and the trap, freeing Giratina who collapses unconscious inside the trap, but also accidentally turns off the ship's engines. The trap falls apart, dropping Giratina into the river, and the ship begins to come down. Everyone escapes on the hover-board, except Zero who stays on his ship. Just before the ship crashes, a smaller ship separates from it. The larger ship crashes into the forest, as Pokémon flee from it. Giratina climbs out of the water, then drops down on the river bank, and it appears to be dead. It starts to breathe gently, though, so everyone and all the Pokémon from the forest gather around. Shaymin then heals Giratina, just before Zero reappears in his small ship. Giratina chases Zero through a portal into the Reverse World, where Zero smashes columns of ice. In the real world, this disturbs a glacier on the mountain, which begins to slide down the mountain, toward the village. As Giratina and Zero battle in the Reverse World, everyone in the real world tries to think of a way to stop the glacier before it reaches and destroys the village. The disturbance uncovers Regigigas's temple, awaking it and causing it to come out and try stop the glacier, with the help of a herd of Mamoswine it summoned.

Shaymin turns into its Sky Forme and creates a portal, allowing Ash into the Reverse World, where Giratina is being defeated by Zero. Team Rocket watch, admitting they would like to help Giratina but can't think how they could. Ash jumps on the ship and tries to persuade Zero to stop. Zero refuses, closing up his shields as a dark cloud covers everyone. Ash covers his face to protect himself, as Shaymin absorbs it all. The explosion that Shaymin's Seed Flare causes opens another portal back to the real world, sucking the ship through. Zero refuses to let the ship return, however, until Giratina fires a ball of energy which shoots it through. Team Rocket and everyone is sucked through the portal, leaving the Reverse World, with enough time to allow Giratina to leave. Zero's ship crashes down next to Regigigas, before it is covered in ice by Piplup and other Pokémon with Ice Beam. Everyone rejoices stopping the glacier, then find the Shaymin garden nearby. It is full of other Shaymin. Shaymin says goodbye, admitting that it actually likes Ash, and leaves with tears in its eyes. All the Shaymin turn into Sky Forme, and fly away. Giratina is seen flying off too, to continue its attack on Dialga.

In the closing credits sequence, Ash, Dawn, and Brock send Gracideas to their families. Zero's ship is recovered, and he is arrested by Officer Jenny and helped out of his ship by Newton. Ash and co. leave the village to continue their Pokémon journey.

Major events


The Japanese logo



The English logo



Ash Sarah Natochenny Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
Brock Bill Rogers Takeshi Yuji Ueda タケシ うえだ ゆうじ
Dawn Emily Jenness Hikari Megumi Toyoguchi ヒカリ 豊口めぐみ
Jessie Michele Knotz Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Billy Beach Kojirō Shin'ichirō Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Billy Beach Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Narration Rodger Parsons Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by
Shaymin Amy Palant Shaymin Vanilla Yamazaki シェイミ 山崎バニラ
Newton Graceland Marc Thompson Mugen Graceland Kōichi Yamadera ムゲン・グレイスランド 山寺宏一
Zero Parker Anderson Zero Shidō Nakamura ゼロ 中村獅童
Infi Bella Hudson Infi Shōko Nakagawa インフィ 中川翔子
Layla Amy Palant Leila Akina Minami レイラ 南明奈
Moose Tom Wayland Moose Red Yoshida ムース レッド吉田
Ogin Sarah Natochenny Ogin Chie Satō オギン 佐藤智恵
Shun Shun Mika Teratani シュン 寺谷美香
Taka Taka Mayuki Makiguchi タカ 牧口真幸
Kako Kako Hinako Sasaki カコ 佐々木日菜子


Created by
  • 田尻 智
  • 増田順一
  • 杉森 建
Production supervisor
  • 石原恒和
Animation supervisor
  • Yōichi Kotabe
  • 小田部羊一
Executive producers
  • Masakazu Kubo
  • Kenjirō Itō
  • 久保雅一
  • 伊藤憲二郎
  • Chōji Yoshikawa
  • Jun'ya Okamoto
  • Takemoto Mori
  • 吉川兆二
  • 深沢幹彦
  • 岡本順哉
  • 盛 武源
Animation producers
  •  ?
  •  ?
  • 奧野敏聡
  • 神田修吉
  • Hideki Sonoda
  • 園田英樹
  • 湯山邦彦
Assistant directors
  •  ?
  • Yūji Asada
  •  ?
  •  ?
  • Yumi Kamakura
  •  ?
  • 飯島正勝
  • 浅田裕二
  • 深沢幸司
  • 外山草
  • かまくらゆみ
  • 高橋ナオヒト
Character design
  • Kazuaki Mōri
  • Sayuri Ichiishi
  • Tokuhiro Matsuhara
  • Toshiya Yamada
  • Kazumi Satō
  • 毛利和昭
  • 一石小百合
  • 松原徳弘
  • 山田俊也
  • 佐藤和巳
Executive animation directors
  • Kazuaki Mōri
  • Kazumi Satō
  • 毛利和昭
  • 佐藤和巳
Animation directors
  • Tokuhiro Matsubara
  • Sayuri Ichiishi
  • Masahiro Aizawa
  • Yūko Inoue
  •  ?
  • Masato Sawada
  • Eikichi Takahashi
  • Takayuki Shimura
  • Kōichi Taguchi
  • Yasukazu Shōji
  • Hiromi Niioka
  • Ichirō Ogawa
  • 松原徳弘
  • 一石小百合
  • 相澤昌弘
  • 井ノ上ユウ子
  • 堺美和
  • 沢田正人
  • 高橋英吉
  • 志村隆行
  • 田口広一
  • 東海林康和
  • 新岡浩美
  • をがわいちろを
Color keys
  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
Art director
  • Hinoru Akiba
  • 秋葉みのる
Director of photography
  • Takaya Mizutani
  • 水谷貴哉
  • OLM Digital
  • OLM Digital
CGI director
  • Makoto Satō
  • 佐藤 誠
CGI producer
  • Misako Saka
  • 坂 美佐子
  • Toshio Henmi
  • 辺見俊夫
  • Shinji Miyazaki
  • 宮崎慎二
Music producers
  • Kazuo Shinohara
  • Yūji Saitō
  • 篠原一雄
  • 齋藤裕二
Sound director
  • Masafumi Mima
  • 三間雅文
Audio production
  • ShoPro
  • ShoPro
Animation production
  • OLM Team Koitabashi
  • OLM Team Koitabashi
  • Kunihiko Yuyama
  • 湯山邦彦


File:Shaymin distro08.png
Shaymin distribution artwork

Pre-order distributions

Fans who pre-order their tickets in Japan were allowed to obtain a Regigigas knowing Iron Head, Rock Slide, and Icy Wind, moves that represent Registeel, Regirock, and Regice, respectively. These were later made available at Toys "R" Us stores in America. These Regigigas allow players to obtain Registeel, Regirock, and Regice in Platinum, which, in turn, allow them to obtain a level 1 Regigigas in Platinum as well.

Movie distributions

Fans would obtain Shaymin in theaters in Japan and at Toys "R" Us stores in America. These allow players to obtain the Gracidea Flower to change Shaymin to their Sky Forme.


Main article: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin Music Collection


It took second place in the Japanese box office from its release during July 19-20, where 982,000 people spending ¥1,018,770,000 (US $9,463,400) and was beaten by Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, which 1,251,107 people spent ¥1,575,820,000 (about $14,638,000) to see.

It is tracking at 89.8% of the box office performance of the last year's Pokémon film, The Rise of Darkrai (Japanese Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai), which eventually earned a franchise record of ¥5.02 billion (US $47 million).


  • The ending theme song for the movie is ONE by Crystal Kay while the English dub ending song for the movie is This is a Beautiful World by Aaron Brotherton.
  • This movie is the first time the Pokémon anime in any form is presented in an HDTV format in addition to standard definition in its initial airing.
  • This is the first movie to have the introduction credits take place during the title sequence.
  • This is the first movie to be a sequel of a previous movie. Although Mewtwo Returns is a sequel to Mewtwo Strikes Back, it is an anime special rather than a Pokémon movie.
  • This movie marks the first time that Brock's family and Dawn's mother appear in a movie, and the first time Delia appears in a movie since Spell of the Unown.
  • This movie marks the second time when a legendary Pokémon from a previous movie reappears. The only other time was in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, where Mew made a second appearance after Mewtwo Strikes Back. It was, however, a different Mew, whereas the Dialga in this movie is the same one that battled with Palkia over Alamos Town in The Rise of Darkrai.
    • This is also the first Pokémon movie where a legendary Pokémon reappears immediately after the previous film.
  • The events of this movie happen between the episodes Arriving in Style! and The Psyduck Stops Here!, and premiered in Japan between those episodes. Coincidentally, the DVD release in Japan was in the same week the dub aired Arriving in Style!.
  • Origin Forme Giratina and Sky Forme Shaymin debuted in this movie prior to their game debut in Pokémon Platinum.
  • Palkia doesn't have a role in the movie despite it being on the first movie poster. It only makes a cameo in a flashback. This marks the second time that a Pokémon appear on the posters even though they don't actually appear in the movie itself, the first being in Jirachi: Wish Maker (one of whose posters showed Treecko and Mudkip, which did not play a role in the film). The poster for the non-Japanese release of Mewtwo Strikes Back also showed several unused Pokémon in stock poses.
  • The mother and girl that were reading the legend of Rota in the beginning of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and were seen buying a cotton candy and running away from Darkrai in The Rise of Darkrai are seen again making a cameo in this movie.
  • Lucas and Brendan make a cameo in the opening of the movie, battling with Magmortar and Rhyperior, respectively. This may reference the meeting of their female counterparts, who battled in the finals of the Wallace Cup.
  • The movie shows Eevee and all the Eeveelutions (Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon) during the opening sequence.
  • While marketed as a Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl movie, the series logo has the katakana for Platinum added to the bottom.
  • The Japanese release of this movie was also added to the Guinness World Records for greatest advance sales for an animated film after pre-sale ticket counts totaled 2,384,198 in Japan.
  • The English promotional image prior to the US DVD release has an error; Giratina's face is missing a line from its eye to its nose.
  • The staff went to three locations in Norway to form a basis for the movie's setting - Sognefjorden (the second largest Fjord in the world), Jostedalsbreen (the largest glacier in Europe), and Bergen (the second largest city in Norway). The scene with the Glacier threatening to destroy the town was based on a little town of Geiranger, where it's threatened by a collapsing mountainside.


  • When Ash and Dawn are pulled into the Reverse World for the first time, Piplup's arms are the same color as its head and "cape".
  • When Piplup attempts to use BubbleBeam on Giratina, Shaymin's flowers are a dark purple (the color they become when Shaymin absorbs pollution).
  • When Shaymin is about to approach Meowth, a few frames show its front paw has three toes instead of two.
  • During a scene in the Reverse World when Shaymin is in its Sky Forme, it uses its Land Forme's voice.
  • When the last Magneton leaves the train to escape out the window, it uses the voice of a Magnemite.

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