List of anime-exclusive locations

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The following is a list of locations of the Pokémon World that were created and only used for the anime. Listed first by Region, and then alphabetically by English name.

English name Japanese name Episode Between
A.J.'s Gym The Path to the Pokémon League Cerulean City Vermilion City
Chrysanthemum Island Yuzuriha Island Spontaneous Combusken
Camomile Island Camomile Island Odd Pokémon Out!
Commerce City Komoda City Curbing the Crimson Tide
Crimson City
Dark City Showdown at Dark City Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Fennel Valley Overjoyed!, The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing, Pinch Healing!, Gathering the Gang of Four!, Pace - The Final Frontier! Indigo Plateau
Frodomar City
Gaiva Dam Dig those Diglett Celadon City Fuschia City
Gardenia Town Aberia Town What I Did For Love
Grandpa Canyon Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Gringey City Sparks Fly for Magnemite Celadon City Fuschia City
Hidden Village Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village Cerulean City Vermilion City
HopHopHop Town ヨヨヨタウン Yoyoyo Town Hypno's Naptime Celadon City Fuschia City
The House of Imite Ditto's Mysterious Mansion Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Kas Gym Showdown at Dark City Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Leaf Forest March of the Exeggutor Squad Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Maiden's Peak The Ghost of Maiden's Peak Saffron City
Mossgreen Village Matsumo Town The Problem with Paras Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Mulberry Town New Plot - Odd Lot
Mount Hideaway To Master the Onixpected!
Neon Town The Song of Jigglypuff Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
New Island Mewtwo Strikes Back
Pokémon Land The Island of Giant Pokémon
Pokémon Tech The School of Hard Knocks Cerulean City Vermilion City
Porta Vista Beauty and the Beach
Potpourri Island Potpourri Island Off the Unbeaten Path
Rifure Village Rifure Village The Blue Badge of Courage Cerulean City
Sayda Island Saida Island Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl Pallet Town
Scissor Street Pokémon Fashion Flash Celadon City Fuschia City
Silver Town Weekend Warrior Saffron City Lavender Town
Stone Town The Battling Eevee Brothers Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Sunny Town The Bridge Bike Gang Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Terracotta Town Once More with Reeling
Tree of Beginning Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Wisteria Town Modama Town Harley Rides Again
Yas Gym Showdown at Dark City Safari Zone Cinnabar Island
Orange Archipelago
English name Japanese name Episode Between
Ascorbia Island Unshū Island The Pokémon Water War Cleopatra Island Kumquat Island
Butwal Island
Cleopatra Island Cleopatra Island Charizard Chills Trovita Island Ascorbia Island
Fairchild Island
Golden Island
Grapefruit Islands Zabon Islands Snack Attack Navel Island Moro Island
Hamlin Island Dekopon Island The Underground Round-Up Pummelo Island Pallet Town
Kinnow Island Hassaku Island Bye Bye Psyduck Pinkan Island Navel Island
Kumquat Island Ryūchin Island Pokémon Double Trouble Ascorbia Island Rind Island
Mandarin Island North Kinkan Island Pikachu Re-Volts Mikan Island Sunburst Island
Mandarin Island South Mandarin Island The Mandarin Island Miss Match,
Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?,
Get Along, Little Pokémon,
The Mystery Menace
Murcott Island Trovita Island
Mikan Island Natsukan Island Fit to be Tide Tangelo Island Mandarin Island North
Millsweet Island
Moro Island Sudachi Island A Shipful of Shivers Grapefruit Islands Murcott Island
Murcott Island Murcott Island Tracey Gets Bugged Moro Island Mandarin Island South
Navel Island Navel Island Navel Maneuvers Kinnow Island Grapefruit Islands
Pinkan Island Pinkan Island In the Pink Sunburst Island Kinnow Island
Pummelo Island Kankitsu Island Hello Pummelo,
Enter The Dragonite
Rind Island Hamlin Island
Rind Island Tankan Island The Wacky Watcher Kumquat Island Pummelo Island
Shamouti Island Earthia Island The Power of One
Sunburst Island Ponkan Island The Crystal Onix Mandarin Island North Pinkan Island
Tangelo Island Bontan Island The Lost Lapras Valencia Island Mikan Island
Tarroco Island
Trovita Island Yuzu Island Misty Meets Her Match Mandarin Island South Cleopatra Island
Valencia Island Daidai Island Poké Ball Peril Pallet Town Tangelo Island
English name Japanese name Episode Between
Altomare Pokémon Heroes South of Azalea
Arborville Pokémon 4Ever North of Olivine
Battle Park One Trick Phony! Mahogany Town Blackthorn City
Big Town Millenium Town Pikachu And Pichu, Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Of Meowth and Pokémon, Of Meowth and Pokémon, Trouble in Big Town, Big Meowth, Little Dreams, Big Meowth, Little Dreams Goldenrod City
Bloomingvale Grin to Win Violet City Azalea Town
Blue Moon Falls Once in a Blue Moon Cherrygrove City Violet City
Blue Lagoon
Blue Point Isle
Bonitaville Beauty And The Breeder Goldenrod City Ecruteak City
Catallia City Spinarak Attack New Bark Town Cherrygrove City
Charicific Valley Natural Reserve Charizard's Burning Ambition Violet City Azalea Town
Coastline Gym Ryūgū Gym Just Add Water Blackthorn City
Diglett Village Plant it Now...Diglett Later!
Eggseter Extreme Pokémon Ecruteak City Mahogany Town
Greenfield Spell of the Unown Goldenrod City
Happy Town Ignorance is Blissey Cherrygrove City Violet City
Inland City
Len Town The Psychic Sidekicks Azalea Town Goldenrod City
Marion City Celebi and Joy
Maroon Town Ebicha Town Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? Mahogany Town Blackthorn City
Megi City Takin' it on the Chinchou
Ogi City
Ogi Isle
Onix Tunnel Tunnel Vision Azalea Town Goldenrod City
Palm Hill Snubbull Snobbery New Bark Town Cherrygrove City
Pudgy Pidgey Isle Fly Me to the Moon
Red Rock Isle
Remoraid Lake The Light Fantastic Ecruteak City Olivine City
Remoraid Mountain The Light Fantastic Ecruteak City Olivine City
Rikishii Town The Ring Masters Ecruteak City Olivine City
Sento Cherry Town
Scarlet City
Silver Rock Isle
Silver Town Pop Goes the Sneasel New Bark Town Mt. Silver
Snowtop Mountain Freeze Frame Ecruteak City Olivine City
Transit Town
Whitestone The Art of Pokémon Ecruteak City Olivine City
Wobbuffet Village Wobbu-Palooza! Goldenrod City Ecruteak City
Yellow Rock Isle A Corsola Caper
English name Japanese name Episode Between
A-B-C Islands The Evolutionary War Lilycove City Mossdeep City
Banana Slakoth Garden The Garden of Eatin' Fortree City Lilycove City
Bomba Island Judgment Day! Lilycove City Mossdeep City
Camerupt Point Crazy as a Lunatone Weather Institute Mossdeep City
Crossgate Town That's Just Swellow Petalburg City Weather Institute
Donto Island Date Expectations Mirage Island Pacifidlog Town
Foothill Town Delcatty Got Your Tongue? Mauville City Verdanturf Town
Forina Jirachi: Wish Maker Verdanturf Town Fallarbor Town
Forbidden Forest Grass Hysteria! Petalburg City Fortree City
Izabe Island A Cacturne for the Worse Mossdeep City Mirage Island
Kiri Kir Mountains Me, Myself and Time Petalburg City Fortree City
Lake May Love at First Flight Mauville City Fallarbor Town
LaRousse City Destiny Deoxys Fortree City Lilycove City
Maisie Island Clamperl of Wisdom Lilycove City Mossdeep City
Mirage Kingdom The Princess and the Togepi Mauville City Fallarbor Town
Monsu Island Gaining Groudon Lilycove City Mossdeep City
Muscle Island Training Wrecks Lilycove City Mossdeep City
Purika City A Cacturne for the Worse Mossdeep City Mirage Island
Rinshin Town Taming of the Shroomish Petalburg Woods Rustboro City
Riyado Town Absol-ute Disaster! Mossdeep City Sootopolis City
Rubello Town A Fan with a Plan Petalburg City Weather Institute
Shroomish Forest A Fan with a Plan Petalburg City Weather Institute
South City
The Valley of Steel All Torkoal, No Play! Lavaridge Town Mauville City
Volley Town Crazy as a Lunatone Weather Institute Mossdeep City
Wailmer Island Island Time Slateport City Evergrande City
Wales Island Where's Armaldo? Mossdeep City Sootopolis City
Wazoo Island The Relicanth Really Can Lilycove City Mossdeep City
English name Japanese name Episode Between
Bewilder Forest Hesitation Forest Different Strokes for Different Blokes Twinleaf Town Oreburgh City
Alamos Town Aramos Town The Rise of Darkrai
 ? Tajiki Town DP054 Hearthome City Solaceon Town