List of rounds in the fifth chapter of Pokémon Adventures

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The fifth chapter: FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

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Reason: Original title in Japanese (use "tt" template).

Note: The English titles listed here are simply translations of the Japanese titles. Chuang Yi did not give titles to rounds in this chapter. When collected into Volume 23, the chapters seem to have been rearranged slightly and renamed, leading to a scrambled chapter order and numbering.

Original title Japanese title Translation Volume
268 1 No Original title 脱出!! Escape!! Volume 22
269 2 No Original title 姿なき攻撃者 Shapeless Attacker
270 3 Embark At Vermilion 飲み込む闇 The Swallowing Darkness Volume 23
4 Mysterious Creature Appears!
271 5 The Pokémon Network Center シルフスコープの中に Within the Silph Scope
272 6 Peculiar Old Lady of Two Island 2の島のキワメ婆 Old Kiwame of Two Island
273 7 Red VS Green I 戦ノ道 The Battle Path
274 8 Red VS Green II 発動 究極技 Activate: The Ultimate Move
275 9 Peculiar Old Lady of Two Island 動き始める首領 The Boss Who Moves to Begin
276 10 Ultimate Attacks! 伝承 草と炎 Folktale: Grass and Fire
11 The Icefall Cave
277 12 No Original title 三獣士登場 Enter the Three Beasts
278 13 Justice VS Evil Wit 全島攻撃 Attacking on the Entire Island
14 Coolness VS Power
279 15 Rejected! 降り立つデオキシス Alighting Deoxys
16 Deoxys's Form Change
280 17 Ice Queen VS Evil Flower 敗れし者レッド Red, the Defeated Volume 24
281 18 Speed Deoxys! フォルムチェンジの秘密 The Secret of Forme Change
282 19 Secret In Fame Checker! 所有者の資格 The Holders' Qualifications
283 20 No Original title 戦う訳 Reason to Battle
284 21 Mewtwo Returns! ミュウツー参戦 Mewtwo's Role in Battle
285 22 The Trainer Tower Rescue! 意志を持つタワー Tower with Will
286 23 Deoxys-Divides! 襲い来る分身群 The Army of Duplicates, Coming to Attack
287 24 The Hoenn Sisters 故郷トキワシティ Hometown Tokiwa City
25 Pokédex Upgrade Complete!
288 26 Fire Red & Leaf Green! 拘束具を破れ Break Your Restraints Volume 25
289 27 Scene Change To Viridian! 心の奥のトキワ Tokiwa at Heart
290 28 Cotton Spore Crisis 宙空の決戦場 The Place of the Decisive Battle in Space
291 29 A Destiny Showdown 頂上対決 Showdown at the Peak
292 30 Revelation! 父の名はサカキ My Father's Name is Sakaki
293 31 Aurora Camouflage! まやかしのオーロラ The Fake Aurora
294 32 The Faraway Island! 幻は最果てに The Mirage is at Faraway
295 33 Extreme Teamwork! ラストショット Last Shot
296 34 Deoxys Tale! デオキシス そのルーツ Deoxys: Its Roots
297 35 A Creature Of The Shadows 反乱のチャクラ Mutinous Chakra
298 36 Internal Conflict 脱出のブラックホール Black Hole Escape
299 37 Sharing the Same Blood 本能の呼びかけ Call of Instinct Volume 26
300 38 A Fatherly Love 父の魂 Father's Spirit
301 39 Pokédex Holders Unite! 戦う者 レッド Red, the Battler
302 40 No Original title 所有者たちの絆 The Holders' Bond

Ruby & Sapphire chapter
rounds in Pokémon Adventures
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