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ラキ Laki
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Anime debut Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!
English voice actor Ryan Nicolls
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Laki (Japanese: ラキ Laki) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. He first appeared in Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!.


Laki is an actor, who plays the role of a detective on a TV show called Alolan Detective Laki (Japanese: アローラ探偵ラキ Alola Detective Laki), which Rotom Pokédex and Professor Kukui like to watch. It is not known whether Laki is the actor's real name or just the name of the character he plays. Laki is very popular in the Alola region and even has his own merchandise, like wigs of his hair. Rotom likes to impersonate Laki and pretend it solves cases as well.

In one episode of his show, Laki had to find out who stole Mrs. Makani's precious jewels, the Princess Tear. After finding clues on who the culprit could be, Laki gathered all of the suspects in a room and identified the thief, a doctor, who had hidden the Princess Tear in Sableye dolls.

Laki has made several brief appearances on Professor Kukui's television in Partner Promises!; in A Shivering Shovel Search!, during a flashback; in Night of a Thousand Poses!; and in The Dex Can't Help It!, when Rotom ended up in the television during one of his episodes.

He appeared in person for the first time in A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, during the filming of an episode of his show at Melemele Meadow. However, the filming was interrupted when an Ultra Wormhole opened up and a Buzzwole emerged on the set, scaring everyone off.

Laki reappeared in SM098, where he was filming for another episode of his show when he was interrupted by Rotom Pokédex, who had discovered an error with the plot. The crew was so impressed by Rotom Pokédex's knowledge of the show that they offered him a role in the program. In the end, Rotom went back to Ash, but Laki gained a new partner in the form of a Chatot after producer George Charanpino realized the show needed a change in format.



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This listing is of Laki's known Pokémon in the anime:

Laki's Smeargle
Smeargle is Laki's first known Pokémon. It accompanies him on his job as a detective on the television show they both star in.

It briefly appeared on Professor Kukui's television in Partner Promises!, Night of a Thousand Poses!, and The Dex Can't Help It!. Smeargle first appeared in person in A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, during the filming of another episode, only for an Ultra Wormhole to open up and a Buzzwole to emerge.

It reappeared in SM098.

None of Smeargle's moves are known.

Debut Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!
Laki's Chatot
Chatot is Laki's second known Pokémon. It joined Laki after the show's producer, George Charanpino, realized that Alolan Detective Laki needed a change in format, which could not be accomplished when Rotom chose to no longer be a part of the show and stay by Ash's side to pursue its own goal.

None of Chatot's moves are known.

Debut SM098

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Ryan Nicolls
Finnish Aku Laitinen (SM017)
Unknown voice actor (SM048, SM057)
Polish Otar Saralidze
European Spanish Antonio Cremades

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