List of Team Rocket's disguises

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In the Pokémon anime, Team Rocket members often use a variety of disguises in order to carry out their schemes, the most well-known example of this being those of Jessie, James and Meowth.

Original series

Electric Shock Showdown: Jessie, James, and Meowth appear in black outfits, complete with hats, black shades, and a flag emblazoned with an R. Jessie's outfit has a blue undershirt, Jame's a red one, and Meowth's is green.

Pokémon Fashion Flash: Jessie and James are disguised as Fashion Artists. Jessie wears a black top and a red slit skirt, while James wears a long black coat and red slacks. Both also wear glasses. Meowth simply wears a blue jacket with a yellow undershirt, serving as the cashier for Salon Rockét.

Chikorita Rescue: Jessie and James are disguised as doctors, wearing full white suits with gloves, mouth covers, and white skullcaps with red lines and a Red Cross on the front.

Advanced Generation

Diamond & Pearl

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