Kisara Plains

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Kisara Plains (Japanese: キサラそうげん Kisara Plains) is an open field in Fiore, located to the east of Ringtown in Pokémon Ranger. MC Fielder runs the Grassland Capture Challenge there. While at the Kisara Plains, the player rides around on a Doduo.

The aim of the capture challenge is to capture as many Pokémon as possible in under 3 minutes. Points are earned depending on the rarity of each captured Pokémon. Poké Assists can not be used. The initial high score is 5000, as set by Joel.


Certain Pokémon do not appear until requirements are met:

  • 063Abra - 1000 points - Wait one minute.
  • 352Kecleon - 1000 points - Wait one minute.
  • 079Slowpoke - 1600 points - Capture two Abra.
  • 078Rapidash - 1600 points - Capture two Spoink.
  • 256Combusken - 700 points - Capture two Torchic.
  • 059Arcanine - 2000 points - Capture two Combusken.
  • 282Gardevoir - 500 points - Capture two Kirlia.
  • 084Doduo - 1800 points - Capture two Gardevoir.
  • 022Fearow - 2601 points - Beat the high score in the Fall City Capture Arena.
  • 085Dodrio - 2301 points - Beat the high score in the Grassland Challenge.
  • 227Skarmory - 2301 points - See the credits.

This is a listing of the Pokémon found in the Grassland Challenge:

230msra.png 373msra.png 330msra.png 006msra.png 243msra.png 245msra.png 244msra.png
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