Legendary Collection 2 (TCG)

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Legendary Collection 2 was a name given to a set Wizards of the Coast intended to release after losing the Pokémon TCG license. However, it was never released.

Set Size

  • Unknown. It is thought it would include the same or a similar number of cards to that of Legendary Collection.


  • If the set were released when Wizards stated, it would have been the 16th English Expansion

Release Date

  • Late Spring 2003

The set was meant to be released after Skyridge, but was prevented from being released by Nintendo.


  • Legendary Collection 2 was to follow the same line as the first Legendary Collection, as it proved so popular. It was believed to include an array of cards from the Neo series, along with some Gym cards and one or two Promos.
  • Unlike Jamboree, which had a lot of material ready for its release, Legendary Collection 2 had little or no advertising or preliminary material. It seems as though Nintendo did not like the idea of Wizards producing another reprint set, so prevented its release before any extensive plans could be realised.

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