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If you were looking for the Snorlax owned by Red which is named Lax in the Chuang Yi translation, see Snor.
Poké Ball
Egg obtained in Prior to Stagestruck Starly
Hatches in Prior to Stagestruck Starly
Hatched at Unknown
Gender Male
Ability Pickup
Nature Impish
Current location With Diamond
Egg Munchlax
This Pokémon spent an unknown amount of rounds in its Egg.

Lax (Japanese: べー ) is the Pokémon Diamond started with in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Lax first appears when Diamond and Pearl begin their comedy routine, ruining it by eating Rice balls instead of doing its part in the act. Despite ruining the act, the audience found it funny, allowing Diamond and Pearl to win the first place prize. Later, after Diamond and Pearl get their prize letter mixed up for a bodyguard letter and meet up with Platinum, they are attacked by a group of Starly; Lax, Chatler, and Diamond and Pearl's newest Pokémon, Tru and Chimler, fight them all off.

Lax isn't really put into a real battle until Dramatic Drapion & Crafty Kricketune II where he is used to battle two Scientists that were attacking Diamond and Platinum. Lax is also used in Problematic Probopass & Mad Magnezone II to battle the leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus in which he stole the camera he was using with Pickup. At first, Lax is able to trick Cyrus's Magnezone by taunting it with the many Berries hidden in its fur but is defeat when Magnezone uses its Magnet Pull Ability to pull all metallic objects to it.

In Mirages of Mismagius I, Lax is used in Platinum's Gym battle against Fantina; at first, he manages to defeat her Duskull in one hit but is distracted by the power of her Mismagius who uses her ability to create illusions to make a room full of what Lax loves most, food. Despite the troubles Lax gave Platinum, she is able to make the most of the illusion and is able to get Lax to defeat Fantina's Mismagius with a super powerful Fling that was strong because of an Iron Ball that Lax obtained because of Cyrus's Magnezone.

Later, when Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum split up to protect the Lake guardians from Team Galactic, Diamond is taken to Iron Island by Byron to improve his skills, which were lacking compared to his friends. Lax is used by Diamond to try to improve his skills; Diamond's tutor in all of this, Riley, hints that Lax might be able to become stronger if he evolves into a Snorlax.

Later, after Diamond arrives on the Galactic Veilstone Building after he fails to stop Mesprit from being captured by Team Galactic, Lax is used to sneak around the base. Diamond uses Lax's Berry picking skills to trip and knock out a Grunt so he can steal his uniform to move about the building undetected. Once Diamond is spotted by the Advanced level Grunt, Lax is used with Diamond's other Pokémon to battle him but was no match for his strength.

At the Spear Pillar, Lax was used with Diamond's other Pokémon against the Legendary Dialga and Palkia. Despite his small size, Lax was able to do great damage to the Dragons with the help of Diamond and Pearl's Pokémon and with a combined technique, they were all able to destroy the Red Chains controlling them.

Personality and characteristics

After the group begins traveling together, Lax sits on the sidelines usually doing something comical like eating when something is serious or mimicking his Trainer's actions; occasionally he is used for Platinum's Gym battle training.

Moves used

Lax Tru Tackle.png
Using Tackle
Move First Used In
Tackle Passing by Probopass and
Maneuvering around Magnezone
Fling Dramatic Drapion & Crafty Kricketune II
Rollout Dramatic Drapion & Crafty Kricketune II
Lick Mirages of Mismagius I
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Unlike Chatler, Pearl's Starter Pokémon, Lax has a Nature that doesn't relate to his Trainer, instead, another one of Diamond's Pokémon matches his personality.

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