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Legendary Ascent is the name given to the 2007 World Championships winner Tom Roos, who won the Masters Division. It is based on the archetype Absolutions that was popular during the 2007 season.

Legendary Ascent could be named after Articuno ex's Legendary Ascent Poké-power.

The Legendary Ascent deck includes:

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
Rayquaza ex δ Lightning Rare
Absol ex Darkness Rare
Mew ex Psychic Rare
Eevee δ Colorless Common
Espeon ex Psychic Rare
Jolteon ex Lightning Rare
Vaporeon ex Water Rare
Jolteon ☆ Lightning Rare
Jirachi ex Psychic Rare
Lickitung δ Psychic Rare
Holon's Castform Colorless Uncommon
Holon's Voltorb Lightning Common
Giant Stump T Uncommon
Holon Adventurer T Uncommon
Holon Mentor T Uncommon
Holon Scientist T Uncommon
Holon Transceiver T Uncommon
Mary's Request T Uncommon
Professor Elm's Training Method T Uncommon
Scott T Uncommon
Super Scoop Up T Uncommon
Windstorm T Uncommon
Darkness Energy E Rare
Multi Energy E Uncommon
Lightning Energy E Common
Psychic Energy E Common


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