List of Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire chapters

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The following is a list of chapters from the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga created by 穴久保幸作 Kosaku Anakubo. Altogether, there are 63 regular chapters and two special chapters.

Volume 1

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMRS01 Let's Go Catch The Dumpling Thief!! ダンゴドロボーをつかまえる!! Catch the Dumpling Thief!!
PMRS02 I Won't Let You Lead!! 主役の座はわたさない!! I Won't Let You Steal the Spotlight!!
PMRS03 Something Happened!! Let's Go After Pikachu!! 事件発生!? ピカチュウを追え! Something Happened?! Follow Pikachu!
PMRS04 There's Someone More Important Than Clefairy?! ピッピ以上の大物登場!? Someone More Important Than Pippi Appears?!
PMRS05 Let's Try To Be Idols!! アイドルをねらえ!! Aim to be Idols!!
PMRS06 Extra Heavyweight Battle ドスコイ! 超重量級対決 Hi-yah! Super Heavyweight Showdown
PMRS07 Let's Invite Something New! Go! Go! Go! 珍発明でゴーゴゴー!! Go Go Go Invent Something Unique!!
PMRS08 Esper Clefairy! エスパーピッピ誕生!? The Creation of Esper Pippi?!
PMRS09 Clefairy's Training Camp!! はばたけ! ピッピ男塾 Swing Your Arms! Pippi's Private Lessons!!
PMRS10 We've Found Team Magma's Secret!! マグマ団の秘密を暴け!! Exposing Team Magma's Secrets!!

Volume 2

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMRS11 The Haunted Gym 潜入!恐怖の幽霊ジム Infiltrate! The Scary Ghost Gym
PMRS12 Save Wailmer! ホエルコ救出大作戦!! Hoeruko Rescue Tactics!!
PMRS13 I Hate Pokémon?!
PMRS14 Pokémon Friendship Story
PMRS15 Clefairy Goes Home!
PMRS16 Death Match Between Summer And Winter!
PMRS17 Serious Bicycle Match!
PMRS18 Another Spheal Boom?!
PMRS19 What's In The Box?!
PMRS20 Clefairy Becomes A Billionaire?!

Volume 3

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMRS21 Christmas Night Is Battle Night!
PMRS22 Descent Of The Weather God!!
PMRS23 A Formidable Rival!
PMRS24 We're a Family!!
PMRS25 Dieting In A Pot!!
PMRS26 Welcome To 100-Yen Paradise!
PMRS27 Clefairy Transforms?!
PMRS28 Wild Boy Goes Home!!
PMRS29 Rare Pokémon!!
PMRSs1 Clefairy, Form Teacher Of Class 1P!!

Volume 4

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMRS30 The Mystery Of A Midsummer's Night
PMRS31 Aiming For 100% Viewership!!
PMRS32 A Visitor From Outer Space?!
PMRS33 Clefairy, A Police Officer?!
PMRS34 Pokémon Task Force In Action!!
PMRS35 The Selected Trainer?!
PMRS36 Clefairy, The Baseball Team's Saviour?!
PMRS37 Get It At All Costs!
PMRS38 Annual Big Cleaning Operation!!
PMRS39 Pokémon New Year
PMRSs2 Pokémon Short Comics

Volume 5

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMRS40 The Greatest Invention?!
PMRS41 P1 Grand Championship Begins!
PMRS42 Pokémon Magic Show
PMRS43 Welcome To Clefairy Park!
PMRS44 Clefairy Is Head-Hunted?!
PMRS45 Find The Ancient Pokémon!!
PMRS46 Clefairy Saves A Village?!
PMRS47 Steer Sharpedo To The Right Path!!
PMRS48 Clefairy, A Popular Comic Artist?!
PMRS49 I've Got A Big Fish!!
PMRS50 Showdown! Clefairy VS Mew!!

Volume 6

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMRS51 Clefairy's New Power!
PMRS52 It's A Crazy Festival! And There're No Rules!
PMRS53 Clefairy's Golf Debut!
PMRS54 Clefairy Becomes A Work Of Art!
PMRS55 The Mountain Lodge Tragedy!
PMRS56 Pokémon Flu Chaos!!
PMRS57 Spring Cleaning Mayhem!
PMRS58 Clefairy In The Match Of The Century!
PMRS59 Enter The World Of Sumo!
PMRS60 Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
PMRS61 Clefairy's Dome Concert!
PMRS62 Let's Go After The Pokémon Ranger!
PMRS63 Special Pokémon Comic Strips!

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