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Lental レンティル地方
Lentil region
Artwork of the Lental region
Introduction New Pokémon Snap
Professor Professor Mirror
Starter Pokémon N/A
Regional Villains N/A
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Pokédex List Photodex
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Generation VIII
Games New Pokémon Snap
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Lental (Japanese: レンティル地方 Lentil-chihō) is the name of the region that serves as the setting for New Pokémon Snap. It is an archipelago with various ecosystems such as beaches, jungles, and deserts.


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Image Name
Florio Island Florio Island
Belusylva Island Belusylva Island
Maricopia Islands Maricopia Islands
Voluca Island Voluca Island
Durice Island Durice Island
Aurus Island Aurus Island


Image Stage Description Courses
Florio Island
Florio Nature Park Florio Nature Park In this lush, green park, see Pokémon up close in their natural habitat. Park (Day)
Park (Night)
Illumina Spot
Research Camp Research Camp This research facility serves as home base as you explore Lental. Research Camp
Belusylva Island
Founja Jungle Founja Jungle The sweet scent of fruits and plants envelops this verdant jungle. Jungle (Day)
Jungle (Night)
Elsewhere Forest Elsewhere Forest A foggy forest at the top of a mountain, hidden by the clouds. Forest
Illumina Spot
Maricopia Islands
Blushing Beach Blushing Beach Pristine sands and pastel tones make for a serene shoreline. Beach (Day)
Beach (Night)
Maricopia Reef Maricopia Reef This coral reef echoes with the pleasant sounds of waves and singing. Reef (Day)
Reef (Evening)
Lental Seafloor Lental Seafloor This wondrous underwater world awaits just beyond a blue hole. Undersea
Illumina Spot
Voluca Island
Sweltering Sands Sweltering Sands In this vast desert, Pokémon gather at a small oasis to relax. Sands (Day)
Sands (Night)
Fireflow Volcano Fireflow Volcano Pokémon have thrived in this fiery volcanic region since prehistoric times. Volcano
Illumina Spot
Voluca Island
Shiver Snowfields Shiver Snowfields A shimmering, frigid landscape encased in perpetual ice and snow. Snowfields (Day)
Snowfields (Night)
Outaway Cave Outaway Cave This extensive cave system stretches far into the depths of the earth. Cave
Illumina Spot
Voluca Island
Ruins of Remembrance Ruins of Remembrance These ruins slumber on a forgotten island, their origins a mystery. Ruins
Illumina Spot

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese レンティル Lentil From lens and lentil
English Lental Similar to its Japanese name
German, Italian Lentil Same as its Japanese name
Spanish Lensis Similar to its Japanese name
French Lentis Similar to its Japanese name
Korean 렌틸 Lentil Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 藍蒂爾 / 蓝蒂尔 Lándì'ěr Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 藍蒂爾 Làahmdaiyíh
Russian Лентал Lental Transcription of its English name
Thai เลนทัล Lental Transcription of its English name

Florio IslandBelusylva IslandMaricopia IslandsVoluca IslandDurice IslandAurus Island
Florio Nature ParkFounja JungleElsewhere ForestBlushing BeachMaricopia Reef
Lental SeafloorSweltering SandsFireflow VolcanoShiver SnowfieldsOutaway Cave
Ruins of RemembranceLaboratory of Ecology and Natural Sciences

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