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ルザミーネ Lusamine
Sun Moon Lusamine.png
Art from Pokémon Sun and Moon
Age 40+
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Relatives Lillie (daughter), Gladion (son), Mohn (husband), unnamed father
Trainer class Aether President
Generation VII
Games Sun and Moon
Member of Aether Foundation
Rank President

Lusamine (Japanese: ルザミーネ Lusamine) is a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the head of the Aether Foundation. She is also the true main antagonist in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Aether President (Japanese: エーテルだいひょう Aether Representative).

In the games

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Lusamine appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is introduced after the Akala Grand Trial, when Hau and the player travel to Aether Paradise.

As president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine claims to love all Pokémon, be they native to the Alola region or not. While the player and Hau are conversing with her in the conservation area, an Ultra Wormhole appears, in which Nihilego emerges. After the player fights it, she claims she will find it and love it like the other Pokémon in her care. Once Hau mentions Lillie, she gives a surprised expression and tries to not acknowledge her, foreshadowing the later events that would unfold.

Towards the end of the game, Plumeria remarks to Lillie that Team Skull are not the only thieves in Alola, and that Lillie ought to return Cosmog. When Hau, Gladion, and the player arrive at Aether Paradise, all the employees are suddenly hostile to them, including Faba, who had locked down Lusamine's office under her orders. There are also a number of Team Skull grunts present, implying a joint effort between the two groups and revealing a second villainous team.

When Hau and the player leave Gladion to deal with Guzma, they find Lillie in the same room as Lusamine, with the former begging Lusamine to come to her senses. Lusamine is not fazed by it, and berates Lillie for leaving her and claims she was never her daughter, before teleporting into another room via a pad hidden behind her mirror. Lillie joins Hau and the player, and teleports into the room her mother went to. When they arrive, Lusamine taunts them to come closer. Afterwards, the trio is horrified to see that she has a collection of frozen Pokémon scattered about the room.

Gladion arrives to Lusamine's disgust, as he had stolen Type: Null and ran away from her. He does not try to reason with her, deciding it is impossible at this point. Lusamine, frustrated, exclaims that she gave all her love to her children, only for them to run away. Cosmog is then revealed to be inside a cube, in which Lillie pleads her not to use its power, as it would die. Lusamine shows no care towards her statements, and uses the cube anyway, opening up a large wormhole in the room, and multiple others on the various islands of Alola. Guzma arrives, asking Lusamine whether the experiment was a success. When she says it was successful, they both jump into the wormhole and disappear with said portal.

She is later encountered in Ultra Space, where Guzma has given up working with her because of his newfound fear since Nihilego possessed him, and claims she is immune to reason at this point. Lillie disagrees, and runs off to confront her mother. When they arrive at an open terrace, she is nowhere to be found, only to phase into visibility and appear sitting on a rock in front of them. Lillie continues what she was saying to her mother back at Aether Paradise, along with trying to persuade her to come back to Alola.

Guzma turned out to be correct, as Lusamine says she would rather not come back to Alola, and that Lillie "could not even be that stupid". She boasts about how Ultra Space is beautiful and all she needs in life, and that Lillie became ugly after leaving her and making friends with the player. Lusamine then turns her attention to the player, in which she immediately battles them, but not before merging with a Nihilego to become a pseudo-beast herself.

After losing, Lusamine becomes enraged and attempts to strike Lillie with one of many large tentacles she has control of. Lillie calls out to SolgaleoS/LunalaM, who proceeds to use their signature move on Lusamine, separating her from Nihilego. Before passing out, she asks Lillie when she started becoming beautiful. At the end of the game, Lillie tells the player that Lusamine has largely recovered from the neurotoxins and is remorseful of her actions, and that she even tried to come to the player's victory celebration. Lillie then leaves for the Kanto region to seek treatment for her mother from Bill (who, like Lusamine, has been combined with a Pokémon before).


First battle

Second battle

Status unknown

Lusamine's Nihilego
Lusamine is seen sending out this Nihilego from a Beast Ball before battling the player, willingly letting the Ultra Beast merge with her. After being defeated in battle, Nebby separates the two. It is unknown if this Nihilego was left behind in Ultra Space as the player and the others escaped.
Debut Pokémon Sun and Moon


  • Before battle
"What a disappointment... To think that you are all so small-minded... You're going to startle my sweet beast! <Player>... it looks like I'll need to silence you first."
  • Upon being defeated
" can you be so awful!"
  • After being defeated
"Hmph... All that I want is my precious beast! I don't care about any of the rest of you!"
"No! The Ultra Wormhole is disappearing... Guzma. With me. We will catch the beast using the Beast Ball that we've developed here."


VS models from
Sun and Moon


  • Lusamine is the first female villainous team leader in the core series, as well as the first female main antagonist.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルザミーネ Lusamine From Balsamine (German for garden balsam)
English Lusamine From her Japanese name
French Elsa-Mina Partial anagram of balsamine (garden balsam)
German Samantha From Balsamine (garden balsam) and ἄνθος ánthos (Greek for flower)
Italian, Spanish Samina From balsamina (garden balsam)
Korean 루자미네 Rujamine Similar to Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 露莎米奈 Lùshāmǐnài Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 露莎米奈 Louhsāmáihnoih Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
Russian Лузамин Luzamin Transcription of English name
Thai ลูซามิเน่ Luzamine Transcription of Japanese name

Aether President

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 以太理事長 Yíhtaai Léihsihjéung
Mandarin 以太理事長 / 以太理事长 Yǐtài Lǐshìzhǎng
France Flag.png French Présidente d'Æther
Germany Flag.png German Æther-Präsidentin
Italy Flag.png Italian Direttrice Æther
South Korea Flag.png Korean 에테르대표 Etereu Daepyo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Presidenta Æther
Thailand Flag.png Thai หัวหน้าทีมเอเทอร์

President: Lusamine (anime)
Branch Chiefs: Faba (anime) • Wicke
Lower members: Aether Foundation
Aether Foundation Employees
Former members: GladionLillieMohn
Ultra Guardians*: AshLanaKiaweLillie
Locations: Aether ParadiseAether House


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