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The following is a list of characters that appear in the games, listed by game in chronological order of its release. It should be noted that the games Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Ranger are associated with the generations of their release, although they are not actually games of those generations.

New Pokémon also debuted at the launch of each generation.

Generation I

Pokémon Red and Blue

File:Spr RGB Red 1.png File:Spr RGB Blue 1.png File:Spr RGB Oak.png File:Brockblue.png File:Misty Blue.png File:LtSurgeBlue.png File:ErikaRBYsprite.png File:KogaBlue.png File:Sabrina Blue.png
Red Blue Professor Oak Daisy Oak Brock Misty Lt. Surge Erika Koga Sabrina
File:BlaineRBYsprite.png File:Giovanni RB.png File:RBLorelei.png File:RB Bruno.png File:RB Agatha.png File:LanceRB.png
Blaine Giovanni Lorelei Bruno Agatha Lance Bill Mr. Fuji Mr. Psychic Copycat
File:GenIRocket.png File:GenIBlackbelt.png File:RB Old Man.png Ghost I.png Spr 1b 105.png
Safari Zone Warden Team Rocket Pokémon Center Nurses Kiyo Red's mom Kanto Name Rater Old man Professor Oak's aides Literal ghost Ghost Marowak

Pokémon Yellow

File:Original-RedPika.png File:Team Rocket.png
Red's Pikachu Jessie and James

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokémon Snap

Generation II

Pokémon Gold and Silver

File:GS Ethan.png File:GSC Silver Johto.png Elm II OD.png File:LeaderFalkner GSC.png File:LeaderBugsy GSC.png File:LeaderWhitney GSC.png File:LeaderMorty GSC.png File:LeaderChuck GSC.png File:LeaderJasmine GSC.png
Ethan Silver Professor Elm Mr. Pokémon Falkner Bugsy Whitney Morty Chuck Jasmine
File:LeaderPryce GSC.png File:LeaderClair GSC.png File:WillGSCsprite.png File:GSC Karen.png File:GSC Janine.png File:GSC Rocket ExecutiveM.png File:GSC Rocket ExecutiveF.png File:GSC Rocket ExecutiveM.png File:GSC Rocket ExecutiveM.png
Pryce Clair Will Karen Janine Archer Ariana Petrel Proton Earl Dervish
File:GS Ethan.png Spr 2g 181.png
DJ Mary Ben Snap Lily Week Siblings Kurt Cal Randy Carrie Amphy
GSC Dude Back.png File:GSC Youngster.png File:GSC Biker.png File:GSC KimonoGirl.png
Dude Fern Joey Kanto Pokémon Federation Kimono Girls Kurt's Granddaughter Johto Move Deleter Johto Name Rater Professor Elm's Aide Radio Director
Spr 2s 130 s.png File:GSC Sage.png
Red Gyarados Reed Player's Mom Li

Pokémon Crystal

File:C Kris.png File:Eusinesprite.png
Kris Eusine Buena Dragon Clan Elder

Generation III

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

File:RS Brendan.png File:RS May.png File:Professor Birch Sprite.png File:SpriteRoxanne.png File:SpriteBrawly.png File:SpriteWattson.png File:SpriteFlannery.png File:SpriteNorman.png File:SpriteWinona.png File:SpriteTateandLiza.png
Brendan May Professor Birch Roxanne Brawly Wattson Flannery Norman Winona Tate and Liza
File:SpriteWallace.png File:E Sidney.png File:E Phoebe.png File:E Glacia.png File:E Drake.png File:RS Steven.png File:RSE Wally.png
Wallace Sidney Phoebe Glacia Drake Steven Stone Mr. Briney Mr. Stone Wally Lanette
File:Interview.png File:RSE PokeFanM.png File:RSE MagmaGruntF.png File:RSE AquaGruntM.png File:AquaLeaderArchie.png File:MagmaBossMaxie.png
Gabby & Ty Professor Cozmo Rydel Wanda Winstrate Family Captain Stern Team Magma Team Aqua Archie Maxie
File:Tabithasprite.png File:Courtney Sprite.png File:Mattsprite.png File:Shelly sprite.png
Tabitha Courtney Matt Shelly Diving Treasure Hunter Dock Fossil Maniac Kiri Player's Mom Hoenn Move Deleter
Spr 3r 278.png File:RSE BattleGirl.png
Hoenn Name Rater Peeko Pokemon Center Men Shauna Trick Master

Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire

Pokémon Colosseum

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

File:FRLG Leaf.png File:FL Lady.png File:FL Scientist.png File:Poké Dude.png
Leaf Celio Lostelle Selphy Gideon Primo Kanto Move Deleter

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Pokémon Emerald

File:SpriteJuan.png File:SpriteNoland.png File:SpriteGreta.png File:SpriteTucker.png File:SpriteLucy.png File:SpriteSpenser.png File:SpriteBrandon.png File:SpriteAnabel.png
Scott Juan Noland Greta Tucker Lucy Spencer Brandon Anabel Walda
Legendary Top Pokémon Breeder Pokémon Center Ladies

Pokémon Ranger

Generation IV

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

File:DP Lucas.png File:DP Dawn.png File:Jun.png File:CherylPlatinum.gif File:MiraPlatinum.gif File:RileyPlatinum.gif File:MarleyPlatinum.gif File:BuckPlatinum.gif Rowan OD.png File:SpriteRoark.png
Lucas Dawn Barry Cheryl Mira Riley Marley Buck Professor Rowan Roark
File:SpriteGardenia.png File:SpriteMaylene.png File:SpriteCrasherWake.png File:SpriteFantina.png File:SpriteByron.png File:SpriteCandice.png File:SpriteVolkner.png File:Aaron E4 sprite.png File:DP Bertha.png File:DP Flint E4.png
Gardenia Maylene Crasher Wake Fantina Byron Candice Volkner Aaron Bertha Flint
File:DP Lucian.png File:DP Cynthia.png File:GalacticBossCyrus.png File:SpriteMars.png File:SpriteJupiter.png File:SpriteSaturn.png


File:Tower Tycoon Palmer DP.png Backlot OD.png
Lucian Cynthia Cyrus Mars Jupiter Saturn Team Galactic Palmer Bebe Mr. Backlot
Backlot OD.png
Eldritch Felicity Dr. Footstep Mr. Fuego Helena Johanna Sinnoh Move Deleter Sinnoh Name Rater Pokétch Co. President Rad Rickshaw
File:DP Cool Trainer F.png File:DP Cool Trainer M.png File:DP Cool Trainer F.png File:DP Swimmer F.png
Roseanne Rad Rickshaw Underground Man Wilma Rebecca Butler Diane Lizabeth

Pokémon Battle Revolution

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

My Pokémon Ranch

Pokémon Platinum

90px 90px File:Spr PtHGSS Thorton.gif File:DahliaPtHGSS.gif File:Spr Darach PtHGSS.gif File:Spr Argenta PtHGSS.gif
Looker Charon Thorton Dahlia Castle Valet Darach and Caitlin Argenta Ketch Appy Stats judge

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

File:HGSS Lyra.png Magnus OD.png
Lyra Magnus Maximo

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Generation V

Pokémon Black and White

File:BW Hilbert.png File:BW Hilda.png Spr BW Cheren.png Spr BW Bianca.png Juniper OD.png Spr BW Cilan.png Spr BW Chili.png Spr BW Cress.png Spr BW Lenora.png
Hilbert Hilda Cheren Bianca Professor Juniper Professor Juniper Sr. Cilan Chili Cress Lenora
Spr BW Burgh.png Spr BW Elesa.png Spr BW Clay.png Spr BW Skyla.png Spr BW Brycen.png Spr BW Iris.png Spr BW Drayden.png Spr BW Shauntal.png Spr BW Grimsley.png Spr BW Marshal.png
Burgh Elesa Clay Skyla Brycen Iris Drayden Shauntal Grimsley Marshal
Spr BW Alder.png Spr BW Plasma Grunt M.png Spr BW N.png Spr BW Ghetsis.png Anthea OD.png Concordia OD.png
Alder Fennel Team Plasma N Ghetsis and the Seven Sages Anthea Concordia Shadow Triad Amanita Hawes
File:Spr BW PokéFan M.png Spr BW Biker.png Spr BW Veteran M.png Spr BW Rich Boy.png Spr BW Ingo.png Spr BW Emmet.png
Player's mom Bianca's father Charles Unova Name Rater Shigeki Morimoto The Riches Ingo Emmet Unova Stats Judge

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