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ハンサム Handsome
Platinum Looker.png
Art from Platinum
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Trainer class
Generation IV, V
Games Platinum, Black and White
Anime debut Frozen on Their Tracks
English voice actor Jason Griffith
Japanese voice actor Masaki Terasoma

"Looker" (Japanese: ハンサム Handsome) is the codename for a character introduced in Pokémon Platinum as an International Police officer on assignment investigating Team Galactic and its plans.

In the games

In Platinum

The player first meets Looker.

In Pokémon Platinum, Looker is an important character, encountering the player multiple times over their journey across Sinnoh. He speaks with odd grammatical constructs, implying that he is not a native speaker of the national language; however, this is not present in the Japanese version. He first meets the player in Jubilife City, giving them the Vs. Recorder, and appears often when Team Galactic is near. His motives are clear: his mission is to stop Team Galactic from causing havoc in the Sinnoh region. He is then met again at the Valley Windworks, right after Team Galactic flee from the area. Disappointed in just missing them, he searches the area for clues, which leads him somehow to the Galactic Eterna Building, where Team Galactic have kidnapped Rad Rickshaw's Pokémon. Looker infiltrates the building by disguising himself as a Team Galactic grunt.

The player next encounters Looker at the Veilstone Game Corner, if one decides to look there. If not, then he will appear after the player and Lucas/Dawn battle the Galactic Grunts in front of the Galactic Warehouse. He leads the player into the warehouse and realize that the inner door is locked. He also finds HM02 (Fly), leaving the player to take it.

Looker will appear once the player goes to Team Galactic HQ and talks to the Grunt outside. He will reveal that he has the Storage Key and will tell the player to meet him in the Galactic Warehouse. Once there, he will open the door and go down to investigate.

Inside the headquarters, he will not be seen until the player reaches the meeting room, where he is seen eavesdropping on a gathering of members of Team Galactic. He will tell the player to listen to their meeting with him. When it is over, he will leave again.

Later, he gives the player a Black Flute when they are about to go off to the Spear Pillar.

When Cyrus retreats into the Distortion World, Looker shifts his investigation towards Charon, who has taken control of the team. This is because Looker stumbles upon Charon's notes of his plans back at the Team Galactic HQ. He is not seen again until after the player defeats the Elite Four, when they journey to Stark Mountain. Here he is seen in the final stages of his investigation, arresting Charon and ending Team Galactic's reign of terror once and for all.

After this, he can be found in the Veilstone Game Corner. He mentions that he wants to spend his remaining time in Sinnoh to teach new moves to his Pokémon.


Looker is shown to be quite good at disguising himself. His prime disguise is that of a Team Galactic grunt. At Stark Mountain, before he apprehends Charon, he disguises himself as a smashable rock.


Although he does not battle with or against the player at all during the entirety of the game, it is known that he has a Croagunk. He uses it to get the Magma Stone from Charon at Stark Mountain.

Spr 4p 453 m.png


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Jubilife City (first visit)
"WHAAAT?! ...How did you know? How did you unmask me as a member of the International Police?!"
"...Heh. You claim you were only making conversation, do you? But, I know better not to believe that. No, no, no. You recognized right away that I was someone extraordinary. That is why you spoke to me, is it not? Your power of observation is fearsome! Quite admirable, you are! Now that my cover has been blown, let me introduce myself. I am a globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name... Ah, no. I shall inform you only of my code name. My code name, it is Looker. It is what they all call me. Incidentally, is the saying, 'Don't be a thief!' familiar to you?"
No: "No? You claim to not know it? How could that be? Perhaps your mama has said it, but you have forgotten it, like usual? Now listen, my friends. It is wrong to take what belongs to others."
Yes: "Yes, that is correct. Taking what belongs to others is wrong."
"Unfortunately, there are apparently those who do not heed those words. In Sinnoh, in fact, there are criminals stealing the Pokémon of others. I have, therefore, been on the lookout for characters arousing my suspicion. Incidentally, you are Trainers, yes? Perhaps you can make use of this? That Vs. Recorder, it is a nifty device for recording a match. I obtained it because it is quite popular these days. But myself, I do not do Pokémon battling very often. It will be in better hands with you. Also, I have a request. If you were to see me again, I ask that you not talk to me, for I am on duty. ...Actually, yes, yes, you may speak to me. You must. Not because I am lonely, no, no! You must inform me of bad guys! You must inform me of any happenings!"
Jubilife City (second visit)
"Ah, yes. I see that you have obtained it, a Pal Pad for yourself. I myself, a member of the International Police, the fighters of crime around the world, have one also. For it is what one must have to trade with Trainers around the world. Take that Pal Pad to the Global Terminal for trading on an international level! Anyway, there appears to be no one shady in this Jubilife City. I shall therefore take my investigation elsewhere. But, my friend, I suggest you remain vigilant for shady grown-ups!"
  • If player has not obtained Pal Pad
Valley Windworks
"Ah, yes. It is you, yes. I have heard that the Team Galactic appeared at this power plant I have, therefore, come running. So, the Team Galactic. Where are they? ... You have run them off, you say? You are a Trainer, but...? Very well! I shall go investigate inside! Magnificent! Yes, it is! What you have said, it is all true! Superb! Though you are young, you are a Trainer through and through! Very well! I shall pursue the culprits! I have received tips that the Team Galactic hideout is in Eterna City. To there, I must be off!"
Galactic Eterna Building
"Hello! It is me! Me! Hahaha! I have startled you, yes? I am, after all, an officer of the International Police. It is only natural that I be a master of disguise. ...Incidentally, you are a first-rate Trainer. Of that, I am very aware. I therefore think you will be OK, but I must warn you to be careful anyway. Also, a word of advice. This building, it has two stairs. One of them, a trap it must be. But the crooks of Team Galactic, they do not appear, how shall I say, smart. There should be an easy way to tell the stairs apart!"
Veilstone Game Corner
"Ah, it is you, yes. I have decide to use opportunity of being here in Sinnoh. I am therefore trying to teach moves to Pokémon that I have captured. Also, if I have nothing to do, it means the world, it is at peace. ...Ack. My streak is broken."
Stark Mountain
"Go, go, go!"'
"Excellent work, CROAGUNK!"
"Pah! Disguising myself as a boulder for stakeout was not easy!"
"Now, old-timer, the International Police cordially requests your cooperation. I am sure you have much to tell us about the new Team Galactic. With Cyrus, Mars, and Jupiter gone, you are all that is left."
"You can tell us all about it. We have plenty of time. Oh, no, no. No resisting arrest. You can't win three-on-one, no? OK, officers, over here, if you will."
"He is an old man. This heat cannot be good for him. Quickly, take him somewhere cool. Yes, the cooler will do!"
"<Player>! And you, unfamiliar boy! I wish to say something. First, it is too hot! Let us exit this environment!"
"Whew! The air outside, it is delicious, yes! ...Gweh! Gah! Geff! Bleah! I have inhaled volcanic ash by the lungful! Now, you two. This is what they were after. The Magma Stone. Moving this is said to awaken the Pokémon HEATRAN. The old tales say that its awakening, it will make Stark Mountain erupt. ...But I have moved it. It is here. Will this cause the eruption?!"
"That boy, he has quite the energy, yes? <Player>, I should tell you why I have arrived here. After we parted at Mt. Coronet, I investigated their hideout. I uncovered Charon's plot, which led me to a stakeout of this place. That Charon is now securely within our custody. It is safe to say the Team Galactic is a threat no longer. That being said, it looks like my work here is finally finished."
"I, also, will take my leave. 'The more wonderful the meeting, the sadder the parting.' That is a quote I heard many years ago in a foreign land. Its meaning... I understand it better now. Farewell, <player>, my friend! Long may you cherish Pokémon!"

In Black and White

Looker is found in Pokémon Black and White, where he is assigned to capture the Seven Sages of Team Plasma after the events at N's Castle.

He first meets the player at their home in Nuvema Town, after the player defeats Team Plasma at N's Castle. He appears disguised as the player's mother, only to realize that he forgot to remove his disguise. He asks for the player's assistance in finding the Seven Sages, and gives the player a Super Rod.

Looker will appear upon finding each sage to take him into custody. After apprehending the final sage, Looker tells the player that N was seen in a distant land with a dragon Pokémon.


Nuvema Town
"Incredible, really. Amazing, absolutely, meeting these two Pokémon of legend!"
"Oh! I still wear my disguise! Pardon! Or, rather, let me introduce myself."
"I am a globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name... Ah, no, I shall inform you of my code name only. My code name, it is Looker. It is how I am called! Behind the scenes in this region of Unova, an organization called Team Plasma conspires... This I have heard, and therefore, to this region I must come, but... Thanks to the Gym Leaders and to you, yes, Team Plasma's castle has fallen. And the members, they have gone upon their separate ways! This is what I hear, most certainly!"
"But, however! However, but... The ones known as the Seven Sages--still they hide themselves in the Unova region."
"And so, in the end, it explains why I must ask this of you, Trainer of amazing skill! Travel the Unova region and search it up and search it down for the Seven Sages! Alder, the Champion of renown, recommended you to my notice. Are you willing to help me?"
No: "Ah, ah! Yet once more shall I ask! If you please, travel the Unova region and search it low and high for these Seven Sages!"
Yes: "Excellent! I thank you! Now I feel as if I have perhaps a million people on my side. Permit me to give this into your hands!"
"Yes, correct! It is certainly a Super Rod!"
"I see. It is truly <player>'s mama to ask so! What a magnificent question! I admire it. It is my pleasure to answer. Absolutely nothing!"
"Yes, I shall provide the explanation of this, the Super Rod! First! Face the water and employ the rod! Second! Concentrate your focal point! When it occurs that these Pokémon bite, "!" will indicate. Immediately, reel in! For the rest, <player>, I depend upon you!"
Across Unova
  • Upon arresting each sage (says one of these at random)
"Ah... And now, about Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, and there are so many things you must tell me at once!"
"Regarding Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, and you must satisfy request for certain information!"
"Indeed! I am an officer of the International Police, and I demand to hear all you know about Team Plasma!"
"On the topic of Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, so you would be wise to share all you know."
"Regarding Team Plasma... I am an officer of the International Police, and you must supply the information I request!"
  • When there are still sages remaining (says one of these at random)
"Accept my thanks! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. What is it they are thinking, what it may be they are hoping, this is the information I pursue. Until we meet again!"
"Accept my thanks! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. They are thinking--upon what topics? They are hoping--upon what chances? This is of the utmost urgency! At once! On the way!"
"Many thanks! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. What is it they are thinking, what it may be they are hoping, this is the information I have need of. Until we meet again!"
"Thanks many times over! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. The thoughts they are contemplating, the hopes they are anticipating, these--these are what I want to know! Until our next meeting!"
"Truly, I thank you! Now, Ghetsis notwithstanding, there yet remains but <number> of the Seven Sages still at large. Their innermost thoughts, their uttermost hopes... These I must and shall discover! Once more, a brief farewell!"
  • When the last sage is arrested
"Thank you a lot! Eh, <player>... On a topic I must speak to you. Having received such a report, of someone far from here, who has seen a person like N and...a dragon Pokémon. I am on my way to verify the veracity of this information. We will meet again one day!"


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Reason: Overworld sprites.

Spr Pt Looker.png
Sprite used during
Platinum's opening

In the anime

Looker in the anime

Looker made his debut appearance in Frozen on Their Tracks. Ash and his friends met Looker while taking a train leading to Lake Acuity, and decided to help him distribute lunch boxes as he has bought too many of them. He decided to investigate the reason behind the signal which caused the train to stop and discovered it was the doing of Team Galactic.

He appeared again in Gateway to Ruin!, investigating Team Galactic's activities in Mt. Coronet while disguised as a grunt to blend in.

Looker made another appearance in Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, having been captured by Team Galactic and held at the Fuego Ironworks. In The Battle Finale of Legend! he arrested the Team Galactic members.

Looker in the Best Wishes series

Looker was set to make a comeback in two unaired episodes before they were indefinitely postponed. The events of these episodes were later retconned out of canon.

After a long absence, Looker finally appeared again in Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!. He had originally disguised himself as a Hiker, but revealed his true identity after saving Ash, Iris, and Cilan from a group of attacking Pokémon, including Pikachu and Axew. He explained that he had come to Unova in order to investigate the actions of Team Plasma, who were planning to take over the region. After an encounter with several Team Plasma members, including the Plasma Scientist Colress, he left the group to continue his investigation.

Looker disguised as a Hiker

Looker appered again in Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!, again investigating actions caused by Team Plasma. Ash and friends encountered him at a city, where a Haxorus was going on a rampage. Looker realized that it must be under the same kind of control as the Pokémon from before, and attempted to use his barrier-creating device to stop Haxorus from being controlled, without any result. He then used an energy indicator to find the source of the energy that controlled Haxorus, eventually pinpointing it into Team Plasma's helicopter. When a missed Shadow Ball from Aldith's Liepard hit the machine, it was broken, freeing the controlled Pokémon.

Looker's International Police Badge

In Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!, he disguised himself as Cedric Juniper's assistant and escorted Ash and his friends to the White Ruins. Later, when Team Plasma attacked in an attempt to find the Light Stone, he unmasked himself and began trying to fight the villains. He also appeared in Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony! and What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!, where he wound up getting caught along with Iris, Cilan, and Cedric Juniper, but they later freed Looker. He then managed to convince Team Rocket into joining the battle. Eventually, when Reshiram was freed from Team Plasma's control, Looker arrested all the Team Plasma members, effectively putting an end to the team's existance.

In the Diamond and Pearl series, Looker built an alliance with Team Rocket while trying to take down Team Galactic. Jessie, James, and Meowth referred to him as Boxed-Lunch Guy (Japanese: ランチボックスさん Mr. Lunchbox) because he gave them boxed lunches while on the Ampharos Train. That simple act left them extremely loyal to him. In the Best Wishes! series, this relationship was shown to have carried on, as seen in What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!, where he managed to convince them into joining the final battle against Team Plasma.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 寺杣昌紀 Masaki Terasoma
English Jason Griffith
Czech Vojtěch Hájek
Norwegian Simen Sand
Portuguese Brazil Silvio Giraldi
Portugal Paulo Freixinho
Spanish Latin America Emmanuel Bernal
Spain Juan Logar Jr.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Looker in Pokémon Adventures

In Pokémon Adventures, Looker investigates several of the activities caused by various villainous groups. To help him with his investigations, Looker uses many gadgets known as the "International Police Arms". However, many of these gadgets have a tendency to break apart at Looker's expense.

Looker first appears in the Diamond & Pearl chapter where he interrogates the two scientists hired by Team Galactic to guard Lake Valor. Due to them not knowing anything about Team Galactic, the interrogation went nowhere. In the Platinum chapter, Looker makes his appearance looking for his client. He eventually meets up with his client, Platinum Berlitz, and joins her in her quest to research information on the Distortion World so that she can rescue her bodyguards. Paka and Uji.

Looker joins Platinum as she goes through the various Battle Facilities and usually helps her when she is having trouble in them. In the Battle Castle, he helps Platinum with her money-managing troubles, which helps her defeat Darach. While Platinum goes through the Battle Arcade, Looker goes to help their ally Buck fight Team Galactic on Stark Mountain. When he arrives, he finds out that Charon had obtained the legendary Pokémon, Heatran, and has been using it to attack Buck. Worried about Looker's safety, Platinum sends her Pokémon to go and help them while she goes through the Battle Factory. They eventually return with Looker and Buck, who were seriously injured and later hospitalized.

After Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum defeat Charon, a fully recovered Looker appears and arrests Charon. He goes to chase after the other Team Galactic commanders until his superior contacts him and tells him to call the mission off. He is ordered to head to Unova and investigate the activities of the Seven Sages. Looker leaves immediately but quickly comes back to give Diamond a Pokémon Egg he received from some Pokémon Rangers in Fiore.

In the Black & White chapter, Looker appears as a participant in the Unova Pokémon League. Disguised as a man named Handa Samurō (Japanese: ハンダ サムロウ), he battles until he eventually makes it to the top 8. During the quarterfinal match, Looker faces Black as his opponent. Due to his Croagunk not being a native Unova Pokémon, he has the advantage due to Black not being able to figure out his opponent's type. Eventually, Black manages to figure out Croagunk's type and defeats it. Having been defeated, Looker disappears and goes into hiding.

After taking off his disguise, Looker reveals that he has entered the League to investigate the suspicious participants, as he believes that one of them may be a member of Team Plasma. When Gray reveals himself to be Zinzolin of Team Plasma, Looker immediately takes the chance to tie him up and capture him. Later, Looker assists Black in the final battle against N alongside Cedric Juniper and Petashi, who climbed into his hot-air balloon.

In the Black 2 & White 2 chapter, Looker has spent the past two years looking for the members of the now-defeated Team Plasma. Upon returning to Unova after failing to find the Seven Sages in other regions, he is tasked with meeting up with Rakutsu, another International Police member. He finds Rakutsu at Aspertia City, only to be attacked by a Scolipede immediately after exchanging their secret password. Rakutsu easily defeats the Scolipede and rescues Looker. Much to Looker's shock, Rakutsu reveals himself to be Looker's superior despite the age gap between them.

Rakutsu and Looker head to the Aspertia alleyways where they encounter Rakutsu's maintenance man, the Magician. After having himself checked up, Rakutsu takes Looker to a training area and has him do some tests. Although they manage to succeed in the first one, Looker and Croagunk completely fail the second test. Rakutsu berates the two and tells them to get better at handling harsh conditions. Before they can continue, an explosion rings outside. When they go out to investigate, they find out that the culprit is a Genesect.


Looker's Croagunk
Croagunk is Looker's only known Pokémon. Croagunk was first seen as Looker arrives to investigate the two scientists. It later appears to help Looker arrest Charon. In the Unova Pokémon League, Croagunk was used to battle Black's Tula. Due to Croagunk not being an Unova-native Pokémon, Black had no idea what his opponent's type was. Eventually, Croagunk was defeated by Tula's Electroweb.

Croagunk's known moves are Vacuum Wave and Venoshock.

Debut VS Dialga and Palkia V

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

Looker in Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga, he and Koya are on the trail looking for Hareta's father, Kaisei. Like in the games, he is also working for the International Police. His name in early chapters is Hansom, but he is later identified as Looker.

In the chapter Looker debuted in, he is able to identify Galactic grunts in the crowd before they launched a terrorist attack on the stadium; once the Galactic incident is taken care of, he tries to take Kaisei into custody. Later, he along with several other agents of the International Police have arrived in Stark Mountain and disguise themselves as rocks in order to capture Team Galactic. However, the villainous team escapes when an earthquake in Stark Mountain distracted Looker and the others. He stays behind to save Koya. After calming Heatran down by placing the Magma Stone back to where it belongs, Looker wonders if any members remained during the cave-in, in which Koya responds with no.

Looker then arrives in Team Galactic's headquarters in order to continue his search for Team Galactic and has Koya block the entrance in order to prevent anyone from going inside. However, he informs Koya that Charon was too powerful and his whole squad was defeated. Looker defends Koya when he was about to get hit by Onix. After witnessing Charon's strength, Looker tells Koya to retreat the area. Despite that, Koya decides to stop Charon for good in which Looker accepts. Much later, Looker arrived on Stark Mountain after the battle with the Creation trio, awaiting for Charon's arrival in order to arrest him. Following Charon's arrest, Looker notifies him that Team Galactic was disbanded on behalf of Cyrus's orders.

In the Pocket Monsters DP manga

Looker in Pocket Monsters DP

Looker has also appeared in the Pocket Monsters DP manga. He debuted in PMDP38 where he ran out of the police car after arrival in order to investigate something. Looker was then disturbed by Clefairy's antics but after he went up to Red and the gang, they ran off. Looker was right behind them and after he caught up, the group once again zoomed away. Tired of Looker's presence, Clefairy built a fake wall out of paper to hide in but it ripped off rather quickly. The group then swam to the other side to avoid Looker but he too did the same. Following the chase, Looker tries to search for them and finds some footprints leading to a house. He knocks on the door and the door opens by itself. Clefairy runs out in an ice cream costume and he, Red, Pikachu, and Tyrogue get away in a car. Despite that, Looker was able to catch them and informs them that he had something to give and show them all this time.

Looker returned in PMDP51 where he was at the beach with Red and his Pokémon. He noticed that Clefairy looked darker than before and then all of the other Pokémon start to mimic him, clothes-wise. This caused Looker to chase Clefairy and Clefairy chasing the Pokémon who copied Looker. In PMDP54, he goes on a solo mission with Clefairy joining him when Team Galactic steal a kid's food truck. After spotting the thieves, Looker and Clefairy give chase. When Clefairy putted on his ninja costume temporarily, Looker fell to the floor in amusement. As the truck arrives at the garage which was their stop, Looker was unable to get inside the garage but after seeing the two grunts running off with the food but Clefairy stopped them with his own supplies after tripping on a rock.

In PMDP59, he is on the lookout for Team Galactic and met up with Red and his Pokémon at a casino. Unfortunately, after finding their hiding place, the alarms go off and Looker and Clefairy go to the location. Charon makes a break for it and Looker is right behind him. Both of them head for Team Galactic's helicopter and climbs the ladder. While on the ladder, they notice Clefairy taking some loot. The helicopter then disappears into the distance.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Looker in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Looker's Investigation Su Platinum Uncommon 109/127 Galactic's Conquest Uncommon 090/096

Character origin

  • It is possible that Looker's looks, attire, and general persona are derived from Koichi Zenigata, a fictional detective in Monkey Punch's manga series, Lupin the Third. Lupin the Third itself was initially released in Japan around the time that many of the highly ranked staff members of Game Freak were young.
  • It is speculated that the Looker's attire could be loosely related to the Doctor Who's Tenth Doctor, who was portrayed by David Tennant.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハンサム Handsome The English word "Handsome."
English Looker A colloquialism used to refer to someone good-looking; effectively a synonym for his Japanese name, Handsome.
Synonymous wordplay for a watchman; or a guard or investigator of sorts.
French Beladonis From bel, good looking, and Adonis.
German LeBelle From le belle, good looking.
Looker Same as English name.
Italian Bellocchio Means good looking eye.
Looker Same as English name.
Polish Pan Ciacho Pan - Mr; Ciacho means good-looking man.
Spanish Handsome Same as Japanese name.
Looker Same as English name.
Korean 핸섬 Handsome Transliteration of the English word handsome
大帥 Dà Shuài​ 大 (big/great) is a term used to refer to someone older. 帥 means "handsome".
帥哥 Shuàigē Literally means "handsome guy". Also means "handsome," as in a form of address for male.

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