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If you were looking for the secondary character from Mewtwo Returns, see Luka Carson.


Luka (Japanese: ルカ Luka) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime.

Luka's first appearance was in Mantine Overboard!. She was trying to find the Silver Wing like her great-grandfather before her. With the help of Ash and his friends, she successfully recovered the Silver Wing which had been lost when her great-grandfather's ship sank many years before. She lives on Yellow Rock Isle and offered to give Ash, Misty, and Brock a ride to Red Rock Isle on her boat.

She later met up with them again in The Mystery is History. She was one of the many people who were trying to save the adult and baby Lugia near Ogi Isle.


Luka's Magikarp
Magikarp (×3)
Luka sends out her three Magikarp to help her and Ash find her grandfather's lost treasure and sunken ship. When they find the ship, she sends her Magikarp to investigate it. However, a wild Mantine appears and scares them all away, frightening them considerably. They are later used when Luka goes down once again with Ash, Misty and Pikachu.

None of Magikarp's moves are known.

Debut Mantine Overboard!

Voice actress

Language Voice actor
Japanese 笠原留美 Rumi Kasahara
English Lisa Ortiz
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bulara
European Spanish Isacha Mengíbar

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