List of rounds in the eighth chapter of Pokémon Adventures

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The eighth chapter: Platinum chapter

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When collected into Volume 38, the chapters seem to have been rearranged slightly and renamed, leading to a scrambled chapter order and numbering.

English title English subtitle* Original title Japanese title Japanese subtitle Volume
417 1 VS Lopunny Meeting at the Resort Area VSネンドール VSミミロップ Volume 38
The Other Side of This World*
418 2 VS Porygon-Z Thrifty on Points VSエルレイド VSポリゴンZ
419 3 VS Gallade I The Castle's Brain VSザングース VSエルレイドI
420 4 VS Gallade II The Butler's Carelessness VSVSエルレイドII
421 5 VS Claydol Buck of the Battleground VSネンドール
422 6 VS Ivysaur Treasure of Stark Mountain VSフシギソウ
423 7 VS Togekiss Panel of Mutual Exchange VSトゲキッス VSトゲキッス Volume 39
Renegade Dragon*
424 VS Empoleon First Step to Awakening VSエンペルト
425 8 VS Heatran Ambitious Charon VSヒードラン
426 9 VS Kakuna Rental Facility VSガバイト VSコクーン
427 10 VS Seedot Jamming Signals VSバンギラス VSタネボー
428 11 VS Ledian Palmer's Favor VSリングマ VSレディアン
429 12 VS Dragonite Stage of Fierce Fighting VSカイリュー
430 13 VS Rotom Five Appliances VSロトム
431 14 Alternate Dimension Showdown I Renegade Giratina No Original title 異次元決戦I Volume 40
Legends and Myths!*
432 15 Alternate Dimension Showdown II The Warriors Take to the Battle 異次元決戦II
433 16 Alternate Dimension Showdown III A Strike From Darkness 異次元決戦III
434 17 Alternate Dimension Showdown IV Form Change of Fury 異次元決戦IV
435 18 Alternate Dimension Showdown V Owner of the Spy Plane 異次元決戦V
436 19 Alternate Dimension Showdown VI Start of the Group Battle 異次元決戦VI
437 20 Alternate Dimension Showdown VII Antimatter World 異次元決戦VII
438 21 Alternate Dimension Showdown VIII Where the Hear is 異次元決戦VIII
439 22 Alternate Dimension Showdown IX Righteous Virus 異次元決戦IX
440 23 Alternate Dimension Showdown X Oak's Letter 異次元決戦X
441 24 Alternate Dimension Showdown XI Soul's Light 異次元決戦XI

Diamond & Pearl chapter
Rounds in Pokémon Adventures
HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter