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Kyle (Japanese: カイト Kaito) is a character in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

Kyle lives in the house found northeast in Chicole Village. He is a Riolu-enthusiast, watching and reading about it, despite not having one anymore. He moved to Almia not long before the player did, and in his old hometown, he had befriended a Riolu. His family also seems to be obsessed with Riolu as he has a photo of a Riolu and him on a special occasion, a T.V starring a cartoon with a Riolu in it and lots of Riolu Books (An Introduction to Riolu, Secrets of Riolu, Riolu Photo Collection and The Adventures of Riolu.)

In the special mission Rescue Kidnapped Riolu!, he hears the sound of Aura Sphere from the Ranger School. He says that it the Riolu he befriended but the others don't believe him, saying that Riolu can't learn the move. He joins the player in going there and finds out that it is the same Riolu. Their reunion is cut short when members of Team Dim Sun try to take it. They are taken out and eventually taken to the Oil Field Hideout where the player fights the Riolu. After rescuing it, Kyle says sorry for leaving it behind without saying good bye. He says that they had to leave for Almia quickly. After that, Riolu is taken away to safety.



Language Name
Japanese カイト Kaito
English Kyle
French Karel
German Kyle
Italian Carlo
Spanish Kiko

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