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In the Pokémon anime, Team Rocket members often use a variety of disguises in order to carry out their schemes, the most well-known example of this being those of Jessie, James and Meowth.

Original series

  • Electric Shock Showdown: Jessie, James, and Meowth appear in black outfits, complete with hats, black shades, and a flag emblazoned with an R. Jessie's outfit has a blue undershirt, James's a red one, and Meowth's is green.
  • Battle Aboard the St. Anne: Jessie and James both disguise as teenage girls with black shoes, short skirts, and James wearing a blond wig (somewhat resembling his regular hairdo), making this the first time James dresses like a woman in the series. Later Jessie, James and other human Team Rocket members disguise as waiters aboard the St. Anne.
  • Beauty and the Beach: Jessie and James both don swimsuits to enter the Swimsuit and Pokémon Costume contest, and James wears an inflatable bodysuit giving him large breasts to give him a more feminine appearance (thus causing the initial ban of this episode in the United States).
  • Abra and the Psychic Showdown: Jessie and James are disguised as Hawaiian girls, donning flowered necklaces, green grass skirts and wigs (Jessie's is orange, James's is brown), when tricking our heroes into thinking that Ash is the millionth visitor to Saffron City.
  • Pokémon Scent-Sation: Jessie and James are disguised as "Ashley's" parents, with Jessie wearing a pink kimono robe and glasses and her hair tied up in a bun on top, and James wearing a bald cap and a fake nose and glasses.
  • Pokémon Fashion Flash: Jessie and James are disguised as Fashion Artists. Jessie wears a black top and a red slit skirt, while James wears a long black coat and red slacks. Both also wear glasses. Meowth simply wears a blue jacket with a yellow undershirt, serving as the cashier for Salon Rockét.
  • The Punchy Pokémon: Jessie, James and Meowth enter the P1 Grand Prix with a Hitmonlee they stole from a tall man and swipe the man's gray trenchcoat and bowler hat. They stack up wearing the clothes, with Jessie at the top, to make it look like they entered the Hitmonlee themselves.
  • Showdown at Dark City: Jessie, James and Meowth appear wearing Japanese scarves and coats upon entering the restaurant to pose as Kaz gym bodyguards.
  • The Song of Jigglypuff: Jessie and James both disguise as punk rockers, complete with leather jackets, pierced ears, wild wigs and the like, when they let our heroes use a stage to let Jigglypuff sing.
  • Holy Matrimony!: Jessie and Meowth wear black "invisible" costumes and push James into his parents' estate as Jessie tries to imitate James's voice to collect the will.
  • Who Gets to Keep Togepi?: Jessie and James are disguised as female egg-sellers with old-fashioned dresses, bonnets, and baskets full of fake Pokémon eggs in an attempt to steal the Togepi egg.
  • Pokémon Paparazzi: Jessie and James are disguised as an elderly couple, complete with gray wigs and old-fashioned clothes. Jessie wears glasses and James wears a fake mustache.
  • The Ultimate Test: Jessie and James are disguised when they enter the Pokémon League test: Jessie wears a gray woman's business outfit and glasses with her hair in braids, while James also wears glasses, along with a blue suit.
  • The Purr-fect Hero: Jessie and James are disguised during a fake magic act they put on for the schoolchildren, with Jessie wearing a magician's tuxedo, top hat and glasses, and James wearing a pink dress and disguised as the lovely assistant.
  • The Chikorita Rescue: Jessie and James are disguised as doctors, wearing full white suits with gloves, mouth covers, and white skullcaps with red lines and a Red Cross on the front.
  • The Dunsparce Deception: Jessie and James are dressed like pirates when they first attempt to steal our heroes' Pokémon. Later, James disguises as a town messenger with a blue shirt, straw hat and a hand bell when announcing the Pokémon stage show, in which James wears a Moltres costume and Meowth wears a Dunsparce costume, to the great disappointment of the kids watching.
  • The Mystery is History: Jessie and James disguise themselves in standard black Team Rocket uniforms in order to sneak into an underwater Rocket lab and take credit for Professor Namba's plan.
  • A Promise is a Promise: Jessie and James once again don the black Rocket uniforms in a second attempt to steal the captured Lugia.

Advanced Generation

  • Do I Hear a Ralts?: James disguses himself in a grayish brown suit with a matching hat, white gloves, a mustache, and glasses, calling him self Lord Sir James Jamison, Esquire. Jessie and Meowth are disguised as a Gardevoir and a Kirlia, respectively.

Diamond & Pearl

  • Dawn of a New Era: Jessie, James, and Meowth have on open, green sales jackets. Jessie wears clear glasses with her hair tied up in a bun. James has only the clear glasses. Meowth has nothing on besides the jacket.
  • Gymbaliar: Jessie is dressed up in likeness of her Seviper. She wears a purple dress with matching purple gloves. The dress has a red waistband in the front, and there are scales going down her dress to imatate her Seviper's. She also has red and yellow glasses that vaguely resemble Seviper's eyes. James is dressed up in a white suit with a pink shirt and matching pink tie and orange shades. Meowth is dressed up in a red suit with a blue bowtie and regular shades.
  • Not On MY Watch Ya Don't: Jessie, James, and Meowth are dressed up like clowns. Jessie is wearing a yellow suit with a matching yellow hat and has her hair is up in a bun. The yellow suit has stripes running down the side of it. Her collar is blue and pointed with green balls at the end of each side. She has a star on her left eye, a tear on her right eye, and her nose is painted pink. James is wearing a red suit with a blue hat that has a little green ball attached at the tip of it. He has small glasses and a gigantic green bowtie, as well as red paint over his mouth. Meowth is wearing a red suit with a matching red hat. The hat has a little white ball on the top of it. He also has blue stripes painted vertically over his eyes.
  • Mass Hip-Po-Sis: The trio dresses up as exquisite sand merchants to try and steal Hippopotas. They include a bag of sand to lure Hippopotas into and a picnic blanket in their disguise.
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