Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory (Battrio)

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Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory
伝説&幻 輝ける勝利
Battrio expansion V05 logo.png
Number of pucks 55
Expansion number 023
System version ver. v05
Release date May 2012
Sacred Sword Gathering

The Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory Collection (Japanese: 伝説&幻 輝ける勝利 Legendary & Mirage Shining Victory) is the twenty-third Pokémon Battrio expansion set, and the fifth expansion set to the Battrio V upgrade. It features 48 pucks, plus seven 'bridge pucks' that can also be used on the upcoming Pokémon Tretta arcade game.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
v05-001 Reshiram Fire V
v05-002 Zekrom Electric V
v05-003 Kyurem Ice Fourth
v05-004 Victini Psychic Triple
v05-005 Volcarona Bug Triple
v05-006 Thundurus Electric Double
v05-007 Darkrai Dark Single
v05-008 Lugia Flying Single
v05-009 Ho-Oh Fire Single
v05-010 Articuno Ice Single
v05-011 Zapdos Electric Single
v05-012 Moltres Fire Single
v05-013 Landorus Ground Double
v05-014 Arceus Full-Plate Single
v05-015 Dialga Steel Single
v05-016 Palkia Water Single
v05-017 Giratina Dragon Single
v05-018 Giratina Ghost Single
v05-019 Jirachi Steel Single
v05-020 Tornadus Flying Double
v05-021 Kyogre Water Single
v05-022 Groudon Ground Single
v05-023 Rayquaza Dragon Single
v05-024 Manaphy Water Single
v05-025 Shaymin Grass Single
v05-026 Shaymin Grass Single
v05-027 Phione Water Single
v05-028 Virizion Fighting Double
v05-029 Cresselia Psychic Single
v05-030 Latias Psychic Single
v05-031 Latios Psychic Single
v05-032 Uxie Psychic Single
v05-033 Mesprit Psychic Single
v05-034 Azelf Psychic Single
v05-035 Cobalion Fighting Double
v05-036 Mewtwo Psychic Single
v05-037 Mew Psychic Single
v05-038 Deoxys Psychic Single
v05-039 Raikou Electric Single
v05-040 Entei Fire Single
v05-041 Suicune Water Single
v05-042 Terrakion Fighting Double
v05-043 Regigigas Normal Single
v05-044 Heatran Fire Single
v05-045 Celebi Psychic Single
v05-046 Regirock Rock Single
v05-047 Regice Ice Single
v05-048 Registeel Steel Single
Snivy Grass
Tepig Fire
Oshawott Water
Snivy Grass
Tepig Fire
Oshawott Water
Pichu Electric

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