Lily of the Valley Conference

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The setting for the competition

The Lily of the Valley Conference (Japanese: スズラン大会 Suzuran Conference) is the Sinnoh League general championship competition.

The conference is held annually on Lily of the Valley Island. Competing Trainers are housed in hotels in small villages similar to previous leagues. The conference took place from An Old Family Blend! to The Semi-Final Frontier! in the anime.

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Opening ceremonies

Although they aren't shown in full detail, the opening ceremonies include a fireworks show and the lighting of the league torch.


The scoreboard for the Full Battles

Screening rounds

Although not shown, it is assumed that there are some sort of screening rounds as there were many Trainers seen registering for the competition in An Old Family Blend!, but not seen in the actual battle round match-ups shown later in the episode, an example being Jeffrey.

Preliminary rounds

The Top 64 Trainers preceded onto the actual tournament. The first three rounds feature three on three matches. The first two rounds are held in the three small arenas of the venue, while the Top 16 matches are held in the main arena. The battles take place on either a Rock, Grass, Water or Ice field. When all three Pokémon are unable to battle, the Trainer is knocked out of the tournament.

Final rounds

After shuffling the match-ups, the Top 8 Trainers then compete in the center arena in a series of Full Battles of six on six. When either Trainer has lost their six Pokémon, they are knocked out of the tournament. Beginning in this league, breaks were not given out to any of the Trainers whose three Pokémon were knocked out.

Closing ceremonies

Although they aren't shown in full detail, the closing ceremonies include a fireworks show, the league torch being extinguished, and Mr. Goodshow and Cynthia presenting the winner with the Winner's Trophy.

Trainers who have participated in the Lily of the Valley Conference

Tobias, the winner, along with Cynthia and Charles Goodshow, with the Lily of the Valley Championship Trophy
Trainer Place
Tobias Winner
Ash Ketchum Top 4
Paul Top 8
Conway Top 16
Barry Top 16
Nando Top 64
Jeffrey N/A


  • It was shown multiple times that the use of legendary Pokémon is allowed in this tournament, which may be a reference to the change in rules in the 2010 Video Game World Championships. However, the real-life championship's rules does not necessarily allow all legendary Pokémon, explicitly banning those exclusive to events, meaning that Tobias's Darkrai would not be permitted.
  • This is the only conference so far in which Ash does not befriend a new rival shortly before the tournament.
  • This is the only conference so far in which Ash finishes in the top 4.

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