List of censored words in Generation V

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Lucky Ash didn't get shot, or else we'd have a scene way too intense for youngsters... This page contains material that may not be suitable for young readers.
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The following is a list of words that are banned from being used as Pokémon nicknames and other player-inputted values in the Generation V games. Most of the words are sex-related or otherwise considered offensive. They are not case-sensitive, and Japanese words are banned in both hiragana and katakana.

The censor only prevents inputs in which exactly match the keyword. However, previously, when trying to trade a Pokémon on the GTS, the keyword only had to be contained in the name. This caused problems with Pokémon whose names contained the keyword, such as Cofagrigus, preventing them from being traded without nicknames, so the filter was eventually removed. However, the filter still prevents some Pokémon from being traded, such as Nosepass.

Additionally, only four numerical digits may be included in any text entry field, although in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, this restriction is removed for Box names only.

List of censored words

Word English translation
German ARSCH Ass
German ARSCHLOCH Asshole
German BASTARD Bastard
German BITCH Bitch (anglicism)
German DRECKSACK Dirtbag
German DRECKSAU Dirty pig
German FICKEN Fuck
German FICKFRESSE Fuckface
German FOTZE Cunt
German FUCK Fuck (anglicism)
German HACKFRESSE Shitface
German HITLER Hitler
German HOLOCAUST Holocaust
German HOMO Homo
German HURENSOHN Son of a bitch
German JUDENSAU Jewish pig
German KACKE Shit
German KANACKE Misspelling of "Kanake" (Wog)
German KZ Konzentrationslager (Nazi concentration camp)
German NAZI Nazi
German NEGER Negro
German NIGGER Nigger (anglicism)
German NUTTE Hooker
German PADOPHILER Pedophile
German PÄDOPHILER Pedophile
German PISSER Pisser (literal), wimp (figurative)
German SA Sturmabteilung (Nazi stormtroopers)
German SAU Sow (female pig, swine, etc.)
German SCHEIẞE Shit
German SCHLAMPE Bitch
German SCHWANZ Tail (literal), penis (slang)
German SCHWUCHTEL Faggot
German SIEG HEIL! "Sieg Heil!" (ritualistic Nazi chant)
German SPASTI Spastic
German SS Schutzstaffel (Nazi defence corps)
German STRICHER Hustler
German VOLLIDIOT Retard
German WICHSER Jerkoff
Spanish BOLLERA Lesbian
Spanish CABRON Dickhead
Spanish CABRÓN Dickhead
Spanish CABRONA Dickhead (feminine)
Spanish CABRONAZO Bastard
Spanish CAPULLA Asshole (feminine)
Spanish CAPULLO Asshole
Spanish CHICHI Pussy
Spanish CHOCHO Pussy
Spanish COJON Testicle (slang)
Spanish COJÓN Testicle (slang)
Spanish COJONES Testicles (slang)
Spanish COMEPOLLAS Cocksucker
Spanish CONO Cunt
Spanish COÑO Cunt
Spanish CULO Ass
Spanish FOLLAR Fuck
Spanish FOLLEN Go fuck
Spanish FURCIA Whore
Spanish HIJAPUTA Son of a bitch (feminine)
Spanish HIJO PUTA Son of a bitch
Spanish HIJOPUTA Son of a bitch
Spanish HOSTIA Bastard, shit, to hit
Spanish JODER Fuck
Spanish JODETE Go fuck yourself
Spanish JÓDETE Go fuck yourself
Spanish JOPUTA Abbreviation of "hijo de puta" (son of a bitch)
Spanish MAMADA Blowjob
Spanish MAMON Sucker
Spanish MAMÓN Sucker
Spanish MAMONA Sucker (feminine)
Spanish MARICA Faggy
Spanish MARICON Faggot
Spanish MARICÓN Faggot
Spanish MARICONA Drag queen, lesbian
Spanish MARICONAZO Faggot
Spanish NAZI Nazi
Spanish OJETE Anus (slang)
Spanish OSTIA Abbreviation of "hostia" (bastard, shit, to hit)
Spanish PAJILLERO Wanker
Spanish PENDON Slob
Spanish PENDÓN Slob
Spanish PICHA Dick
Spanish POLLA Dick
Spanish POLLON Dick
Spanish POLLÓN Dick
Spanish POLVO To ejaculate
Spanish POTORRO Vagina
Spanish PUTA Bitch/whore
Spanish PUTO Bitch/whore (masculine), faggot
Spanish PUTON Bitch/whore
Spanish PUTÓN Bitch/whore
Spanish TORTILLERA Lesbian
Spanish ZORRON To be/act slutty
Spanish ZORRÓN To be/act slutty
French ABRUTI Idiot (masculine)
French ABRUTIE Idiot (feminine)
French BAISE Fuck
French BAISÉ Fucked
French BAISER To Fuck
French BATARD Bastard
French BITE Dick
French BOUGNOUL Sandnigger
French BRANLEUR Wanker
French BURNE Testicle
French CHIER To shit
French COCU Cuckold
French CON Idiot
French CONNARD Idiot
French CONNASSE Stupid and annoying girl
French CONNE Idiot (feminine)
French COUILLE Ball (testicle)
French COUILLON Stupid (masculine)
French COUILLONNE Stupid (feminine)
French CREVARD Backstabber or Hobo, depending on the context
French CUL Ass
French ENCULE Mother-fucker (masculine)
French ENCULÉ Mother-fucker (masculine)
French ENCULEE Mother-fucker (feminine)
French ENCULÉE Mother-fucker (feminine)
French ENCULER To fuck in the ass
French ENFOIRE Bastard (masculine)
French ENFOIRÉ Bastard (masculine)
French FION Ass
French FOUTRE Cum
French MERDE Shit
French NEGRE Nigger (masculine)
French NÈGRE Nigger (masculine)
French NEGRESSE Nigger (feminine)
French NÉGRESSE Nigger (feminine)
French NIQUE Fuck
French NIQUER To fuck
French PARTOUZE Sex orgy
French PD Fag
French PEDE Fag
French PÉDÉ Fag
French PETASSE Slut/Show-Off (feminine)
French PÉTASSE Slut/Show-Off (feminine)
French PINE Dick
French POUFFE Show-off (feminine)
French POUFFIASSE Show-off (feminine)
French PUTAIN Slut
French PUTE Slut
French SALAUD Bastard/backstabber (masculine)
French SALOP Bastard/backstabber (masculine)
French SALOPARD Bastard/backstabber (masculine)
French SALOPE Slut (feminine)
French SODOMIE Sodomy
French SUCER To suck
French TAPETTE Fag
French TARE Insane
French TARÉ Insane
French VAGIN Vagina
French ZOB Dick
Italian AFFANCULO Fuck you
Italian BAGASCIA Bitch
Italian BALDRACCA Bitch
Italian BATTONA Bitch
Italian BOCCHINARA Dick sucker (feminine)
Italian BOCCHINARO Dick sucker (masculine)
Italian CAZZI Dicks
Italian CAZZO Dick
Italian CHIAVARE To fuck
Italian COGLIONE Cunt
Italian CULATTONE Faggot
Italian DIO BESTIA God is a beast (blasphemy)
Italian DIO CANE God is a dog (blasphemy)
Italian DIO PORCO God is a pig (blasphemy)
Italian FANCULO Fuck you
Italian FICA Pussy
Italian FIGA Pussy
Italian FOTTERE To fuck
Italian FROCIO Faggot
Italian INCULARE To fuck
Italian MIGNOTTA Bitch
Italian MINCHIA Dick
Italian POMPINARA Dick sucker
Italian POMPINO Dick suck
Italian PORCO DIO God is a pig (blasphemy)
Italian PUTTANA Bitch
Italian RICCHIONE Faggot
Italian ROTTINCULO Faggot
Italian SBORRA Cum
Italian SEGAIOLO Wanker
Italian TROIA Bitch
Italian TROIETTA Little bitch
Italian TROIONA Big bitch
Italian TROIONE Big bitches or bitch (masculine)
Italian VAFFANCULO Fuck off
Italian ZOCCOLA Bitch
English ADHD
English ANAL
English ASS
English BITCH
English CHINK
English CLIT
English COCK
English COON
English CUM
English CUNT
English DAMN
English DICK
English DILDO
English DYKE
English F.U.C.K.
English FAG
English FAGGOT
English FAGS
English FCUK
English FUCK
English FUCKER
English FUCT
English FUK
English GYPO
English HITLER
English HOMO
English HORE
English JIZZ
English JIZZUM
English KAFFIR
English KIKE
English KUNT
English LESBO
English MOLEST
English NAZI
English NEGRO
English NIGGER
English PAEDO
English PAKI
English PECKER
English PEDO
English PENIS
English PHUK
English POOF
English PUSSY
English QUEER
English RAPE
English RAPED
English RAPES
English RAPIST
English SEX
English SHIT
English SHIZ
English SLAG
English SLUT
English SPAZ
English SPERM
English SPUNK
English TITS
English TWAT
English VAGINA
English VULVA
English WANK
English WANKER
English WHOR
English WHORE
English WOG
English 9/11
Japanese あいえき Sexual fluids
Japanese せいえき Semen
Japanese ファック Fuck
Japanese いぬごろし Dog killer
Japanese いんぱい Slut
Japanese いんもう Pubic hair
Japanese うんこ Shit
Japanese うんち Shit
Japanese おめこ Vagina
Japanese かたわ Cripple
Japanese きちがい Lunatic
Japanese くろんぼ Negro
Japanese けとう Hairy foreigner
Japanese ころす Kill
Japanese ごうかん Rape
Japanese さんごくじん Foreign resident
Japanese しなじん Chinese person (offensive)
Japanese しね Die
Japanese せっくす Sex
Japanese ちゃんころ Chink
Japanese ちんこ Penis
Japanese ちんちん Dick
Japanese ちんぽ Dick
Japanese ちんば Cripple
Japanese つんぼ Deaf person
Japanese どかた Laborer
Japanese とさつ Slaughter
Japanese どもり Speech impediment
Japanese にぐろ Negro
Japanese にんぴにん Brute
Japanese びっこ Cripple
Japanese ひにん Contraception / Non-human (insult to Burakumin)
Japanese ふぇら Fellatio
Japanese ぶらく Buraku
Japanese ぺにす Penis
Japanese まんこ Vagina
Japanese おまんこ Vagina
Japanese めくら Blind person, illiterate person
Japanese やらせろ "Let me do you"
Japanese やりまん Slut
Japanese りょうじょく Rape
Japanese れいぷ Rape
Japanese ろりこん Pedophile
Korean 강간 Rape
Korean 개새끼 Son of a bitch
Korean 개지랄 Careless dog (insult)
Korean 걸레같은년 A bitch that is a rag
Korean 걸레년 Insult for women
Korean 귀두 Glans penis
Korean 빨아 To suck
Korean 핥아 To lick
Korean 니미랄 An insulting word
Korean 딸딸이 Masturbation
Korean 미친년 Crazy bitch
Korean 미친놈 Crazy bastard
Korean 병신 Retard
Korean 보지 Vulva
Korean 부랄 Same pronunciation as the word for testicles
Korean 불알 Testicles
Korean 빠구리 Sexual relationship (slang)
Korean 빠굴이 Same pronunciation as slang for sexual relationship
Korean 사까시 Oral sex
Korean 꼡성감대 Any body part that reacts to sexual stimuli
Korean 성관계 Sexual relationship
Korean 냕성폭행 Sexual assult
Korean 성행위 Sexual act
Korean 섹스 Sex
Korean 시팔년 An insult (for women)
Korean 시팔놈 An insult (for men)
Korean 쌍넘 An insult (for men)
Korean 쌍년 An insult (for women)
Korean 쌍놈 An insult (for men)
Korean 쌍뇬 An insult (for men)
Korean 씨발 Shit
Korean 씨발넘 An insult (for men)
Korean 씨발년 An insult (for women)
Korean 씨발놈 An insult (for men)
Korean 씨발뇬 An insult (for men)
Korean 씹새끼 Bastard
Korean 염병 Typhoid fever (slang)
Korean 오르 Orgasm
Korean 왕자지 Penis
Korean 유두 Nipple
Korean 자지 Penis (slang)
Korean 잠지 Penis
Korean 정액 Semen
Korean 창녀 Prostitute
Korean 콘돔 Condom
Korean 클리토리스 Clitoris
Korean 페니스 Penis
Korean 후장 Gut

In spin-off games

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

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The list of words censored in the main series Generation V games also applies to nicknames and team names in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, with the exception of "9/11" due to the absence of "/". In addition, the game also censors several more words:

Word English translation
German FUT Cunt
German GEIL Horny
German KACK Shit; poop
German KACKBRATZE Shithead
German MUSCHI Pussy
German SCHEIẞHAUS Shithouse
German SCHEISSE Shit (alternate spelling of scheiße)
German TITTEN Tits
German VERDAMNT Damn it!
German VERDAMMT Damn it!
German WIXER Wanker
Dutch ABORTUS Abortion
Dutch ACHTERLIJK Retarded
Dutch BOSNEGER Forest nigger
Dutch DEBIEL Moron, mentally retarded
Dutch ETTERBAK Annoying person (mostly children)
Dutch FLIKKER Faggot
Dutch FLIKKER OP Fuck off!
Dutch FOCK Misspelling of "fuck" (anglicism)
Dutch GEIL Horny
Dutch GODVER Short version of "godverdomme" (goddammit)
Dutch GODVERJU Short version of "godverdomme" (goddammit)
Dutch HOER Hooker; whore; harlot
Dutch HOERTJE Hooker
Dutch HOMOFIEL Homophile
Dutch HUPPELKUT Used to insult a woman's perceived shallowness; literally "skipping cunt"
Dutch KAK Shit
Dutch KAKKER Person of higher class/wealth (derogatory); literally "shitter"
Dutch KANKER Cancer (expletive)
Dutch KANKEREN Bitch (verb)
Dutch KANKERJOCH Cancer kid (insult)
Dutch KANKERLYER Cancer sufferer (insult; old spelling)
Dutch KLERELIJER Asshole; literally "cholera sufferer"
Dutch KLOJO Asshole (shorter version of "klootzak")
Dutch KLOOTZAK Asshole; son of a bitch; literally "ball sack"
Dutch KUT Fuck (interjection); vagina
Dutch LIJER Sufferer (insult); slang spelling of "lijder"
Dutch LUL Dick
Dutch LULHANNES Dickhead
Dutch MAKAK Moroccan (racist)
Dutch MAKAKKEN Moroccans (racist; plural)
Dutch MOF Muff
Dutch MONGOOL Person with Down syndrome (derogatory)
Dutch MONGOLEN Person with Down syndrome (derogatory; plural)
Dutch NEGER Black male (not necessarily considered an insult)
Dutch NEGERIN Black female (not necessarily considered an insult)
Dutch NEUK (to) fuck
Dutch NEUKEN Fucking
Dutch NIKKER Nigger
Dutch NSB Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging (National Socialist Movement)
Dutch NSBer NSB member (insult synonymous with traitor)
Dutch NSB'er NSB member (insult synonymous with traitor)
Dutch OUWEHOEREN To talk bullshit; literally "old whores"
Dutch PAARDELUL Horsedick
Dutch PIK Penis
Dutch PLEURIS Pleuritis (expletive), slang for tuberculosis
Dutch POEP Poop
Dutch POEPEN Pooping
Dutch POKKE Smallpox; slang spelling of "pokken"
Dutch POKKELIJER Asshole; slang meaning "smallpox sufferer"
Dutch POKKELYER Asshole; slang meaning "smallpox sufferer", old spelling
Dutch POKKEN Smallpox
Dutch POKKENLYER Asshole; slang meaning "smallpox sufferer", old spelling
Dutch ROETMOP Nigger; literally "soot mop"
Dutch ROTZAK Asshole
Dutch SEKS Sex
Dutch SLET Slut
Dutch SLOERIE Slut
Dutch SNOL Moll; prostitute
Dutch SPLEETOOG Oriental person (derogatory); literally "slit eye"
Dutch STOEPHOER Sidewalk whore
Dutch STRONT Shit; poop; turd
Dutch SUKKEL Softy, dolt, someone you feel sorry for
Dutch TERING Slang for tuberculosis; short for "vertering" (digestion)
Dutch TERINGLYER Asshole; slang meaning "tuberculosis sufferer"
Dutch TIET Boob; tit
Dutch TIETEN Boobs; tits
Dutch TIETJES Boobies; titties
Dutch TRUT Bitch
Dutch TYFUS Typhoid fever
Dutch TYFUSLIJER Asshole; slang meaning "typhoid fever sufferer"
Dutch TYFUSLYER Asshole; slang meaning "typhoid fever sufferer", old spelling
Dutch VERDOMME Damn it
Dutch VETZAK Fatass
Dutch ZAKKEWASSR Idiot; "zakkenwasser" shortened to character limit; literally "jute sack washer"
Dutch ZANDNEGER People of Middle Eastern descent (derogatory); literally "sand nigger"
Spanish BURRO Ass; jackass; donkey
Spanish CAGAR To shit
Spanish CAGO Shit (verb)
Spanish CAGON Ass shitter
Spanish CAGÓN Ass shitter
Spanish CARAJO Penis (curse; literally "crow's nest")
Spanish CHINGAR To fuck/to fuck up
Spanish CHÚPAME Suck me
Spanish CHUPAME Suck me
Spanish COÑORITO Male prostitute
Spanish CORRERSE To achieve orgasm
Spanish CULERO Male homesexual
Spanish HUEVOS Balls
Spanish MIERDA Shit
Spanish PAJERO Wanker; shortened version of "pajillero" (liar)
Spanish PENDEJO Stupid person; literally "a pubic hair"
Spanish PINGA Penis
Spanish PUTAMADRE Fuck (interjection)
Spanish RAMERA Harlot, slut
Spanish SOBO Masturbation; literally "abrasion"
Spanish SUDACA Greaser (derogatory term for Latin Americans); literally "South American"
Spanish VERGA Erect penis; literally "yardarm"
French FESSE Butt
French M'EMMERDES Piss me off
French MEMMERDES Piss me off
French TABARNAK Fuck
French T'ENCULE Fuck you
French TENCULE Fuck you
French TROUDUC Asshole
French VIOL Rape
Italian MERDA Shit
Italian STRONZO Shit; turd; poop
English ANUS
English ARSE
English BALLS
English BIMBO
English BLOODY
English BONER
English BOOB
English BOOBS
English BUGGER
English CONDOM
English CRAP
English DAMM
English DAMMIT
English FANNY
English F0CK
English FCK
English FCKER
English FCKR
English FCKU
English FUCKR
English HOOKER
English HORNY
English KILL
English KILLER
English KILLIN
English MILF
English MORON
English MUFF
English MURDER
English NIGGA
English NIGGAH
English NONCE
English PIG
English PIMP
English PISS
English POOP
English PORN
English PRICK
English PRON
English SCREW
English SEMEN
English SHAG
English SHITE
English TART
English TOSSER
English TURD
English WEED
English WTF
English XXX
Portuguese CABRAO Fucker, bastard; literally "male goat"
Portuguese CARALHO Fuck, dick
Portuguese CHUPA Suck it
Portuguese COMEMERDA Eat shit
Portuguese ESPORRA Cum
Portuguese ESPORRADA Cumshot
Portuguese FILHODPUTA Son of a bitch; shortened version of "Filho da puta"
Portuguese FODA SE Fuck
Portuguese FODASSE Fuck
Portuguese FODE-TE Fuck you
Portuguese FODER Fuck
Portuguese FUFA Dyke
Portuguese MAMADA Blowjob
Portuguese MEITA Cum
Portuguese MERDA Shit
Portuguese MIJAR to piss
Portuguese PILA Dick
Portuguese RATA Pussy
Swedish ARSEL Ass
Swedish FITTA Pussy
Swedish KUK Cock
Swedish KUKHUVUD Dickhead
Swedish KUKSUGARE Cocksucker
Finnish KUSI Piss
Finnish KUSIPÄÄ Asshole; literally "pisshead"
Finnish KUSIPAA Asshole; literally "pisshead"
Finnish KYRPÄ Cock
Finnish KYRPA Cock
Finnish MULKKU Cock; asshole
Finnish PASKA Shit
Finnish PASKA-AIVO Shitbrain
Finnish PASKANAAMA Shitface
Finnish PASKAPÄÄ Shithead
Finnish PILLU Cunt
Polish CHUJE Dick (plural)
Polish CHUJU Wanker
Polish CIPA Cunt
Polish DUPA Ass
Polish DZIWKA Whore
Polish KURWA Fuck; whore
Polish PIERDOL Fuck
Polish PIERDOLSIE Fuck off; shortened version of "pierdol się" without tailed e
Polish SKURWYSYN Son of a bitch; motherfucker
Polish SUKA Bitch
Norwegian FAEN Fuck
Norwegian FITTE Pussy
Norwegian FITTETRYNE Cuntface
Norwegian H'STKUK Horsedick; shortened version of "hestkuk"
Norwegian HELVETE Hell
Norwegian HESTKUK Horsedick
Norwegian HORE Whore
Norwegian KUKK SUGER Cocksucker
Norwegian KUKKHUE Cockhead
Norwegian KUKSKALLE Dickhead
Norwegian KUKSUGER Cocksucker
Norwegian POKKER Shit
Norwegian RASSHULL Asshole
Norwegian TREKUKK Woodcock
Norwegian TRØKUK
Romanian BALCONAR Faggot
Romanian MUIE Blow job
Romanian PULA Penis
Romanian TARFA Whore

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