Locomotive Café

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(Japanese: きかんしゃレストラン Locomotive Restaurant) is the ninth area in Pokémon Scramble U. It is available after the player clears Panorama Model Room. In this area, the play fights one boss - Electrode. Each stage must be cleared before moving on to the next stage.

First stage

  • Challenges -
    • Protect the fortress
    • Clear with a Whismur
    • Use attacks less than one time
    • Clear in four seconds
    • Pick up 10 coins or more
Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
Pikachu Pikachu
Meowth Meowth
Teddiursa Teddiursa
Torchic Torchic
Munchlax Munchlax

Second stage

  • Challenges -
    • Survive for 30 seconds
    • Destroy 27 capsule cases or more
    • Pick up 27 capsules or more
Unown Unown

Third stage

  • Challenges -
    • Defeat the boss within the time limit
    • Clear in 60 seconds
    • Use Hidden Power
    • Get a combo of 100 or more
    • Defeat Electrode
Voltorb Voltorb
Electrode Electrode

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