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The Lunar Wing (Japanese: みかづきのはね Crescent Moon Feather) is a key item in Generation IV games and Pokémon Black and White 2. In Generation IV, it can only be obtained after receiving the National Pokédex.

In Generation IV it is found on Fullmoon Island where Cresselia is floating above. The Pokémon will immediately flee the island, leaving behind the Lunar Wing. Once brought to Canalave City, it will awaken a young boy from his horrible endless nightmare.

Black and White 2, the Lunar Wing is located in Strange House in Lentimas Town. If the Lunar Wing is taken to Marvelous Bridge, the player will be able to battle Cresselia.

In the anime

Lunar Wings in the anime

In The Rise of Darkrai, the Lunar Wing was sold to Dawn by a salesman who said that "it will make bad dreams a thing of the past."

The very same Lunar Wing appeared in Sleepless in Pre-Battle! where it was used to find the place where Cresselia resides.


  • The concept for the Lunar Wing may have been loosely based on the dreamcatcher.
  • Strangely, the Lunar Wing is green and yellow, while Cresselia is not green at all.

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