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|location name=Lilycove Museum
|location_name=Lilycove Museum
|japanese name=ミナモびじゅつかん
|translated name=Minamo Art Gallery
|translated_name=Minamo Art Gallery
|location=[[Lilycove City]]
|location=[[Lilycove City]]

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Lilycove Museum ミナモびじゅつかん
Minamo Art Gallery
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Lilycove City
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
File:Lilycove Map.png
Location of Lilycove Museum in Hoenn.
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The Lilycove Museum (Japanese: ミナモびじゅつかん Minamo Art Gallery) is an art museum in Lilycove City. The museum features a collection of fantastic artwork featuring Pokémon and Contests. Most of the first floor is comprised of classical statues and sculptures featuring or symbolizing Pokémon, while the second floor is comprised of modern and vibrant artworks of Pokémon springing forth into life. Unlike the museum of Slateport City, the player is not charged a fee upon entrance.


The Lilycove Museum as depicted in Ruby and Sapphire

First floor

The first floor, or the ground floor as it is known, is the main exhibition floor of the museum; there are many statues here, including a few that are replicas of real statues, as well as a few paintings. Many people wander around this floor for inspiration or to just marvel at the fantastic pieces of artwork. It is this hall that features the classical artwork of Pokémon, and the symbolization of Pokémon, while most artwork originated during the ancient times.

On entry to the Lilycove Museum, the information desk can be located on the western side. Here the receptionist will explain that the first floor features a collection of fantastic artworks. By traveling further west to the south western hall, and woman and her child can be found marveling over a piece of artwork that includes a painting of a beautiful, smiling woman with a Pokémon on her lap. Also in this hall, is a painting of grass Pokémon swaying in the breeze, enjoying the wind's gentle caress.

By traveling along east, the eastern hall can be found hosting several Pokémon statues. An artist can be found searching for inspiration from the artworks in the museum, while another student can be found north of him, expressing his love for the fine arts. Featuring in this hall, is a huge stone tablet inscribed with Pokémon and a dense text in the small characters of an ancient, unreadable language, possibly Unown handwriting, as well as a replica of a famous sculpture that looks like an ancient bird Pokémon, resembling Pidgeot, while next to it, is a large Poké Ball carved from a black stone, apparently used in festivals in the olden days. There is also a painting located on the northern wall that displays a legendary Pokémon, painted from the artist's imagination. The stairs to the second floor are also located in this hallway; however, they are blocked by the curator before the player is willing to help him complete the second floors painting collection.

The northwestern hall hosts many painting of Pokémon-related goods. The painting on the far east displays an odd landscape with a bizarre and fantastic scenery, while just east of it, is a delicious-looking painting of berries, while, the two other painting just east of it displays a very old painting that has its canvas peeled here and there.

Second floor


The curator will introduce the second floor to the player as the "special exhibit hall", and give out their future plans for the design. The second floor, as the curator explains, was made for modern and vibrant artworks that feature Pokémon springing forth into glorious life, a great change from the first floor which displays classical paintings. There seems to be nothing at first; however, the paintings that the artist does of the player's Pokémon will hang here, and if all five (one for each contest category) are done, the curator of the museum will give the player a Glass Ornament for his or her secret base.

The player must win Pokémon Contests in order, starting with Normal Rank in Verdanturf Town, then the Super Rank in Fallarbor Town, then the Hyper Rank in Slateport City, and then finally the Master Rank in Lilycove City. The player must enter one of their Pokémon, one of the five Contest categories, and win all of the Contests in that category and receive the corresponding Ribbon. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, if the player scores high enough while at the same time winning a Master Rank Pokémon Contest, an artist will come and talk to him or her, saying that he has painted the Pokémon that won. After winning the Master Rank, the painter located in the Contest Hall will then paint the player's Pokémon, and put it on display in the museum. As more paintings are put up, more people come into the museum, eventually prompting the curator to give the aforesaid item.


Version 1st Floor 2nd Floor
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