Luka Carson

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Luka Carson

Luka Carson (Japanese: ルカ・カーソン Luka Carson) is a minor character from the special, Mewtwo Returns.

Luka is the bus driver that transports travelers around Mount Quena, since it's impossible to on foot, due to the extreme and unpredictable weather phenomena. After leaving the pick-up point, just missing Ash and his friends, a whirlwind catches the bus and lifts it off the ground, putting her and her passengers in danger. Mysteriously, the bus is righted and put back on the road, where it's assumed she made it from there to the arrival point in relative safety.

She isn't seen again until the end of the special, where she returned specifically to pick up Cullen Calix at Luna's request. However, between the time of the request and Luka arriving, the pair had changed their minds on Cullen leaving.

In the English dub, she is named only in the credits. Her relationship with Luna is unclear, even though they share the same surname and have extremely similar first names.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 冬馬由美 Yumi Tōma
English Megan Hollingshead
European Spanish Mercedes Cepeda

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