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The Rise of Darkrai
ディアルガVSパルキアVSダークライ Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai
Japan July 14, 2007
United States February 24, 2008*
Home video
Japan December 21, 2007
United States May 27, 2008
English themes
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Japanese themes
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Ending jaed
United States PG
Great Britain PG
Ireland  ?
Canada  ?
Quebec  ?
Japan  ?
Germany  ?
Australia G
New Zealand  ?

The Rise of Darkrai (Japanese: ディアルガVSパルキアVSダークライ Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai) is the first Generation IV Pokémon movie, the first of the Diamond & Pearl movies trilogy, and the tenth Pokémon movie overall. It premiered in Japanese theaters on July 14, 2007. It was aired in North America on February 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network and it was released on DVD on May 27, 2008. It was released on DVD in the UK on September 29, 2008 and in Australia on November 5, 2008.

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On their way to participate in the next Pokémon contest, Ash and his friends have come to Alamos Town, where they meet a girl named Alice. Alice guides them around the landmarks of the town — the Space-Time Tower and the beautiful gardens filled with greenery and water, and while they are completely absorbed by the sightseeing, they discover that the gardens have been devastated by someone. Then, Baron Alberto, an influential man of the town, arrives on the scene. Alberto is confident that the devastation is the work of the legendary Pokémon Darkrai. Then, from the ominous shadows, Darkrai suddenly appears before them. A never-before-known Pokémon, just who is Darkrai? Just at that moment, a fierce battle between Dialga and Palkia is unfolding in an interval of space-time. Space-time is torn apart by the collision of terrible energies. Through the tear, Alamos Town can be seen...

The whole of Alamos Town is wrapped in an ominous fog, and a mysterious phenomenon arises where the people are unable to leave the town. Then, Tonio, who has become aware of the abnormal space-time phenomena, hastily analyzes the data, and discovers that the devastation of the garden was a sign that Palkia had entered the town. Palkia, having sustained injuries in its violent fight with Dialga, took refuge in Alamos Town. However, Darkrai senses the presence of Palkia and attacks it, causing a terrible battle. Furthermore, chasing Palkia, Dialga appears in Alamos Town from another dimension. When the two Pokémon called as gods encounter Darkrai, the greatest battle in history will begin. Powerful shockwaves shake all of Alamos Town, and before long the town is on the verge of collapse. The nightmare written in Godey's diary is becoming reality... Will Ash and his friends be able to resolve this crisis? Is Darkrai an enemy or an ally?

Featured Pokémon



Ash Ketchum Sarah Natochenny Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
Brock Bill Rogers Takeshi Yūji Ueda タケシ うえだ ゆうじ
Dawn Emily Jenness Hikari Megumi Toyoguchi ヒカリ 豊口めぐみ
Jessie Michele Knotz Musashi Megumi Hayashibara ムサシ 林原めぐみ
James Billy Beach Kojirō Shin'ichirō Miki コジロウ 三木眞一郎
Meowth Billy Beach Nyarth Inuko Inuyama ニャース 犬山イヌコ
Narration Rodger Parsons Narration Unshō Ishizuka ナレーション 石塚運昇
Special appearances by 特別出演
Darkrai Scott Williams Darkrai Kōji Ishizaka ダークライ 石坂浩二
Tonio Rich McNanna Tonio Kōji Yamamoto (Daisuke Sakaguchi as a child) トニオ 山本耕史
Alice Khristine Hvam Alice Rosa Katō アリス 加藤ローサ
Baron Alberto Sean Reyes Baron Alberto Kōichi Yamadera アルベルト男爵 山寺宏一
Kai Ax Norman Dai Ryūji Akiyama ダイ 秋山竜次 (ロバート)
Maury Joshua Swanson Katsumi Hiroshi Yamamoto カツミ 山本 博 (ロバート)
Allegra Emily Williams Maki Shōko Nakagawa マキ 中川翔子


Created by
  • 田尻 智
  • 増田順一
  • 杉森 建
Production supervisor
  • 石原恒和
Animation supervisor
  • Yōichi Kotabe
  • 小田部羊一
Executive producers
  • Masakazu Kubo
  • Kenjirō Itō
  • 久保雅一
  • 伊藤憲二郎
  • Chōji Yoshikawa
  • Jun'ya Okamoto
  • Takemoto Mori
  • 吉川兆二
  • 岡本順哉
  • 盛 武源
Animation producers
  •  ?
  •  ?
  • Hideki Sonoda
  • 園田英樹
  • 湯山邦彦
  •  ?
Assistant directors
  •  ?
  •  ?
Character design
  • Kazuaki Mōri
  • Norihiro Matsuhara
  • Sayuri Ichiishi
  • 毛利和昭
  • 松原徳弘
  • 一石小百合
Executive animation directors
  • Kazuaki Mōri
  •  ?
  • 毛利和昭
  •  ?
Animation directors
  • Tokuhiro Matsubara
  •  ?
  • 松原徳弘
  •  ?
Color keys
  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
Art supervisor
  • Katsuyoshi Kanemura
  • 金村勝義
Art director
  •  ?
  •  ?
Director of photography
  • Takaya Mizutani
  • 水谷貴哉
  • OLM Digital
  • OLM Digital
CGI director
  • Makoto Satō
  • 佐藤 誠
CGI producer
  • Misako Saka
  • 坂 美佐子
  • Toshio Henmi
  • 辺見俊夫
  • Shinji Miyazaki
  • 宮崎慎二
Music producers
  • Kazuo Shinohara
  • Yūji Saitō
  • 篠原一雄
  • 齋藤裕二
Sound recording mixer
  • Jūji Nakamura
  • 中村充時
Original score (partial)
  • Gō Ichinose
  • Morikazu Aoki
  •  ?
  • 一之瀬 剛
  • 青木森一
  •  ?
Sound director
  • Masafumi Mima
  • 三間雅文
Recording studio
  • Aoi Studio
  • アオイスタジオ
Audio production
  • Shōgakukan Production
  • 小学館プロダクション
Animation production
  • OLM Team Koitabashi
  • OLM Team Koitabashi
  • Kunihiko Yuyama
  • 湯山邦彦

Manga Adaption

Main article: The Rise of Darkrai (manga)


  • The events of this movie happen between the episodes Steamboat Willies and Top-Down Training, and premiered in Japan between those episodes.
  • Yuyama Kunihiko travelled to Spain together with screenwriter Hideki Sonoda and composer Shinji Miyazaki, to various places including the Sagrada Família and Park Güell in Barcelona, to get ideas for the setting of the movie.
  • The design of the Space-Time Tower is based on the Sagrada Família.
    • Also, the architect behind the Space-Time Tower is named Godey, and his descendant is named Tonio, both references to the architect of the Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí.
  • In the English dub, Darkrai is referred as a he, even though Darkrai is genderless in the games.
  • This is the first movie to feature the opening theme of the season after the one it corresponds to. In other words, despite being the 10th movie, it features a version of the opening theme of the 11th season, We Will Be Heroes
  • Players who had pre-ordered tickets for the Japanese run could receive a Deoxys. In major cinemas, a Darkrai could be downloaded. Instructions on how to get Darkrai were provided before and after the feature presentation by Meowth.
  • This is one of the few movies without a human antagonist. The two others are Destiny Deoxys and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
  • In the trailers, Ash is seen flying over a Pidgeot. Many fans believed that Ash's Pidgeot would return. However, this scene was never in the movie itself.
  • On the wall that features Alicia in the center of the Space-Time Tower, there are many Pokémon and their counterparts on the opposite side of Alicia. They are: Solrock and Lunatone, Dustox and Beautifly, Gallade and Gardevoir, Volbeat and Illumise, Zangoose and Seviper, Electivire and Magmortar, Plusle and Minun, Wormadam and Mothim, Leafeon and Glaceon, and the two variants of Gastrodon.
  • The number of Pokémon debuts in this movie is matched only by Mewtwo Strikes Back, Spell of the Unown and Jirachi: Wish Maker; this is because these are the only movies to follow the beginning of a new generation. With the exception of the first movie (which was released more than two years after Generation I had debuted), no Pokémon were introduced in any of these three movies that could not be found in the games of the respective generation. Counting the corresponding Pikachu shorts, Mewtwo Strikes Back had 22 debuts (of which 3 were Generation II Pokémon), Spell of the Unown had 16 and Jirachi: Wish Maker had 14, or 15 if including Groudon as having a live debut. This movie had 18 debuts within itself, or 20 if considering Dialga and Palkia's appearances as their live debuts.
  • Five minor characters from other movies make a cameo appearance in this movie:
  • The following promotional cards were available. Each corresponds to a Pokémon film. The first 11 were bought as a set, complete with a gloss paper folder and protective sleeving, while Darkrai had to be obtained when purchasing a ticket.
  1. Counterattacking Mewtwo (逆襲のミュウツー Gyakushū no Myūtsū)
  2. Rising Lugia (爆誕のルギア Bakutan no Rugia)
  3. Crystal Tower's Entei (結晶塔のエンテイ Kesshōtō Entei)
  4. Time-Crossing Celebi (時を超えたセレビィ Toki o Koeta Serebī)
  5. City of Water's Latias (水の都ラティアス Mizu no Miyako Ratiasu)
  6. City of Water's Latios (水の都ラティオス Mizu no Miyako Ratiosu)
  7. Seven Nights Jirachi (七夜のジラーチ Nanayo no Jirāchi)
  8. Split Sky Visitor Deoxys (裂空の訪問者デオキシス Rekkū no Hōmonsha Deokishisu)
  9. Tree of Beginning's Mew (はじまりの樹のミュウ Hajimari no Ki no Myū)
  10. Wave Hero Lucario (波導の勇者ルカリオ Hadō no Yūsha Rukario)
  11. Prince of the Sea Manaphy (蒼海の王子マナフィ Umi no Ōji Manafi)
  12. Darkrai Lv. 50 (ダークライ Lv.50 Dākurai Lv.50)


  • The same Japanese voice over that is heard in Tanks for the Memories! is heard when Dawn sends out her Pokémon to play.
  • During part of the scene where Ash and Dawn's Pokémon are running up the spiral staircase in the Space-Time towers after being separated from their trainers, Aipom was mistakenly left out.

In other languages

  • French: L'ascension de Darkrai
  • Iberian Spanish: El desafío de Darkrai
  • Italian: L'ascesa di Darkrai
  • Brazilian Portuguese: O Pesadelo de Darkrai
  • Chinese(TW/HK): 決戰時空之塔 帝牙盧卡對帕路奇犽對達克萊伊

Box office performance

Source: goo 映画
Overall ranking ⇨ 1st ⇩ 2nd ⇩ 3rd ⇩ 5th ⇨ 5th ⇨ 5th ⇩ 8th ⇩ 9th ⇩ 10th
Domestic movies ⇨ 1st ⇨ 1st ⇨ 1st ⇩ 2nd ⇧ 1st ⇨ 1st ⇩ 2nd ⇩ 3rd ⇩ 5th
Animated movies ⇨ 1st ⇨ 1st ⇩ 2nd ⇨ 2nd ⇨ 2nd ⇨ 2nd ⇨ 2nd ⇩ 3rd ⇨ 3rd

The Rise of Darkrai earned a franchise record of 5.02 billion yen (US$47 million).

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