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List of moves that changed in accuracy.

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Some moves have changed their attack power in the Pokémon main series games. The list is as follows.

Generation to Generation

Many moves have changed between generations.

Generation I to Generation II

Name Type Cat. Gen I Gen II
Dig Ground Physical 100 60
Double-Edge Normal Physical 100 120
Explosion Normal Physical 170 250
Selfdestruct Normal Physical 130 200
Wing Attack Flying Physical 35 60

Generation II to Generation III


Generation III to Generation IV

Name Type Cat. Gen III Gen IV
Dig Ground Physical 60 80
Dive Water Physical 60 80
Fly Flying Physical 70 90
Hi Jump Kick Fighting Physical 85 100
Jump Kick Fighting Physical 70 85
Leaf Blade Grass Physical 70 90
Outrage Dragon Physical 90 120
Petal Dance Grass Physical 70 90
Rock Smash Fighting Physical 20 40
Zap Cannon Electric Special 100 120

Generation IV to Generation V

Name Type Cat. Gen IV Gen V
Beat Up Dark Physical 10 Variable
Bullet Seed Grass Physical 10 25
Covet Normal Physical 40 60
Doom Desire Steel Special 120 140
Drain Punch Fighting Physical 60 75
Feint Normal Physical 50 30
Fire Spin Fire Special 15 35
Fury Cutter Bug Physical 10 20
Future Sight Psychic Special 80 100
Giga Drain Grass Special 60 75
Hi Jump Kick Fighting Physical 100 130
Icicle Spear Ice Physical 10 25
Jump Kick Fighting Physical 85 100
Last Resort Normal Physical 130 140
Petal Dance Grass Special 90 120
Sand Tomb Ground Physical 15 35
Tackle Normal Physical 35 50
Thrash Normal Physical 90 120
Uproar Normal Special 50 90
Whirlpool Water Special 15 35

Within a generation

There are certain moves that have changed in attack power within the generation as well.

Generation III

Name Type Cat. Game 1 Game 2
Shadow Rush Shadow Physical Pokémon Colosseum 90 Pokémon XD 55

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