List of Pokémon Try Adventure chapters

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The following is a list of chapters from the Pokémon Try Adventure manga created by あさだみほ Miho Asada.

Volume 1

Title Title (translated)
TA01 運命の出会い A Meeting of Fate
TA02 強い男 Strong Man
TA03 火山の主 Guardian of the Volcano
TA04 伝説のポケモン登場 The Legendary Pokémon Appears
TA05 エンテイをつかまえろ! Capture Entei!
TA06 大だっ出! Great Escape!
TA07 森の平和を守れ! Protect the Harmony of the Forest!
TA08 やしきのかい事件 Mystery of the Mansion
TA09 イーブイ救出 Rescue Eevee
TA10 かいとうハイドル Phantom Thief Haidoru
TA11 海で宝探し! Treasure Hunt in the Sea!
TA12 一番はだれだ? Who's the Best?
TA13 幻のポケモン Mythical Pokémon
TA14 まい子の2人 The Lost Two

Volume 2

Volume 3

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