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Latolato Trail ラトラトさんどう
Ratorato Mountain Path
Latolato Trail
Connecting locations
North Mt. Latolato
South Rand's House
West None
East Hinder Cape
Location of Latolato Trail in Oblivia

Latolato Trail (Japanese: ラトラトさんどう Ratorato Mountain Path) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

It is located north of Rand's House, south of Mt. Latolato and west of Hinder Cape on Renbow Island. A field of Gracideas can be seen after crossing the river using Suicune.


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
003 Venusaur * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 4
165 Ledyba Bug Assist.png Bug Tackle 1
180 Flaaffy Recharge Assist.png Recharge Recharge 2
182 Bellossom * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 3
188 Skiploom * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 1
258 Mudkip Water Assist.png Water Soak 1
400 Bibarel * Water Assist.png Water Soak 2
414 Mothim * Bug Assist.png Bug Cut 2
421 Cherrim * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 2
434 Stunky * Poison Assist.png Poison Tackle 1
443 Gible * Dragon Assist.png Dragon Crush 1
492 Shaymin * Grass Assist.png Grass None

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