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Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys was released in 2005 and was the 7th Pokémon movie.

The estimated budget for the movie was ¥10,203,000.


A giant meteorite from space strikes in the Arctic. Arising from the crash-site, is a Pokemon known as Dexoys. Feeling threatened, Rayquaza starts to attack the Pokémon while it was trying to revive a stone. While fighting, Rayquaza gets the upper hand and defeats Deoxys.

4 years later Deoxys returns in search of the stone. Sensing Dexoys, Rayquaza returns to battle. Ash and co. visit the high-tech city of La Rousse and finally revive the stone only to realise it too is a Deoxys.

In a computer malfunction, the city's robots lose control and start attacking the Battle Tower. Showing their respect the two Deoxys help Rayquaza. After the robots have returned to normal Rayquaza and the two Deoxys leave.