Lilypad Town

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Lilypad Town
スイレンタウン Suiren Town
Lilypad Colosseum.png
Lilypad Town's Colosseum
Region Sinnoh
Debut Dressed for Jess Success!

Lilypad Town (Japanese: スイレンタウン Suiren Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. In the episode it was first mentioned in, it was shown to be just southeast of Lake Acuity. However, later episodes showed it to be closer to the Valley Windworks. The Sinnoh Airport is also located nearby, as shown in the last scene of Bagged Then Tagged!

Dawn learns from Nurse Joy in Uncrushing Defeat! that there will be a Contest held there. She and James, who was disguised as Jessilina, competed in the Contest in Dressed for Jess Success!. James won the Contest after beating Dawn in the semi-finals.

One notable landmark of Lilypad Town is the Lilypad Colosseum, which is the place where successive champions of Sinnoh battle. It also contains two monuments dedicated to Dialga and Palkia. Ash and Dawn had their Tag Battle here against Lyra and Khoury in Bagged Then Tagged!.


  • The Japanese name of the town comes from Nymphaea.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Chinese (Taiwan) 睡蓮鎮 Shuìlián Zhèn From 睡蓮 suiren, water lily.

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