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Sakura Go-Round
Japanese ending themes


BW ED 06.png
Te o Tsunagō
Let's Join Hands
BW ED 06
Artist 私立恵比寿中学
Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku
Lyrics 柳達基
Tatsuki Yanagi
Composer 宅見将典
Masanori Takumi
Arrangement 宅見将典
Masanori Takumi
Choreography {{{choreographername}}}
Title 手をつなごう / 禁断のカルマ
Catalog no. DFCL-2003

Let's Join Hands (Japanese: 手をつなごう Te o Tsunagō) is the sixth ending theme of the Best Wishes series. It debuted as an ending song in BW123, replacing Sakura Go-Round.

Ending Animation

The following scenes are shown alongside a flat map of the Pokémon world, with Pokéballs flying across the screen as if trades are occuring similar to the background on the Global Link website. Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder is making a phone call to his mother with Mimey standing in the room. Cilan with Pansage observing is sending an e-mail to Chili at the gym with his Pansear standing next to him. Iris with Axew in her hair is on a deck waving at the Wingull holding tiny pouches flying around the ship. The Village of Dragons Elder and Shannon with her Zweilous are reading a letter. Professor Juniper is telling Bianca something shocking, causing her to panic and fall down next to her Minccino. She starts a conference call on her Xtransceiver with Burgundy, Georgia and Stephan on the receiving end. Burgundy is at a Pokémon Center lobby yelling at Bianca on the Xtransceiver with Dewott at her side. Stephan is answering the call at a Battle Club, with Don George flexing his muscles and Stephan's Sawk using Bulk Up. Georgia ends the call with her Beartic standing beside her.

A sequence of letterbox scenes is shown next: N and a bunch of Pidove, Cameron and his Lucario walking on a road, Virgil with Eevee piloting what looks like one of his helicopters, and Trip and his Serperior taking pictures including one with flash of the screen, ending the sequence.

Next, a sequence of stills from scenes from past Best Wishes! episodes is shown, ending with a picture of Ash, Cilan and Iris and the Pokémon currently on the team.

Jessie, James and Meowth are seen receiving the blueprints for a Basculin submarine from Dr. Zager through a tablet, held by Delibird. Ash's Scraggy trips on the beach and Axew and Pikachu help him up. Snivy and Pansage are picking apples while Emolga, Pignite, and Excadrill eat--Oshawott appearing full and indigested. Crustle with Stunfisk on his back can't get up the stairs in a city and Charizard and Dragonite fly them up.

Ash and Iris hold hands, followed by Cilan. The camera pans along the row of people composed of Paul, Gary, Tracey, Dawn, Iris, Ash, Cilan, Brock, May, Max, Misty, Virgil, Trip, Cameron, Stephan, Bianca, Burgundy, and Georgia with some of their current and former Pokémon. The scene switches to a still from PK25 in a circle, surrounded by the people mentioned before with most of their current and former Pokémon. The camera zooms out to what is revealed to be Unova's Entralink and then zooms out to space, with Pokéballs flying around the globe, as if they are being traded.


Banner from the ending theme, featuring all main protagonists and some rivals




TV Size

Japanese English
だれのせいでもないけど きみは道でころんで
そのままそこに寝転び 青い空を見上げた
ほほをつたう涙の きらめき飾りじゃない
生きてることのよろこび 今忘れちゃいけない
膝をついて 起き上がった
泥だらけの 傷跡の痛みは エールだ
きみと手をつなごう つらいときはもっと
ゼロからはじめよう ほら ほら 手をつなごう
みんな手をつなごう つらいときはもっと
力を合わせよう ほら ほら 手をつなごう
ずっと ずっと 手をつなごう
It's nobody's fault when you fall down the road
Just lie down and look at the blue sky
The tear flowing down your cheek is not a glimmering decoration
Do not forget the joy of life today
Got on your knees and stood up
Your back is stained
The pain of the mud-covered scar yells
You and I join hands, even more in painful times
Let's start from zero. Look, look, let's join hands
Everyone join hands, even more in painful times
Let's share our strength. Look, look, let's join hands
Let's join hands all the way


  • This is the first time since The Rivalry Revival that all current main protagonists are seen together.


  • Misty is shown in her original series outfit instead of the clothes she wore in her later appearances.
  • Brock's Steelix and Chansey are shown as an Onix and Happiny, respectively.

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Sakura Go-Round
Japanese ending themes


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