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Gender Male
Hometown Alto Mare
Region Johto
Relatives Bianca (granddaughter)
Anime debut Pokémon Heroes
English voice actor Eric Stuart
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Lorenzo is a primary character from Pokémon Heroes. He is an elderly bearded man who wears clothes similar to those of Mario. He is the grandfather of Bianca, and is also curator of the city's museum, a gondola builder and the protector of Latios and Latias. He is a kind man with much wisdom but can be stern and angry at times. His English voice actor is Eric Stuart.

He first appears during Ash's visit to the museum where he explains the history of the city and the Defence Mechanism of Altomare (DMA). Ash is distracted by the presence of Bianca (although it was Latias in disguise who Ash saved - Ash is just confused by their likenesses) and nearly gets in trouble for leaning on the DMA. He follows Bianca, and Latias to the secret garden of Latios and Latias. Lorenzo arrives just in time to prevent Latios from harming Ash and Pikachu, and allows Latias to play with them. He shows Ash the Soul Dew and explains he knew the father of the two guardians, and how he became theirs after their father died.

Lorenzo, Bianca and Ash leave the garden, they cut through Lorenzo's workshop where he constructs gondolas. He is later knocked out by the Espeon that belongs to Annie. Heis later found by Bianca and they go to the museum where they are captured and bound by Ariados. They can only watch helplessly as the DMA is used by Oakley and Latios is hurt by the effects. Ash, Latias and Pikachu come to save them and stop the DMA. Lorenzo warns Annie to touch the corrupted Soul Dew but she is too slow to hear him and causes the DMA to go out of control. Lorenzo is present at the sacrifice of Latios and is the first to realise he has died. He later bids farewell to Ash, Misty and Brock as they leave the city. He is seen in the credits with a construction crew appearing to be either rebuilding or fixing the DMA in the museum.

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