List of unused Pokémon and character designs

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There are Pokémon and characters that were just a few of many different designs that Game Freak created. Only a few were added, and even those often went through redesigns before making it into the final product.

Unreleased Pokémon

Kurusu The only known information about this creature is its name and image. While it resembles a seal, this image appeared in magazines after the release of Red and Green so while many fans believe it may have been an early version of Seel, this may not be true because Seel already existed at the time. However, it is most likely a Template:Type2 and could have been a scrapped pre-evolution for Lapras or an extremely early version of a member of the Spheal evolution family. In the alpha of Gold and Silver, its National Pokédex number was 212, it was a Template:Type2, and knew the moves Growl, Water Gun, and Tackle. Despite the numbering, it was the Water-type starter in the alpha demos.
Honōguma Honōguma's name is a combination of 炎 honō for flame, and 熊 kuma for bear. Like Kurusu above, its name and image are all that is known. While not confirmed, its name almost definitely means it was a Template:Type2. It bears a slight resemblance to Raichu, but doesn't share the same type or species of animal (Raichu being a rodent and Honōguma being a bear), so it is highly unlikely it was related to it. Given its name refers to it as a bear, it could have been an early version of the Teddiursa evolution family, or, while not a bear, but having the same bipedal stance and being Fire-type, an early version of the Cyndaquil evolution family. In the alpha it was a Template:Type2, and knew the moves Ember, Scratch, and Leer; and was the Fire-type starter.
Unnamed creature
Unnamed creature
237Hitmontop GS.png
This strange creature appeared as art but was never given a name. Its extremely odd appearance is somewhat similar to Hitmontop; namely the multiple feet around its midsection. Although this creature has its point located on its bottom, and Hitmontop has its point located on its head, this creature is most likely a very early version of Hitmontop, possibly before the designers decided to add it to the Tyrogue evolution line. It also resembles Clefairy and may have been a very early version of Cleffa.
Unnamed turtle
Unnamed turtle Nothing is known about this turtle Pokémon. Notably, it barely resembles anything that was released in Generation II. Some fans have speculated it may have been an alternative take on Magcargo or Donphan or maybe an extremely early, and different take on Corsola or Pupitar. Also, the fact that its just a head sticking out of a shell, somewhat resembles that of Shuckle. The Pokémon it most closely resembled was Squirtle, but Squirtle was in Red and Green, which pre-dates the appearance of this image. Torkoal from Generation III, and the Turtwig evolution family from Generation IV bear the closest resemblance prior to its appearance, but it is highly unlikely they are related. It also bears a striking resemblance to Purutoga and Chobomaki, both from Generation V.
Unnamed sheep
Bulbanews has an article related to this subject:
Nothing is known about this Pokémon, nor is there any artwork of it known to exist. An interview in @Gamer magazine with Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori, directors of development and art respectively at Game Freak, revealed that there was a rejected Pokémon design, based off of the first cloned sheep, but it was deemed to be "too controversial."

Altered Pokémon

Main article: Chikorita (Pokémon)

152Chikorita GS.png
Happa's name simply means "leaf" in Japanese. Happa is the early version of Chikorita. Happa resembles Chikorita without its body and legs. It isn't known why the design was changed, but without the body and legs, Chikorita would have been significantly smaller than the other two Generation II starters; Cyndaquil and Totodile. In the alpha, it was Pokémon 152 and knew the moves Leech Seed, Tackle, and an unknown move called "Serene".
Concept art
Main article: Ledyba (Pokémon)

An early version of Ledyba. Unlike the final design, it has a black abdomen rather than a cream colored one. It also has a single pair of hands, and a pair of feet, and it apppears to be headless, with its eyes and antenna attached to its body.
Main article: Bellossom (Pokémon)

Both early artwork of Bellossom and its Gold and Silver artwork show that it was originally to be a similar color to its other evolutionary relatives.
Main article: Marill (Pokémon)

183Marill GS.png
An early version of Marill. While they are recognizably similar, they are visually quite different. The pink/purple color is the main difference as well as the notably missing large ears. It also sports a thinner body, more resembling a rodent, but does not sport Marill's erratic tail pattern, though with this being a concept art, small details were most likely not a concern at the time.
Main article: Girafarig (Pokémon)

203Girafarig GS.png
This concept art of Girafarig shows the original design contained two full-sized giraffe heads, instead of the final version's one. This design is likely a reference to its palindromic name. It is also unknown why the design was changed, but overall it remains mostly similar outside of some coloring differences (though, because this is concept art, specific coloring details were most likely not considered at the time).
Main article: Qwilfish (Pokémon)

211Qwilfish GS.png
Bukū's name is derived from "fugu", the Japanese word for blowfish. It is most likely an early version of Qwilfish. Notable differences between Qwilfish and this pre-release version are the colors, and shape of the tail. However, the shape of the tail does appear slightly similar to the length of the tail in Qwilfish's Generation II back sprite. However, this was just an error and no other generation shows Qwilfish's tail that short.
Main article: Tyranitar (Pokémon)

248Tyranitar GS.png
This early version of Tyranitar is nearly identical to the design seen in the finalized Gold and Silver versions. It was shown alongside two unnamed Pokémon (seen in the section above) on the cover of a Japanese gaming magazine, where it was the only early design to become a released Pokémon. Strangely, it has very few differences compared to the final version. Of these differences, the early Tyranitar design is more heavy-set, has a tan rather than indigo belly, has arms more reminiscent of Nidoking, and dozens of short spikes upon its back rather than a few long ones. It seems peculiar that Tyranitar was nearly completed at the time, but the other two featured Pokémon were never seen in their original designs.
Main article: Torchic (Pokémon)

This early version of Torchic is nearly identical to the current Torchic, aside from the large floppy ears, rather than its final design's flame shaped feathers on its head, and a flame-shaped marking on the back of its head.
Blaziken / Latias
Beta design
Sometimes refered to as Latiaziken by fans, this beta image from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire depicts a creature with traits of both Latias and Blaziken. In appearance, it more closely resembles Blaziken. However, some features, including the size, are more similar to Latias. Some of its features don't resemble those of either Pokémon, such a the hands. There is an unused Trainer riding it. It is very difficult to tell what this trainer's role in the games was as she barely resembles anyone. Whether she was a player character, rival, or supporting character is currently unknown.
Concept art
Main article: Treecko (Pokémon)

Concept art of Treecko shows numerous designs for the creature before the final design was decided. Many of these early sketches more closely resemble real geckos than the final product.
Prototype sprites
Main article: Wynaut (Pokémon)

Pre-release screenshots of Wynaut show that it was going to be green in color rather than blue.
Shellos & Gastrodon
Prototype back spritePrototype back sprite
Main article: Shellos (Pokémon)
Main article: Gastrodon (Pokémon)

Prototype back sprites of Shellos and Gastrodon show an another form for each. These forms are possibly leftovers from when Shellos and Gastrodon were planned to be in Generation III. Shellos's sprite is pink, like its West Sea variation, and seems to combine the western variation's head with the Eastern variation's body, while Gastrodon's sprite is brown and looks like its Western variation, but with more rock-like protrusions on its body. Gastrodon's Platinum Pokédex entry appears to reference its beta sprite.
Prototype back sprite
Main article: Bronzor (Pokémon)

A prototype back sprite exists in the Gen IV games of Bronzor that shows it was to have an additional face on its back, rather than the plant-like design the finished Bronzor has.

Unreleased characters

Female main character
Female main character

Female in Rare artwork by Sugimori

Red, Green and Blue Adventures.png
This art of a female character (with Squirtle) looks similar to Green, as seen to the right. The image was shown on the boxes for the games, as well as in official strategy guides. It is unknown if she was ever intended to be a playable character, like Red, or if she was supposed to be a supporting character, and act similar to the partner/rival of the player in Ruby and Sapphire. When Red and Green were later remade, players finally got the chance to use a female character. It is possible she was based on this character, namely due to the near exact resemblance of this character and Green, who later donned the same outfit as this character in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter of Pokémon Adventures. The lower artwork additionally raises the possibility of the female character being planned to appear in a Generation I game, showing that the same character has been used in several artworks.
Female Trainer
Female Trainer This unnamed female Trainer art was revealed in a magazine prior to Generation II, but never officially released. It is unknown who this Trainer was supposed to represent, be it a main character, a supporting character, or just an NPC. Visually, she has similarities to multiple Trainer classes. Her age and appearance make her appear similar to a Beauty or Cool Trainer, but the outfit is similar to a Lass or Picnicker.
Male Trainer
Male Trainer Hiding in the background of the same magazine article as the female Trainer above was a male Trainer that was never used. As with the female Trainer, it is unknown if he was designed as a main character, or supporting character, or was simply representing a Trainer class. However, singling the Trainer class is difficult as the image is small, and low quality. He has notable hints of multiple classes, such as a Tamer, Psychic, Juggler, Burglar, PokéManiac, Gambler, and even a male Rocket Executive.

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