List of Pokémon by Fiore Browser number

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This is a list of Pokémon in the order dictated by the Capture Styler's Browser, which acts like a Pokédex for the Fiore region, meaning that the Pokémon listed are all native to Fiore as well. All of the Pokémon are from Generation III or before.

In Pokémon Ranger, Pokémon are put into Groups, which are always one of their types from the main series. However, unlike the main series, there are no dual-types. Poké Assists are effected by the Group of the Pokémon in the capture attempt; a type advantage will make it last longer while a type disadvantage will reduce the time it lasts.

A Pokémon's Field Move is used outside of battle to overcome obstacles. All Field Moves have three levels. Level 2 obstacles can only be overcome by Level 2 or 3 Field Moves, and Level 3 obstacles can only be overcome by Level 3 Field Moves.

Poké Assists are used during a capture attempt. Poké Assists have the same name as Pokémon Types, except that there are no Normal, Dragon, or Steel Poké Assist, and the Poké Assist is most often the type of the Pokémon not represented by their group, if they have two types in the main series. The player's partner Pokémon (Plusle or Minun) is the only Pokémon that can use the Discharge Poké Assist.

List of Pokémon by Browser number

R-001 - R-051 Bulbasaur - Parasect

# Name Group Field Move Poké Assist
R-001 001 Bulbasaur Grass Cross Grass
R-002 002 Ivysaur Grass Cross Grass
R-003 003 Venusaur Grass None Grass
R-004 069 Bellsprout Grass None Grass
R-005 070 Weepinbell Grass None Poison
R-006 071 Victreebel Grass None Poison
R-007 152 Chikorita Grass None Grass
R-008 153 Bayleef Grass Cut x2 Grass
R-009 154 Meganium Grass Crush x3 Grass
R-010 187 Hoppip Grass None Grass
R-011 258 Mudkip Water Soak Water
R-012 259 Marshtomp Ground Soak x2 Water
R-013 260 Swampert Ground Soak x3 Water
R-014 079 Slowpoke Water Soak Water
R-015 255 Torchic Fire Burn Fire
R-016 256 Combusken Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-017 257 Blaziken Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-018 078 Rapidash Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-019 155 Cyndaquil Fire Burn Fire
R-020 156 Quilava Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-021 157 Typhlosion Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-022 172 Pichu Electric Recharge Electric
R-023 025 Pikachu Electric Recharge x2 Electric
R-024 026 Raichu Electric Recharge x3 Electric
R-025 015 Beedrill Bug Crush Poison
R-026 280 Ralts Psychic None Psychic
R-027 281 Kirlia Psychic None Psychic
R-028 282 Gardevoir Psychic None Psychic
R-029 063 Abra Psychic None Psychic
R-030 325 Spoink Psychic None Psychic
R-031 290 Nincada Ground Cut Bug
R-032 291 Ninjask Bug None Flying
R-033 292 Shedinja Bug None Ghost
R-034 231 Phanpy Ground Tackle Ground
R-035 232 Donphan Ground Tackle x2 Ground
R-036 276 Taillow Flying Gust Flying
R-037 277 Swellow Flying Gust x2 Flying
R-038 149 Dragonite Flying None Flying
R-039 021 Spearow Flying Gust Flying
R-040 022 Fearow Flying None Flying
R-041 084 Doduo Flying None Flying
R-042 085 Dodrio Flying None Flying
R-043 123 Scyther Bug Cut x3 Flying
R-044 212 Scizor Steel Cut x3 Bug
R-045 227 Skarmory Steel None Flying
R-046 198 Murkrow Dark None Dark
R-047 263 Zigzagoon Normal None None
R-048 264 Linoone Normal Tackle x2 None
R-049 128 Tauros Normal Tackle x3 None
R-050 046 Paras Bug Cut Grass
R-051 047 Parasect Bug None Grass

R-052 - R-100 Poliwag - Jigglypuff

# Name Group Field Move Poké Assist
R-052 060 Poliwag Water Soak Water
R-053 061 Poliwhirl Water Soak x2 Water
R-054 062 Poliwrath Water Soak x3 Water
R-055 186 Politoed Water Soak x3 Water
R-056 081 Magnemite Electric Recharge Electric
R-057 082 Magneton Electric Recharge x2 Electric
R-058 041 Zubat Poison None Poison
R-059 042 Golbat Poison Gust x2 Poison
R-060 169 Crobat Poison None Poison
R-061 050 Diglett Ground None Ground
R-062 051 Dugtrio Ground None Ground
R-063 112 Rhydon Ground Crush x3 Ground
R-064 074 Geodude Ground Crush Rock
R-065 075 Graveler Ground Crush x2 Rock
R-066 076 Golem Ground Crush x3 Rock
R-067 311 Plusle Electric None Discharge
R-068 312 Minun Electric None Discharge
R-069 114 Tangela Grass Cross Grass
R-070 098 Krabby Water Soak Water
R-071 341 Corphish Water Soak Water
R-072 342 Crawdaunt Dark Cut x3 Water
R-073 158 Totodile Water Soak Water
R-074 159 Croconaw Water Soak x2 Water
R-075 160 Feraligatr Water Crush x3 Water
R-076 007 Squirtle Water Soak Water
R-077 008 Wartortle Water Soak x2 Water
R-078 009 Blastoise Water Soak x3 Water
R-079 100 Voltorb Electric Recharge Electric
R-080 066 Machop Fighting Crush Fighting
R-081 067 Machoke Fighting Crush x2 Fighting
R-082 068 Machamp Fighting Crush x3 Fighting
R-083 296 Makuhita Fighting Tackle x2 Fighting
R-084 297 Hariyama Fighting Crush x3 Fighting
R-085 307 Meditite Psychic Crush Fighting
R-086 308 Medicham Psychic Crush x2 Fighting
R-087 088 Grimer Poison None Poison
R-088 089 Muk Poison None Poison
R-089 109 Koffing Poison None Poison
R-090 096 Drowzee Psychic None Psychic
R-091 097 Hypno Psychic None Psychic
R-092 122 Mr. Mime Psychic None Psychic
R-093 127 Pinsir Bug Cut x2 Bug
R-094 092 Gastly Ghost None Ghost
R-095 093 Haunter Ghost None Ghost
R-096 094 Gengar Ghost None Ghost
R-097 209 Snubbull Normal Tackle None
R-098 300 Skitty Normal None None
R-099 052 Meowth Normal Cut None
R-100 039 Jigglypuff Normal None None

R-101 - R-150 Rattata - Primeape

# Name Group Field Move Poké Assist
R-101 019 Rattata Normal Tackle None
R-102 020 Raticate Normal Cut x2 None
R-103 137 Porygon Normal None None
R-104 352 Kecleon Normal None None
R-105 143 Snorlax Normal None None
R-106 131 Lapras Ice None Water
R-107 116 Horsea Water None Water
R-108 117 Seadra Water None Water
R-109 230 Kingdra Water Soak x3 Water
R-110 118 Goldeen Water None Water
R-111 119 Seaking Water None Water
R-112 120 Staryu Water Flash Water
R-113 121 Starmie Water None Psychic
R-114 223 Remoraid Water None Water
R-115 224 Octillery Water None Water
R-116 226 Mantine Water None Water
R-117 318 Carvanha Water None Water
R-118 319 Sharpedo Water None Dark
R-119 320 Wailmer Water None Water
R-120 370 Luvdisc Water None Water
R-121 054 Psyduck Water None Water
R-122 278 Wingull Water None Water
R-123 279 Pelipper Water None Water
R-124 129 Magikarp Water None Water
R-125 130 Gyarados Water None Water
R-126 043 Oddish Grass Cut Grass
R-127 044 Gloom Grass None Grass
R-128 045 Vileplume Grass None Grass
R-129 252 Treecko Grass Cut Grass
R-130 253 Grovyle Grass Cut x2 Grass
R-131 254 Sceptile Grass Cut x3 Grass
R-132 270 Lotad Water Soak Water
R-133 271 Lombre Water Soak x2 Water
R-134 272 Ludicolo Water None Water
R-135 322 Numel Fire Burn Fire
R-136 323 Camerupt Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-137 126 Magmar Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-138 218 Slugma Fire Burn Fire
R-139 219 Magcargo Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-140 004 Charmander Fire Burn Fire
R-141 005 Charmeleon Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-142 006 Charizard Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-143 324 Torkoal Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-144 058 Growlithe Fire None Fire
R-145 059 Arcanine Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-146 309 Electrike Electric Recharge Electric
R-147 310 Manectric Electric Recharge x2 Electric
R-148 214 Heracross Bug Tackle x3 Fighting
R-149 056 Mankey Fighting Crush Fighting
R-150 057 Primeape Fighting Crush x2 Fighting

R-151 - R-200 Ekans - Absol

# Name Group Field Move Poké Assist
R-151 023 Ekans Poison None Poison
R-152 024 Arbok Poison None Poison
R-153 048 Venonat Bug None Poison
R-154 265 Wurmple Bug None Bug
R-155 266 Silcoon Bug None Bug
R-156 267 Beautifly Bug None Flying
R-157 167 Spinarak Bug None Bug
R-158 168 Ariados Bug None Bug
R-159 330 Flygon Dragon Gust x3 Ground
R-160 207 Gligar Ground Cut Ground
R-161 229 Houndoom Dark Burn x2 Dark
R-162 287 Slakoth Normal Cut None
R-163 288 Vigoroth Normal Cut x2 None
R-164 289 Slaking Normal Crush x3 None
R-165 371 Bagon Dragon Tackle None
R-166 372 Shelgon Dragon Tackle x2 None
R-167 373 Salamence Dragon Crush x3 Flying
R-168 124 Jynx Psychic None Psychic
R-169 338 Solrock Rock None Psychic
R-170 202 Wobbuffet Psychic None Psychic
R-171 356 Dusclops Ghost None Ghost
R-172 220 Swinub Ground Tackle Ice
R-173 221 Piloswine Ground Tackle x3 Ice
R-174 361 Snorunt Ice Crush Ice
R-175 362 Glalie Ice None Ice
R-176 293 Whismur Normal None None
R-177 294 Loudred Normal None None
R-178 295 Exploud Normal None None
R-179 208 Steelix Steel None Ground
R-180 273 Seedot Grass Tackle Grass
R-181 274 Nuzleaf Dark Gust Grass
R-182 275 Shiftry Dark Gust x2 Grass
R-183 134 Vaporeon Water Soak x2 Water
R-184 136 Flareon Fire Burn x2 Fire
R-185 135 Jolteon Electric Recharge x3 Electric
R-186 196 Espeon Psychic None Psychic
R-187 197 Umbreon Dark None Dark
R-188 125 Electabuzz Electric Recharge x3 Electric
R-189 317 Swalot Poison None Poison
R-190 374 Beldum Steel Tackle Psychic
R-191 375 Metang Steel Tackle x2 Psychic
R-192 376 Metagross Steel Crush x3 Psychic
R-193 246 Larvitar Ground Cut Rock
R-194 247 Pupitar Ground None Rock
R-195 248 Tyranitar Rock Crush x3 Dark
R-196 333 Swablu Flying Gust Flying
R-197 334 Altaria Dragon Gust x3 Flying
R-198 142 Aerodactyl Rock None Flying
R-199 215 Sneasel Dark Cut x2 Dark
R-200 359 Absol Dark Cut x3 Dark

R-201 - R-213 Kangaskhan - Mew

# Name Group Field Move Poké Assist
R-201 115 Kangaskhan Normal Crush x3 None
R-202 244 Entei Fire Burn x3 Fire
R-203 243 Raikou Electric Recharge x3 Electric
R-204 245 Suicune Water Soak x3 Water
R-205 377 Regirock Rock None Rock
R-206 378 Regice Ice None Ice
R-207 379 Registeel Steel Crush x3 None
R-208 382 Kyogre Water None Water
R-209 383 Groudon Ground None Ground
R-210 384 Rayquaza Dragon None Flying
R-211 386 Deoxys Psychic None Psychic
R-212 251 Celebi Grass None Grass
R-213 151 Mew Psychic None Psychic

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