List of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online decks

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Nine decks have so far been made available to players in Trainer Challenge in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, with two decks each under the types Grass, Fire, and Water. Three, Basic Red, Basic Blue, and Basic Green, are available to use anytime. The other six, Red Frenzy, Green Tornado, Blue Assault, Night Hunter, Toxic Tricks, and Power Play, are only available after players redeem codes from actual decks they have bought from stores. While Daybreak and Nightfall appear to be unlockable in the same way, they are not.[1] The first three decks have eleven cards that can be unlocked as players play through Trainer Challenge. These cards automatically replace certain cards in the deck the player used.

Another deck, Basic Yellow, is only available in the main game of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

The other decks listed below are decks used by NPCs in the game.

The cards used in the decks are based on real, tangible cards, though some are Japanese-only cards.

Basic Red

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Basic Blue

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Basic Green

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Red Frenzy

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Green Tornado

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Blue Assault

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Night Hunter

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Toxic Tricks

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Power Play

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Other decks

Colorless deck

This deck is used by Zach.
3× Chansey
4× Doduo
1× Dodrio
3× Rattata
4× Spearow
2× Fearow
4× Starly
3× Staravia
1× Staraptor
2× Switch
2× Potion
2× Bill
1× Energy Returner
1× Engineer's Adjustments
1× Full Heal
2× PlusPower
24× Basic Grass Energy

Grass deck

3× Caterpie
4× Chikorita
3× Bayleef
1× Meganium
4× Turtwig
2× Grotle
3× HootHoot
4× Jigglypuff
1× Wigglytuff
2× Copycat
2× Bill
2× PlusPower
2× Potion
2× Switch
1× Pokémon Reversal
24× Basic Grass Energy

Basic Yellow

The Basic Yellow deck

This deck is free to those who gain access to the beta. It cannot be used in Trainer Challenge. The Togekiss is non-holographic and is exclusive to this deck.

3× Chinchou
1× Lanturn
4× Mareep
3× Flaaffy
2× Ampharos
4× Pikachu
3× Raichu
3× Chansey
1× Blissey
4× Togepi
2× Togetic
1× Togekiss
1× Energy Returner
2× Switch
2× Bill
2× Engineer's Adjustments
2× Interviewer's Questions
2× Professor Elm's Training Method
18× Basic Lightning Energy


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