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Lulu (Japanese: ルル Lulu) is a character of the day in Three Sides to Every Story!.

Lulu lives on a Berry farm with her parents where they harvest many Berries, including the rare Lum Berry. She is usually accompanied by her female Marill who helps water the Berries. She also has Sunflora tend to them. Dawn's Piplup once fell in love with Lulu's Marill, but she eventually chose to be with a wild male Elekid, breaking Piplup's heart.


This is a listing of Lulu's known Pokémon.

Lulu's Marill
Marill is Lulu's only known Pokémon. Both Piplup and Elekid fell in love with the Aqua Mouse Pokémon, causing a rivalry between them. In the end, it was Elekid who won her attention.

Marill's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Three Sides to Every Story!
Voice actors
Japanese Mika Kanai
English Kayzie Rogers

Works with

These Pokémon are Pokémon that Lulu works with in her family's Berry orchard.

Lulu's Elekid
Elekid is a wild Pokémon who has competed with Piplup for his feelings for Marill and did everything to get Marill's attention. Elekid was known to usually visit the orchard.

Elekid's known moves are ThunderShock and Thunder.

Debut Three Sides to Every Story!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Yūji Ueda
Lulu's Sunflora
These Sunflora help Lulu tend the garden.
Debut Three Sides to Every Story!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 早見沙織 Saori Hayami
English Eileen Stevens
Czech Nikola Votočková
German Jacqueline Belle
European Spanish Carmen Cervantes

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