List of Magical Pokémon Journey monthly issues

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The following is a listing of monthly single issues of the Magical Pokémon Journey created by つきりのゆみ Yumi Tsukirino. VIZ Media released these A4 size issues prior to their release of the collected volumes of Magical Pokémon Journey. These monthly issues included some bonus content that was not included in the regular volumes, such as fan art, fan letters, and fold-out posters.

While these were not available in Japan or Singapore, these monthly single issues were released in other countries worldwide, including Italy and Latin America.

List of Magical Pokémon Journey monthly issues

Part one

Cover VIZ Media
How Do You Do, Pikachu? How Do You Do, Pikachu? ISBN 1569314462 March 24, 2000
Cooking With Jigglypuff Cooking With Jigglypuff ISBN 156931456X April 21, 2000
Pokémon Holiday Pokémon Holiday ISBN 1569314578 May 19, 2000
Fun at the Beach Fun at the Beach ISBN 1569314624 June 23, 2000

Part two

Cover VIZ Media
Almond's Adventure Club Almond's Adventure Club ISBN 1569314810 July 21, 2000
Eevee the Genius Eevee the Genius ISBN 1569314829 August 18, 2000
Arbok's First Love Arbok's First Love ISBN 1569314837 September 22, 2000
Hot Springs Pikachu Hot Springs Pikachu ISBN 1569314845 October 20, 2000

Part three

Cover VIZ Media
One Lone Pikachu One Lone Pikachu ISBN 1569315477 November 10, 2000
The Pokémon-Watcher's Diary The Pokémon-Watcher's Diary ISBN 1569315558 December 7, 2000
The Passionate Primeape The Passionate Primeape ISBN 1569315566 January 5, 2001
Kadabra's Magic Show Kadabra's Magic Show ISBN 1569315574 February 9, 2001

Part four

Cover VIZ Media
Bulbasaur's Beau Bulbasaur's Beau ISBN 156931666X March 21, 2001
Love Potion Pursuit Love Potion Pursuit ISBN 1569316759 April 20, 2001
Incredible Shrinking Hazel Incredible Shrinking Hazel ISBN 1569316767 May 18, 2001
Pokémon Sleepover Pokémon Sleepover ISBN 1569316775 June 22, 2001

Part five

Cover VIZ Media
A Date with Wigglytuff A Date with Wigglytuff ISBN 1569316783 July 20, 2001
Hypnotism Hypnotism ISBN 1569317046 August 31, 2001
Hazel's Holiday Hazel's Holiday ISBN 1569317054 September 28, 2001
Magikarp Journey Magikarp Journey ISBN 1569317062 October 26, 2001

Part six

Cover VIZ Media
Eevee-Lu-tion Eevee-Lu-tion ISBN 156931747X November 30, 2001
Eggcellent Togepi Eggcellent Togepi ISBN 1569317488 December 28, 2001
Green Jealousy Green Jealousy ISBN 1569317496 January 25, 2002
Raichu's Best Friend Raichu's Best Friend ISBN 1591160006 February 22, 2002

Part seven

Cover VIZ Media
Swimming with the Qwilfish Swimming with the Qwilfish ISBN 1569317569 March 22, 2002
Heavenly Pokémon Heavenly Pokémon ISBN 1569317577 April 5, 2002
Clefairy's Blue Period Clefairy's Blue Period ISBN 1569317585 May 1, 2002
Rockabye Pokémon Rockabye Pokémon ISBN 1569317593 June 5, 2002

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