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{{incomplete|needs=Missing side game and spin-off characters (TCG2, MD series, Rumble series, Stadium series, Trozei!, Dash, etc.); images, either Sugimori artwork or in-game sprite}}
The following is a '''list of characters that appear in the games''', listed by game in chronological order of its release. It should be noted that the games {{g|Snap}} and {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}} are associated with the generations of their release, although they are not actually games of those generations.
The following is a '''list of characters that appear in the games''', listed by game in chronological order of its release. It should be noted that the games {{g|Snap}} and {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}} are associated with the generations of their release, although they are not actually games of those generations.

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The following is a list of characters that appear in the games, listed by game in chronological order of its release. It should be noted that the games Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Ranger are associated with the generations of their release, although they are not actually games of those generations.

New Pokémon also debuted at the launch of each generation.

Generation I

Pokémon Red and Blue

Spr RG Red 1.png Spr RG Blue 1.png Spr RG Oak.png

Daisy Oak I OD.png

Spr RG Brock.png Spr RG Misty.png Spr RG Lt Surge.png Spr RG Erika.png Spr RG Koga.png Spr RG Sabrina.png
Red Blue Professor Oak Daisy Oak Brock Misty Lt. Surge Erika Koga Sabrina
Spr RG Blaine.png Spr RG Giovanni.png Spr RG Lorelei.png Spr RG Bruno.png Spr RG Agatha.png Spr RG Lance.png

File:Bill I OD.png

Mr Fuji I OD.png

File:Copycat I OD.png

Baoba I OD.png

Blaine Giovanni Lorelei Bruno Agatha Lance Bill Mr. Fuji Copycat Safari Zone Warden
Spr RG Rocket.png

Pokémon Center Nurse I OD.png

Spr RG Blackbelt.png

Mom Kanto I OD.png

Name rater Kanto I OD.png Old man passed out I OD.png

File:Professor Oak aide I OD.png

Ghost I.png Spr 1b 105.png
Team Rocket Pokémon Center Nurses Kiyo Red's mom Kanto Name Rater Old man Professor Oak's aides Ghost Ghost Marowak

Pokémon Yellow

Spr Y Red Pikachu.png Spr Y Jessie James.png
Red's Pikachu Jessie and James

Pokémon Trading Card Game

TCG1 Mark.png TCG1 Ronald.png 50px TCG1 Sam.png TCG1 Aaron.png TCG1 Mitch.png TCG1 Chris.png TCG1 Jessica.png TCG1 Michael.png TCG1 Ken.png
Mark Ronald Dr. Mason Tech Sam Tech Aaron Club Master Mitch Club Member Chris Club Member Jessica Club Member Michael Club Master Ken
TCG1 Adam.png TCG1 John.png TCG1 Jonathan.png TCG1 Nikki.png TCG1 Brittany.png TCG1 Heather.png TCG1 Kristin.png TCG1 Isaac.png TCG1 Brandon.png TCG1 Jennifer.png
Club Member Adam Club Member John Club Member Jonathan Club Master Nikki Club Member Brittany Club Member Heather Club Member Kristin Club Master Isaac Club Member Brandon Club Member Jennifer
TCG1 Nicholas.png TCG1 Murray.png TCG1 Daniel.png TCG1 Robert.png TCG1 Stephanie.png TCG1 Gene.png TCG1 Andrew.png TCG1 Matthew.png TCG1 Ryan.png TCG1 Rick.png
Club Member Nicholas Club Master Murray Club Member Daniel Club Member Robert Club Member Stephanie Club Master Gene Club Member Andrew Club Member Matthew Club Member Ryan Club Master Rick
TCG1 David.png TCG1 Erik.png TCG1 Joseph.png TCG1 Amy.png TCG1 Amanda.png TCG1 Joshua.png TCG1 Sara.png TCG1 Courtney.png TCG1 Steve.png TCG1 Jack.png
Club Member David Club Member Erik Club Member Joseph Club Master Amy Club Member Amanda Club Member Joshua Club Member Sara Grand Master Courtney Grand Master Steve Grand Master Jack
TCG1 Rod.png File:Card GB 2 sprite Ishihara.PNG File:TCG1 Imakuni.PNG
Grand Master Rod Ishihara Tomoaki Imakuni

Pokémon Snap

Todd Snap

Generation II

Pokémon Gold and Silver

Spr GS Ethan.png Spr GS Silver 1.png Elm II OD.png File:Name rater Johto II OD.png Spr GS Falkner.png Spr GS Bugsy.png Spr GS Whitney.png Spr GS Morty.png Spr GS Chuck.png Spr GS Jasmine.png
Ethan Silver Professor Elm Mr. Pokémon Falkner Bugsy Whitney Morty Chuck Jasmine
Spr GS Pryce.png Spr GS Clair.png Spr GS Will.png Spr GS Karen.png Spr GS Janine.png Spr HGSS Archer.png Spr HGSS Ariana.png Spr HGSS Petrel.png Spr HGSS Proton.png Earl Dervish.png
Pryce Clair Will Karen Janine Archer Ariana Petrel Proton Earl Dervish
56px DJ Ben II OD.png Monica II OD.png Gold Silver Kurt.png Spr GS Ethan.png Randy OD.png CarriePS2.png Spr 2g 181.png GSC Dude Back.png
DJ Mary Ben Lily Week Siblings Kurt Cal Randy Carrie Amphy Dude
DJ Fern OD.png Spr GS Youngster.png Spr GS Biker.png Spr GS Kimono Girl.png File:Maisy II OD.png File:Johto Move Deleter II OD.png File:Name rater Johto II OD.png Professor Elm aide II OD.png File:Radio Director II OD.png
Fern Joey Kanto Pokémon Federation Kimono Girls Kurt's Granddaughter Johto Move Deleter Johto Name Rater Professor Elm's Aide Radio Director Reed
Mom Johto II OD.png Spr GS Sage.png Spr GS Fisher.png
Player's Mom Li Wilton

Pokémon Crystal

Spr C Kris.png Spr C Eusine.png Buena II OD.png Dragon Clan Elder II OD.png
Kris Eusine Buena Dragon Clan Elder

Generation III

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Spr RS Brendan.png Spr RS May.png Spr RS Birch.png Spr RS Roxanne.png Spr RS Brawly.png Spr RS Wattson.png Spr RS Flannery.png Spr RS Norman.png Spr RS Winona.png Spr RS Tate and Liza.png
Brendan May Professor Birch Roxanne Brawly Wattson Flannery Norman Winona Tate and Liza
Spr RS Wallace.png Spr RS Sidney.png Spr RS Phoebe.png Spr RS Glacia.png Spr RS Drake.png Spr RS Steven.png Mr Briney OD.png File:Pokemon Fan Club Chairman Hoenn OD.png Spr RS Wally.png Lady RSE OD.png
Wallace Sidney Phoebe Glacia Drake Steven Stone Mr. Briney Mr. Stone Wally Lanette
Spr RS Interviewer.png File:Professor Cozmo OD.png Gym guide RS OD.png Lady RSE OD.png Spr RS Cooltrainer M.png File:Professor Cozmo OD.png Spr RS Team Magma Grunt F.png Spr RS Team Aqua Grunt M.png Spr RS Archie.png Spr RS Maxie.png
Gabby and Ty Professor Cozmo Rydel Wanda Winstrate Family Captain Stern Team Magma Team Aqua Archie Maxie
Spr RS Tabitha.png Spr RS Courtney.png Spr RS Matt.png Spr RS Shelly.png Guitarist RSE OD.png Dock OD.png Fossil Maniac OD.png Kiri OD.png Mom Hoenn OD.png File:Move deleter Hoenn OD.png
Tabitha Courtney Matt Shelly Diving Treasure Hunter Dock Fossil Maniac Kiri Player's Mom Hoenn Move Deleter
File:Name rater Hoenn OD.png Spr 3r 278.png Mauville Pokémon Center Giddy OD.png Spr RS Battle Girl.png Dock OD.png
Hoenn Name Rater Peeko Pokémon Center men Shauna Trick Master

Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire


Pokémon Colosseum

Colo Wes.png Colosseum Rui 3D.png Colo Gonzap.png Colo Miror B.png Colo Mirakle B.png Colo Dakim.png Colo Venus.png Colo Ein.png
Wes Rui Team Snagem Gonzap Cipher Miror B. Mirakle B. Dakim Venus Ein
Colo Nascour.png Colo Justy.png
Nascour Mayor Es Cade Justy Duking Silva Fateen Chief Sherles Officer Johnson Nett Perr
Colo Eagun.png Colo Deep King Agnol.png Colo Folly.png 60px Colo Reath.png Colo Ferma.png
Megg Bitt Secc Eagun Beluh Agnol Folly Trudly Reath Ferma
Colo Rogue Cail.png 60px 60px Colo Bluno.png Colo Cipher Peon m.png Colo Evice.png Colo Fein.png
Cail Agrev Ancha Biden Bluno Cipher Peons Evice Fein Infin Inity
Colo Rosso.png Colo Skrub.png Colo Vander.png Colo Verde.png
Makan Marcia Orre Move Deleter Orre Name Rater Rosso Shadow Pokémon Trainers Skrub Somek Vander Verde
60px Colo Rider Willie.png
Wakin Willie

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Spr FRLG Leaf.png Celio OD.png Lostelle OD.png Spr FRLG Lady.png Spr FRLG Scientist.png File:Poké Dude.png
Leaf Celio Lostelle Selphy Gideon Primo Kanto Move Deleter

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

40px 249Lugia-Shadow XD 2.png Lovrina.png Gorigan.png EldesHeadshot.png ArdosHeadshot.png
Michael Shadow Lugia Professor Krane Lily Jovi Lovrina Gorigan Eldes Ardos
SnattleHeadshot.png Verich.png ChobinHeadshot.png Cipher Peon.png
Snattle Mr. Verich Dr. Kaminko Chobin Naps Zook Battlus Cipher Peons Exol
Greevil Resix Blusix Greesix Purpsix Yellosix Browsix Hordel Trest

Pokémon Emerald

Emerald Scott.png

Spr E Juan.png Spr E Noland.png Spr E Greta.png Spr E Tucker.png Spr E Lucy.png
Scott Juan Noland Greta Tucker Lucy
Spr E Spenser.png Spr E Brandon.png Spr E Anabel.png
Spenser Brandon Anabel Walda Legendary Top Pokémon Breeder Pokémon Center Ladies

Pokémon Ranger

Ra Solana f.png Ra Lunick f.png Professor Hastings ra.png Ranger Spenser.png Ranger Joel.png Ranger Cameron.png Ranger Elita.png
Solana Lunick Professor Hastings Spenser Joel Cameron Elita
Go Rock Squad grunts.png Go Rock Quads.png Rago.png Aria.png
Go-Rock Squad Go-Rock Quads Gordor Aria Freddie Keith Larry

Murph Ranger.png

Percy Leilani Drowzee Man Chris Murph

Generation IV

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Spr DP Lucas.png Spr DP Dawn.png Spr DP Barry.png Spr Pt Cheryl.png Spr Pt Mira.png Spr Pt Riley.png Spr Pt Marley.png Spr DP Buck.png
Lucas Dawn Barry Cheryl Mira Riley Marley Buck
Rowan OD.png Spr DP Roark.png Spr DP Gardenia.png Spr DP Maylene.png Spr DP Crasher Wake.png Spr DP Fantina.png Spr DP Byron.png Spr DP Candice.png
Professor Rowan Roark Gardenia Maylene Crasher Wake Fantina Byron Candice
Spr DP Volkner.png Spr DP Aaron.png Spr DP Bertha.png Spr DP Flint.png Spr DP Lucian.png Spr DP Cynthia.png Spr DP Cyrus.png Spr DP Mars.png
Volkner Aaron Bertha Flint Lucian Cynthia Cyrus Mars
Spr DP Jupiter.png Spr DP Saturn.png Spr DP Galactic Grunt F.png Spr DP Palmer.png Battle Girl IV OD.png Backlot OD.png
Jupiter Saturn Team Galactic Palmer Bebe Mr. Backlot Eldritch Felicity
Backlot OD.png Johanna OD.png Veteran DPPt OD.png Veteran DPPt OD.png Backlot OD.png Pokéfan HGSS OD.png
Dr. Footstep Mr. Fuego Helena Johanna Sinnoh Move Deleter Sinnoh Name Rater Pokétch Co. President Rad Rickshaw
File:Hiker DPPt OD.png Wilma DPPt OD.png Spr DP Ace Trainer F 1.png Spr DP Ace Trainer M 1.png Spr DP Ace Trainer F 1.png Spr DP Swimmer F.png
Roseanne Underground Man Wilma Rebecca Butler Diane Lizabeth

Pokémon Battle Revolution

PBRJoe.png PBRTaylor.png Marina.png Rosie.png Voldon.png Sashay.png Terrel.png Dusty.png Kruger.png Mysterial.png
Joe Taylor Marina Rosie Voldon Sashay Terrell Dusty Kruger Mysterial

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Soa Kellyn ra f.png Soa Kate ra f.png Barlow.png Crawford.png Blake Hall.png Kincaid1.png Ice.png Lavana.png Heath.png
Kellyn Kate Barlow Crawford Blake Hall Wheeler Kincaid Ice Lavana Heath
Keith.png Rhythmi.png Isaac.png Chairperson Erma.png Wendy3.png Sven.png
Luana Ollie Elaine Keith Rhythmi Isaac Melody Erma Wendy Sven
Linda Pamur Mrs. Winter Ponte Ms. April Lamont Ms. Claire Mr. Woodward Mimi Kyle
Brook Henry Little Tim Big Bertha Vatona Nage Oscar Janice Mr. Kaplan

My Pokémon Ranch

Hayley Bobbie Mirabel Tanner Maggie Wanda Maribel Dugan Pikabo Nathan
Cherry Raby Penny Todd Sammie Crofton Robert Kristy Pattie Douglas
Pattie Douglas Martha Sunny Grace Pamela Mason Barbara Abella Magnes
Marita Webb Leah Spencer Deanna Troy Jules Lucius Trevor Nita

Pokémon Platinum

Spr Pt Looker.png Spr Pt Charon.png Spr Pt Thorton.png Spr Pt Dahlia.png File:Spr Darach.png Spr B2W2 Caitlin.png Spr Pt Argenta.png
Looker Charon Thorton Dahlia Darach Caitlin Argenta Ketch Appy Sinnoh Stats Judge

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Spr HGSS Lyra.png Magnus OD.png Maximo OD.png
Lyra Magnus Maximo Snap

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Gs Ben f.png Gs Summer f.png Booker.png Red Eyes.png Blue Eyes.png Purple Eyes.png Nema.png
Ben Summer Ravio Booker Red Eyes Blue Eyes Purple Eyes Nema

Generation V

Pokémon Black and White

Spr BW Hilbert.png Spr BW Hilda.png Spr B2W2 Cheren.png Spr B2W2 Bianca.png Juniper BW Intro.png Black White Cedric Juniper.png Spr BW Cilan.png Spr BW Chili.png
Hilbert Hilda Cheren Bianca Professor Juniper Professor Juniper Sr. Cilan Chili
Spr BW Cress.png Spr BW Lenora.png Spr BW Burgh.png Spr B2W2 Elesa.png Spr BW Clay.png Spr BW Skyla.png Spr BW Brycen.png Spr B2W2 Iris.png
Cress Lenora Burgh Elesa Clay Skyla Brycen Iris
Spr BW Drayden.png Spr BW Shauntal.png Spr BW Grimsley.png Spr BW Marshal.png Spr BW Alder.png Black White Fennel.png Spr B2W2 Plasma Grunt M.png Spr B2W2 N.png
Drayden Shauntal Grimsley Marshal Alder Fennel Team Plasma N
Spr B2W2 Ghetsis.png Spr B2W2 Rood.png Spr B2W2 Zinzolin.png Gormwalkdown.png Broniuswalkdown.png Giallowalkdown.png Ryokuwalkdown.png Spr B2W2 Shadow Triad.png
Ghetsis Rood Zinzolin Gorm Bronius Giallo Ryoku Shadow Triad
Anthea OD.png Concordia OD.png School Kid f OD.png Scientist m OD.png File:Mom Unova OD.png File:Bianca father OD.png Spr BW Biker.png File:Name rater Unova OD.png
Anthea Concordia Amanita Hawes Player's mom Bianca's father Charles Unova Name Rater
Spr BW Veteran M.png Spr BW Rich Boy.png Spr BW Ingo.png Spr BW Emmet.png Ace Trainer m OD.png
Shigeki Morimoto The Riches Subway Boss Ingo Subway Boss Emmet Unova Stats Judge

Pokémon Conquest

Conquest Hero I.png Conquest Heroine I.png Conquest Nobunaga II.png Conquest Oichi I.png Conquest Hideyoshi I.png Conquest Motochika I.png Conquest Ginchiyo I.png
Hero Heroine Nobunaga Oichi Hideyoshi Motochika Ginchiyo
Conquest Motonari I.png Conquest Mitsuhide I.png Conquest Yoshihiro I.png Conquest Nene I.png Conquest Shingen I.png Conquest Masamune I.png Conquest Kenshin I.png
Motonari Mitsuhide Yoshihiro Nene Shingen Masamune Kenshin
Conquest Yoshimoto I.png Conquest Ujiyasu I.png Conquest No I.png Conquest Kotaro I.png Conquest Ieyasu I.png Conquest Hanbei I.png Conquest Kanbei I.png
Yoshimoto Ujiyasu Kotarō Ieyasu Hanbei Kanbei
Conquest Muneshige I.png Conquest Gracia I.png Conquest Hanzo I.png Conquest Kunoichi I.png Conquest Yukimura I.png Conquest Magoichi I.png Conquest Kanetsugu I.png
Muneshige Gracia Hanzō Kunoichi Yukimura Magoichi Kanetsugu
Conquest Aya I.png Conquest Kai I.png Conquest Okuni I.png Conquest Ranmaru I.png Conquest Tadakatsu I.png Conquest Ina I.png Conquest Keiji I.png
Aya Kai Okuni Ranmaru Tadakatsu Ina Keiji
Conquest Mitsunari I.png Conquest Kiyomasa I.png Conquest Masanori I.png
Mitsunari Kiyomasa Masanori

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Spr B2W2 Nate.png Spr B2W2 Rosa.png Spr B2W2 Hugh.png Spr B2W2 Colress.png Spr B2W2 Roxie.png Spr B2W2 Marlon.png Spr B2W2 Benga.png Curtis OD.png Yancy OD.png
Nate Rosa Hugh Colress Roxie Marlon Benga Curtis Yancy
Spr B2W2 Guitarist.png Spr B2W2 Roughneck.png Spr B2W2 Hiker.png Mom B2W2 OD.png
Billy Jo Nicky Kōji Nishino Player's mom

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